NBA Rumors: The Lakers have fired Frank Vogel

The Los Angeles Lakers season did not go the way anyone expected, and Frank Vocal bears the brunt of the first real consequences. So rumors spread throughout the year that he would be there Removed, as expected, the team has finally pulled the trigger on that move, and will step down from the head coach who won the title two calendar years ago.

Adrian Wozniacki broke the story as he made the final sound of the team’s 33-49 season.

I, oh, I think he might have figured it out before, Voj! In particular he should consider that the report came out before he did his post-match interview.

But even outside of the team’s disappointing season, the writing on the wall is that the system has not been fully committed to Vogel for some time now. After whispering that Vogel would not be offered an extension in the final year of his contract or that he would not be extended for more than a year, the panel announced his extension on Friday night’s news dump, which is the first indication that they were something. Trying to wipe under the carpet rather than end up celebrating.

Shortly afterwards, the (expected) report that the extension was actually only for one year turned Vogel (as a result) into a lame coach. They had previously hired an assistant coach like LeBron James in David Fistale – his previous mini-ball hitting theories fit better than Vogue’s love of high ball – and did little to dampen speculation. In the intervening season, there were several leaks that Vogue was on the verge of being blocked at various points and that he would have already been thrown if Jason Kid was still on his bench. The team could not wait until the end of the season, their decision had already been made, so it was no surprise that the news came so quickly after the official end.

So, in a nutshell, this was not an unexpected end to a permanently bad, organized marriage between the Lockers and Vogel, and they did not really seem to be the team’s first choice from start to finish.

It cannot be said now that Vogel did a lot of helping during the 2021-22 campaign. Completely overhauling the group’s offensive line, which was not a continuation of the already non-existent list, but was large, and Vogue’s early, stubborn and often dazzling stance was dedicated to a great line-up with Diandre Jordan. The presence of Anthony Davis / Javel McKee from the 2019-20 campaign started the center hoping to recapture the regular season the team had discovered, although Davis has expressed a desire to play mostly centered this season.

Instead, Vocal started Jordan for 16 of the Lakers’ first 23 games, having previously played him a total of 12 times throughout the year before being cut short by Jordan. The Lockers only got involved in the small ball when Vogue was ruled out of Covid-19, but eventually he started big at worst: in the last meaningful game of the year, Dwight Howard and Avery Bradley teamed up with Russell Westbrook and LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the starting lineup.

As a result, the team lost to the Pelicans, sealing their fate. The game – which features laziness, lack of offensive creativity and a fourth-quarter decline – is basically the microcosm of the 2021-22 Lakers.

Now, some of the choices that Vogue has consistently erupted with his biggest critics may have been pre-office mandates, but it certainly isn’t To If there was to be a remodeling remnant of Jordan and the desire to go big on the start, the team would not have done so. To They should prioritize shooting in their order as they did. They do not have to be allergic to shifting or funneling drivers towards non-marginal protection in small rows. They did not To Play Avery Bradley This Much.

This team – and, in particular, Vocal – their collective self-owns, bugs that undermine the team’s spirit and confidence, there is no limit to the amount of errors they can basically give up. All-Star Break, who was not determined to continue playing hard and focused basketball for a coach, considered him a little more than an alternative teacher to replace him. Own activities.

Now, to be as fair as possible for Vogue, injuries to the team’s wings to start training camp made it difficult to fully and effectively accept the small ball identity they designed, and Rob Belinga and Kurt Rambis formed the team. The fact that it only has Talen Horton-Tucker and 36-year-old Trevor Ariza as its division options beyond LeBron is also worth exploring here.

However, Vocal did not need to help himself to get off to a good start, despite the deep context of why he went in the direction he did, this direction led him to now have a metaphorical lunch at Chick-fil-A. .

There will be shouts from the national media (which have already been around all year) that some, and even domestically, this is unfair. That Vogel got a source contract. He did not form this team, and he certainly did not lead the responsibility of doing business for Russell Westbrook. The front office gave him a list that was as inappropriate as possible for him to play the style he chose and he failed. At the human level, it is certainly not very careful.

But, if anything, it’s easy to argue that the team should have released him sooner. Building around their head coach is not the job of the star-heavy Lakers team. Vocal’s options are not going to be at the top of the totem pole. That’s not how the NBA works. LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Rob Pelinka all loved Westbrook and the team full of certified buckets. Whether fair or not, it is Vogue’s job to improve that team. He did not, and now he is gone.

Make no mistake: Vogue is a good coach, and his frantic defensive style will always be something the Lakers fans will have to thank for the team’s dominant run for the 2020 title. But, as the team leaned too much towards a crime-centric approach to save the stars’ wear and tear as they age, Vogue’s inability to find a way to train the team he had instead of the team he wanted was systematic or cyclical. List results that were not in his hands played a part in those failures, but in the end were a large part of his demise.

Also, at one point, it became clear that the front office wanted to do this. If they have already made their decision, it is better to tear the band-aid than to pull the trigger. Until Monday – or at least after Vogue’s post-game pressure – every training outcome of this regime could have forced Jason Kitty Vogue’s staff from lobbying Die Lou and giving Vogue only a three – year contract. Before running a year with sadness, the training showed just how much fun they feel. So while Vogue is not the only problem, getting rid of him and getting a new voice is clearly the next step because the team has been wanting to forget everyone for over a year.

It’s not clear where the team will go from here and who will take the job, as Vogel is gone, but Queen Snyder, Doc Rivers and other familiar faces are expected to be candidates. As the hours, days and weeks go by, more and more will come out about the reason for this decision, but it felt inevitable that the Vocal Sacrifice would be made if this season did not work out. The front offices, no matter how flawed, should not dismiss or replace themselves. It remains to be seen whether this training change will really fix anything, or destroy the next coach of the same institutional rot Lakers who led this worst season ever.

This developing story will be updated with more information.

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