Nets Seventh Seat Vs. Sees Pacers Lock Down

The work today is very simple. After beating the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday night, the Brooklyn Nets find themselves seventh in the East Conference rankings. Even if he loses, he can still finish seventh. However, forget it all. Manage your business in Barclays on Tuesday, win and play in seventh place.

It’s the last day of the year for Indiana pacers, and it’s the day for Rick Carlisle to return to the Indies. They played against the Philadelphia 76ers yesterday afternoon and lost by 13 points. L took ninth place in their series, ticking the clock to start their holiday.

Where to follow the game

Yes Network and ESPN on TV. ESPN coverage in the New York area will be darkened. WFAN on the radio. Daytime affair so we will start after 3:30 pm


Joe Harris and Ben Simmons left. Koran Trojik is back in New York, but not out of Govt ethics. Seth curry is listed as possible. Kessler Edwards has signed a permanent NBA contract, the Nets announced Sunday morning.

And ICYMI, Nets released this video overnight in practice on Saturday. Among other things, it shows what Ben Simmons calls “light on-court workouts.” He hits a three …

DJ Warren, Miles Turner, Ricky Rubio, Nate Hinton and Chris Duarte were out. Malcolm Procton, Johns Smith and Coca Pitadze are still likely to leave today.

Indiana will play back-to-back. Billy lost to 76 players Saturday night, 133-120.


Brooklyn took one game in October and a second game in January.

For India, Tyrus Halliburton will be key to their future. Over at Indy CornroseMark Schindler writes about the new direction of the team:

Although he can never be a “true primary”, I do not notice it. He is a good basketball player and sometimes this is all the nuance you need. Halliburton can scale incredibly well into many characters and still influence the game; He will undoubtedly get the primary representation in Indiana, but that is only part of the restructuring. Discover what you do and do not do as a team, evaluate how to achieve your organizational goals and build towards it.

Assuming Turner is still at the club next season, the Indies have a good nucleus.

This is the first game of the day. For Nets purposes, we monitor the following:

Milwaukee Bucks at Charlotte Hornets

Atlanta Hawks on the Houston Rocket

Boston Celtics at Memphis Grizzlies

It develops into the last day of the regular season. With all four games starting at 3:30 pm ET, 7 to 10 seeds should be set by 6pm, with the eastern top not settling until around 10:00 pm ET.

Crackers do not come much to the free throw line, which is a boon for the Nets team, which tends to send more opponents to the line. For play inside and beyond, something they need to clean up.

The twists and turns will be important in this afternoon’s game. After the break, the Pacers are 27th in terms of turnover, while the Nets are 25th. When Brooklyn is bad, they sloppy on the ball and stagnate during the attack. As important as this game is, they need to make sure they handle the business in advance. The crack bowlers are at the back of a season and they have nothing to play with. Their choice is to kickstart Indiana’s vacation.

Now that Kessler is a full-fledged member of the Edwards cycle, he will have some more opportunities to make a name for himself and develop confidence as stocks rise. Edwards gives the Nets a little more leeway in the wing position, and although he has not cashed in on his many Open Threes recently, he should shoot at will.

The fact that there is no turner protection for the paint will do wonders for the webs. Indy allowed the second highest number of shots in the restricted area following the All-Star break, and allowed teams to make 68 percent of those shots, the 11th highest. The crackers are in b2b and the nets are home all week. They have to press this issue early on and look against a team that is tired of playing.

Uses Kevin Durant at the Nets Center this week, and it’s a nice adjustment from Steve Nash and the coaching staff. Torrent is difficult to handle on a regular basis, and the KD at the center opens up a whole new universe for the Nets. They kept some more on Durant’s shoulders as the nets needed wins to sustain their game, and he stood tall as always. According to Brooklyn, they hope to jump to a bigger front so they can relax a bit before playing game-in-game. The same can be said for Bruce Brown, who inspired and revived the team that was in the mud in January and February.

Must See Player: Buddy Hield

Here is someone who can attract attention this summer. Since coming from the Kings, Hilt has averaged 18 points in the .453 / .362 / .886 shooting split. His three-point shooting has dropped to four consecutive seasons, but he has handled a lot of roster turmoil around him. As for the Nets, they can’t be too loose in defending the three-point line or breach the balance in any way. It’s going to take a lot of effort to win and take seventh place.

Kyrie Irving has one more game to find her rhythm before playing. Friday night he was a little more of a paintman, but he still made a 7-for-22 shot from the ground. If Irving strikes from all angles and gets downward pressure, you can live with an almost awkward shooting night. Irving is a talented player, even if he does not score, he can contribute and set the tempo for the team. Once Irving gets his shot back, the nets will actually be off, but for now, they can dance to what he brings to the party.

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