NFL Mac Draft Roundup: Focuses on Keyvon Thebotox and Travan Walker for the Detroit Lions.

This is already the roller-coaster coverage of the NFL Draft and the longest road to the tag. But with the actual event less than three weeks away, the horizon is in view.

Aidan Hutchinson finished No. 1 at the Jacksonville Jaguars. This leaves the Detroit Lions in an interesting spot, with the Michigan star clearly fitting on paper what they want across the board. By the way, the Draft Kings Sportbook includes Hutchinson (+250), Georgia defender Troon Walker (+250), Oregon pass rusher Keyvon Thebodox (+400), Liberty quarterback Malik Willis (+450) and Notre Dame (+850). . ) Big 2 to Five Favorites in Detroit.

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See below for a solution to fake drafts across the country. In Pix 2 and 32 we will explain who is making fun of the lions:

2 layer selection:

Cavon Thebotox, Edge, Oregon

Teased by: Chris Trapaso of CBS Sports, Ben Lincy of Pro Football Focus, Seth Galina of Pro Football Focus, Anthony Trish of Pro Football Focus, Chris Burke / Nick Pamkardner of The Athletic, as the NFL Network

We have been talking about Kayvon Thibodeaux for months. After slipping the board down for a minute his name re-entered the chat. Oregon boss Rusher was confronted with questions about his love of motor and sport. However, the player is undoubtedly the elite opportunity. The former five-star recruiter charged 35.5 sacks in three seasons. He is 6-foot-4, 254 pounds and an elite athlete. Dan Campbell entertained reporters last week, explaining why his team is watching Thebodox meticulously.

“If you have any questions, you need to make sure you’ve answered them,” Campbell said. “This is the best way to say it. Some guys, you can get those questions quickly. Some guys, those questions were answered two months ago. You know? And for some, it goes all the way down. It’s up and down, it’s all over the board, it’s always It’s not just about athletic ability, it’s about other things.

MLive’s Dungeon of Doom spoke with podcast Oregon beat writer James Krabia while on the scout group. The interview with The Oregonian reporter starts at 24:20 at the chapter embedded below:

Travan Walker, DL, Georgia

Teased by: Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports, Kyle Stockpole of CBS Sports, Todd McShey of ESPN, Walterfootball, Peter King (10 choices only), Luke Easterling of Draftwire

Walker is no slouch. His name continued to rise to the top of the boards after a strong end to the season, followed by an eye-popping off-season performance. The 6-foot-5, 275-pounder ran 4.51 seconds on the 40-yard dash and then jumped 35.5 inches on the patch. He also had elite performances in splits, shuttle and tri-cone exercises. Walker seems to have an elite ability to play all the order and control the runs.

Aidan Hutchinson, Edge, Michigan

Teased by: Josh Edwards of CBS Sports, Pete Prisco CBS Sports, Tangathan, Touchdown Wire Duck Farr

The contraction group of those who sent the attack to Jacksonville has officially shrunk. Still, some are holding back on dropping Aidan Hutchinson to the Lions in Big 2. He is a local hero (for some). Hutchinson is an impressive athlete who greatly shakes up impressive production. He had 14 sacks and 51 emergencies in 794 defensive photos to end his life. Highsman Runner-up’s pass-rush success rate is 24.8%. That’s what you want.

Malik Willis, QB, Liberty

Teased by: ESPN’s Jordan Reid, NFL Network’s Chat Reuters, The Draft Network’s Joe Marino, Detroit Lions’ Mike O’Hara (32 selected)

Some top draftsmen have made it clear that the Lions’ take on Malik Willis (or any other quarterback) in the Big 2 was a mistake. ESPN’s Jordan Reid is the latest in that line of thinking, and the Lions need to be prepared for that. The future with Jared Koff is still at the center.

The MLive’s Dungeon of Doom podcast on Detroit’s latest chapter titled ‘Willis’:

Kyle Hamilton, S, Notre Dame

Teased by: Winnie Iyer of Sporting News, Mell Kipper of ESPN, Mike O’Hara for the Detroit Lions, Mark Schofield of the Touch Downwire

Hamilton fits a better need around these areas when checking multiple boxes. Ready to flip 6-ft-4, 220-pound unicorn / safety fields and remove tight edges. Even after re-signing opener Tracy Walker, the team still needs help with their defense. Hamilton has some formal ballhock ability. Walker is rock-solid, but has not flipped multiple fields in his last 43 games with two interruptions.

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Select 32 layers:

Devin Lloyd, LP, Utah

Teased by: Chris Trobaso of CBS Sports, Winnie Iyer of Sporting News, Joe Marino of The Draft Network

I will say this: When the Lions Round 1 ends, I will bet a lot because Utah linebacker Devin Lloyd is not on the team. Lloyd may be the best supporter of this draft. Production characteristics and quantity are all there. Lloyd had 111 tackles, 22 defeats, seven sacks, four interceptions and two defensive touchdowns last year. He is 6-foot-2, 237 pounds and one of the best athletes in his position. When asked to describe his style of play in the mix? He said, “I’m a hunter.”

Nagobe Dean, LP, Georgia

Was mocked by: Kyle Stockpole of CBS Sports, Jordan Reid of ESPN

The cleverness for Nakob Teen Big 32 would be a little surprising, while we are titled the top two linebackers on board. The Lions have not had a playmaking linebacker in almost a decade, so Teen or Lloyd would be the 10/10 choice. Dean has size concerns (6-foot, 225 lbs). But he’s one of those players who makes you forget things like that when you read his game. He was also the heart of Georgia’s national championship defense with 72 tackles, 10.5 tackles for defeat, six sacks, two interceptions, two forced fumbles and a touchdown.

Louis Cini, S, Georgia

Teased by: Josh Edwards of CBS Sports, Walterfootball

Louis Cini came out better each week while patrolling the back of Georgia’s dominant defense. When it comes to props for his reading skills on the coverage, Cine is impressive in the open. The PFF found him missing only 11 tackles in 159 career attempts. He had 73 tackles in 2021, two losses and one interception.

Sam Howell, QB, North Carolina

Teased by: Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports

Sam Howell is hanging on to one of these solutions. Howell was a three-year starter at Chapel Hill. He tore up the first two years to further expose his movement in this last campaign. Howell threw 24 touchdowns for nine interceptions (career bad), while finishing 62.5% of his passes. He ran 828 yards and 11 scores on the field, however, it was the best in distant life.

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Dylan Berks, WR, Arkansas

Teased by: Pete Prisco of CBS Sports

Dylan Berks goes everywhere in the final weeks before the draft. He is still in turmoil on the 1st day, but has repeatedly fallen down on the board. He weighed 6-ft-2, 225 pounds 4.55-seconds in 40-yard run and spacecraft and three-cone training before battling. Bergs caught 66 passes for 1,104 yards and 11 touchdowns last season.

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Jalen Pitre, DP, Baylor

Teased by: Seth Kalina of Pro Football Focus, Anthony Trish of Pro Football Focus

Jalan Pitre played in linebacker for three years before switching to defensive play. With 195 tackles, 36 tackles, 8 sacks, four interceptions and two defensive touchdowns in 46 games, Pitre leaves school as a box-scorer. Detroit needs playmakers for its protection. It also doesn’t hurt to have a chance to thrive across the field.

Matt Coral, QB, Ole Miss

Teased by: Mel Kiper of ESPN, Tankathon, Mark Schofield of TouchdownWire

With 20 rushing touchdowns and 614 yards in 2021, Matt Correll finished 67.9% of his passes. He is a real double-threat option, which takes time to develop into the next stage. Pro Football Focus reports that last season there were 131 dropbacks in Coral without RPO, play-action or screen. This is the 130th place on FBS.

Drake Jackson, Edge, USC

Teased by: Chat Reuters of the NFL Network

A new name enters the chat. Drake Jackson recorded 103 tackles, 25 tackles, 12.5 sacks, two interceptions and two forced fumbles in 27 games over three seasons at USC. Jackson is not the biggest or biggest opportunity. But he has some agility and is bent on his game. Teaching is a difficult thing. PFF compares his game to “Twitchier Shillique Calhoun”.

Desmond Rider, QB, Cincinnati

Teased by: Todd McShay of ESPN, Peter Schrocker of the NFL Network

While teased across the board, Desmond Rider is with the rest of the quarterbacks. Rider is an impressive athlete who has been improving his ability out of pocket every year. Rider threw for 3,324 yards in 2021 with 30 touchdowns and eight interceptions. He averaged 8.6 per attempt when he completed 64.6% of his passes. With 28 brilliant scores in four seasons he is no slouch on the field.

Jaguan Prisker, S, Ben State

Teased by: Touchdown Wire’s Duck Farrer, Draft Wire’s Luke Easterling, The Athletic’s Chris Burke / Nick Bamkardner

If the Lions pass Kyle Hamilton above, it is difficult to argue with the logic in this test. Jaquan Brisker is a personal choice, ready to launch on day 1. Prisker checks all the athletic boxes you need to see in 6-foot-1 and 1-day protection. He combined the 4.49-second 40-yard dash with the Elite Split and Broad jump shows. He played two seasons at Lakkavanna Community College before being transferred to Ben State. Brisker hit 63 tackles, six defeats and two interceptions for the Nittani Lions. Ben became the third state defender to face more than five defeats in a season since 2000.

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