NFL Draft: 3 Medium Round Edge Sleepers Leaders to Consider

AsKansas City Leaders Ready2022 NFL DraftFrom April 28-30 in Las Vegas, we look at some of the players that the team can target through 12 draft selections: Round 1 (29 and 30), Round 2 (50 and 62), Round 3 (94 and 103), Round 4 (121 and 121). 135) and round 7 (233, 243, 251 and 259).

Since Kansas City are all focused on the players they select through their first few selections, we should not lose sight of some other opportunities available in the later rounds. They could turn out to be good depths on the list to be paid more athletically and efficiently.

4-7 rounds General Manager Brett Weich may have had his best picks. Cornerback Rashad Fenton and utility lineman Nick Alegretti have been selected as contributors to the 2019 Super Bowl squad. 2020 draftsmen L’Jarius Sneed and Mike Danna have made key contributions. Also the selections for 2021, Trey Smith and Nova Gray both seem to be primary for the improved seasons in 2022.

When it comes to the Edge Russians, the usual wisdom is to have all-Pro, Pro-Bowl caliber players not only in the first round but also in the top 15 overall. But this time, some Development Edge Defenders could be contributors even in their new seasons. Let’s look at three of them.

Alex Wright · University of Alabama-Birmingham

Photo by Michael Wade / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Wright’s physical ability is plentiful. 6ft 7 and 270 lbs: Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnavolo has the body frame he wants in his Edge Rushers. Primarily serving as a stand-up edge for blazers, Wright has many attractive physical characteristics. – Including good burst, big long track burst and exceptional curvature ability to his size (not to mention hip and ankle flexion).

Wright can accelerate around the edge while reducing his area. He rolled through the contact, pinching corner blocks past tight angles and working to get overhead. His curves – especially his size – are rare. It gives him a great boost.

In addition, Wright has proven hand-applied ability and is very active against flow. Even if he can’t free himself, he can use his length to disrupt the play – either by stumbling backwards or by diverting the pass on the line.

Part of his development is his first step and counter-move time when an attacking lineman gets the upper hand. Despite his size, he could miss being in the doubles teams due to the random balance when anchoring. With his tall cut, long leg frame, he often snaps out very tall; At times, he communicates too directly. It controls his influence – through it, the power he can exert. When blockers come under his bat, he will not always have the strength to compensate.

But Wright still checks more boxes than he missed. Often after playing against C-USA teams, there may be questions about how he will translate to the NFL. Nevertheless, Wright felt his presence against the high teams. If he stays strong for a year or two, improving his expectations and improving his technique, Wright could be the dangerous two-stage playmaker of his choice for the fourth round.

Isaiah Thomas · Oklahoma

College Football: Nov. 20 in Oklahoma, Iowa

Photo by David Stacey / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

His tape immediately shows that Thomas has an incredible explosion from the fighting line, hitting the first step to impress the routinely attacking linemen. He also has fast hands that remove obstacles in both speed and power. This allows him to quickly exit the blockers and penetrate gaps.

When aligned internally, Thomas uses this ability to play against the run edge across the attack line. As a bass rusher, he shows a powerful bull rush, a disruptive push-pull technique and swimming moves to get to the quarterback. We also see the flashes of the curve in which he can evaporate beneath the attack.

His athleticism is not always shown in the film – and once engaged he does not have the pass-rush counters to hit the blockers. Even if Thomas shows that he can win the attacking stage, he must make sure to turn those plays into a real production. There are so many plays where Thomas hits his man, getting into the arm length of the quarterback and still not being able to influence the play in a timely manner. Thomas must improve his balance to prevent the ball from slipping when hitting the carrier. Mostly, he ends up on the floor.

In the end, Thomas is a solid spinner who can lift the floor of the defensive line – but not raise its ceiling. Standing as an athletic opportunity, playing in space, Thomas comes in a reverse – and he only gets better when he matures physically and adds strength to his game. As for my money, he was selected late in the fourth round.

Michael Clemens Texas A&M

College Football: November 27 at Texas A&M LSU

Photo by John Gordoner / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Clemens has an old chance (he turns 25 in his new season) that he likes the model frame and body type Spagnuvolo. He has a long, strong frame – and plenty of power. With his immense wings and above-average burst, he can easily convert speed into power.

As a result, Clemens had some ridiculously disruptive college representatives. He can stab a blocker in the trunk and inflate again using his force (and leg drive). Clemens’ explosivity is another important part of the speed-to-power equation. He has a good first step – and when he has a treadmill, he shows the best long way to explode. He has a wide defensive radius and can outrun players through his reach.

Despite all his experience, Clemens still needs refinement. He has to work on the timing of his hands on his punch and counters – as well as setting up his attack in the passing towns.

But outside of his power, Clemens has no arguable elite qualities. His first foot is not right, so he will not always win against athletic attacks. He did not have the sheer speed to come out and continue to challenge the corner, and he did not show much curvature. He has ankle flexibility, but his hips are very easily locked in the corner – and his high-cut frame makes it difficult to compress his surface. His ability to change direction is not great – it can sometimes make him dizzy. Finally, injuries left Clemens missing a significant amount of time in three of his seven college seasons.

However, he has the strength of the NFL – as evidenced by his 3.5 sock game against the LSU and his medical tape against Alabama’s first-round attack defense opportunity. The draft history of the range – and Spagnulo’s options – will make a lot of sense for Clemens coming to Kansas City.

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