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Fever is all about self-improvement and now it is impossible to watch a football match without learning the traditional “five things”. Although we already know that both Manchester City and Liverpool are the best in football, Sunday ding-dong at least helped strengthen that vision. Joint back of the Jurgen Globe at the break.

What we learned from one of the post-match interviews was that (1) Kevin de Bruyne knows Virgil von Dijk, (2) the Manchester City midfielder sees Virgil more, and (3) his and Virgil’s children attend the same school. (4) Wanting to play together (5) The final whistle provided the background for their “friendly chat”. These revelations that elite, talented footballers are not actually kept cryogenically frozen in rooms seem to have come as a shock to many spectators who did not know that the presence of the best athletes would be normal. , If not dull enough to crush than the rest of us. Or both live in Cheshire, so bow-wow in the school stream.

It also went a long way in explaining why Pep Guardiola turned out to be the whole Basil Falti – without contradiction or awareness – it could not have been more ‘Fernando’ when Van Dijk de Bruyne dropped him by a technical error. The shaved head was playing big 25 runs on its back and dancing the samba through the main drag of the lantern. Despite his anger, Pep made everyone laugh after the game as he and his opponent Jurgen Globe wrapped each other in warm and tight warmth.

With a flying pizza slice, an angry finger-wielding Irishman or a cartoon featuring 22 different fists and shoes coming out of the cloud, it is clear that the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester City is not unfortunate. Funny mutual insults, childish injections and fighting mania empower all recreational fights. Over the weekend when Neil Warnock announced his retirement from management, one or two clubs may bring him in as an anger management consultant.

Today’s philosophy

“It’s not fun, it’s not really fun. I did it, but it’s about it. , Not exactly liking his first marathon experience.minutes and 40 seconds.

Arjen Robben in Rotterdam (though, hard to say). Photo: Goyan von Wheel / ANP / AFP / Getty Images

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Five letters

“Can I be one of the 1,057 people who point out that the kid with the broken phone went to Old Trafford and could not see for another 90 minutes?” – Martin Fisher.

“After reading Max Rushden’s article on W —- C– in Qatar, my answer is: Ignore it. Ignore it. Don’t worry about covering it up. I’m 81 years old and will not say this until 2026” – Dale Chase .

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News, bits and pops

Chelsea face Real Madrid on Tuesday, trailing 3-1 from the first leg of their Big Cup quarter-final tie and at risk of surrendering the trophy they won last year. “We need nothing more than a fantastic script to overcome this,” Tommy tricks hit him in the cheek.

Cristiano Ronaldo, angered by his team’s recent cowardly surrender, knocked the phone out of the hand of a young fan as he left the pitch at Goodison Park on Saturday. Police are appealing for witnesses but videos of various social media insults should be checked first.

Christian Eriksson continued his enthusiasm, ensuring a return to full fitness, encouraging Brentford to a comfortable victory over exhausted West Ham.

Ysssss. Photo: Frank Austin / AB

Just when you think they’re out, they pull themselves back inside. Norwich have yet to go down, with a win over Burnley giving them the opportunity to stand up when opponents take a blow.

Duisbury-Hall may seem like Rishi Sunak’s holiday home, but was actually Leicester’s matchwinner against the Palace when Kieran scored his first Premier League goal.

Atletico Madrid’s second-leg match of Wednesday’s Big Cup quarter-final against Manchester City were partially closed as Spanish supporters caught on camera performing Nazi salutes at Etihad.

Julian Nagelsman has promised to improve Bayern’s performance in the second leg of the Big Cup quarter-final on home soil for Villarreal, leading 1-0 in the tie. “We played a bad game and they played a good game,” Knucklesman swaggered. “It’s not going to happen again.”

England face Northern Ireland in the World Cup qualifiers on Tuesday, and the Lyons’ omission of Leah Williamson is a matter of great concern.

Congratulations to Tony van de Peek, who now has a daughter with tennis daughter Estelle Berkamp.

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Napoli’s expulsion of Skudeto this weekend was a success because they were beaten by Fiorentina at home. Nikki Pontini stands up on the Serie A grill.

This may come as a surprise to anyone who has seen him at Arsenal, but Mattéo Guendouzi is actually the best in football and found a soul mate in his manager Jorge Sambali in Marseille. Adam White shares their relationship and some thoughts on the rest of League 1.

At the sold-out Olympiastadion, the union remembered Hertha, the Berlin boss. Here is Andy Brussels with all the latest shows from Bundesliga.

Results outside of Berlin, apparently.
Results outside of Berlin, apparently. Photo: Boris Strobel / Getty Images

You may have heard that Manchester City played against Liverpool yesterday. Here is David Heidner’s match report, Barney Ronnie on Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jonathan Wilson on City’s Perfection.

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