Oregon Transfer Robbie Ashford A-Day MVP Performance at Auburn QB Race

Shedrick Jackson and his Hoover top team believe Robbie Ashford has taken over as a major college quarterback for years. There was something about Ashford — his athleticism, the way he carried himself, the athleticism he had on the field — it was inevitable that he would perform on the Saturday stage for a big event one day.

Things were not right for Ashford in Oregon, where he failed to see the field for two seasons, but he returned to his home state this off-season, hoping to compete for Auburn’s starting quarterback job. On Saturday, the third-year freshman drew attention and released his first public lawsuit, QB1 of the Tigers.

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After completing 12-for-16 passes for 132 yards, Ashford earned home A-Day attack MVP respect during Auburn’s spring game. Almost all of them got first-team work for the greater misfortunes, behind TJ Finley, while working against first-team defense and second-team offense.

“He did wonderfully,” Finley said.

Ashford made the most of his first spring with the Tigers, taking advantage of a quarterback match that has changed somewhat over the past four weeks. Spring began with a five-man contest that included Finlay, Redshirt newcomer Demetrius Davis, Texas A&M transfer Zack Calcada, Ashford and real newcomer early record holder Holden Gerner.

Ashford entered the spring seen by many, at best, as the third quarterback in the competition. Finley, who started three games last season, took over after Bo Nix stepped into the starting role late last year following an ankle injury. Although Davis also missed the field last season, he returned with a year of experience in crime and entered the field as the only quarterback with Calcutta College experience – and more importantly, a starting experience at SEC. Davis started the spring by getting a second team representative behind Finley, but he entered the transfer portal after more than a week of practice. Meanwhile, Calzada is still dealing with an injury to his left shoulder against Auburn last season.

This left Ashford with an opportunity, he received most second-team delegates throughout the spring and was behind Finley in the cycle during training when the media was in practice.

“As for the pole, he worked hard until the first training session,” said Auburn coach Brian Horsin. “You know, first training, you’re coming out – I believe this too – not just for a quarterback, when you’ve come to a competition or game situation. Because, there are so many factors around you all the time, so I would say coach (Eric) Kisaw, (attack analyst) coach (Mike) Hartline in that quarterback room, they did a good job of mentally reassuring them when they went inside, they Ready. “

Ashford was definitely ready for his chance on Saturday. The 6-foot-3, 212-pounder displayed his strong arm and solid accuracy (he finished 75 percent of his passes and fitted some of the tight windows).

Ashford had three passes for at least 20 yards, including a 27-yard pass for Ze’Vian Capers to convert to second and 27 at the start of the second half. After two passes, he hit the tight end Tyler from 23 yards in a quick play-action pass. They were both part of an extended field goal drive for second-team offense to open the second half. After completing 5-for-6 passes for 47 yards in the first half, Ashford went 6-for-7 for 80 yards in the opening movement of the third quarter.

Although he did not lead any Touchdown drives in the afternoon, Ashford revealed the firm order of the crime, considering only 15 practices in his Auburn life.

“Initially (in the spring), it was a small struggle, a new offense to him and something he was unfamiliar with, so it could be a very big fight for a quarterback,” said John Samuel Schenger. “But I thought he handled it well today and got the delegates he needed.”

Ashford also brought an extra dimension to the position as a double-threat option, stretching some of the plays with his legs and rusting on a few occasions, including a 13-yard run to change the third and 1st scenario on his first drive. that day. This is the gamesmanship that Jackson talked about – he went to their days in Hoover for many years.

“I’ve seen Robbie do all sorts of things,” Jackson said. “We all knew he was an athlete, he could run, he could throw the ball, so he’s not one dimensional; he can do everything. Yes, he’s got a straight arm, so he’s doing well.

Ashford officially completed six emergency attempts at minus-3 yards, but he was twice “fired” – Hershey admitted that they were not guaranteed excuses in real game situations – and three fights died without any gain. He showed the ability to improve when needed and made several shots on the move, teasing some of what he was bringing to the quarterbacks competition – not being able to appreciate the full impact of his athletics on a day when the quarterbacks didn’t go live. Against security.

“He’s a great athlete,” Schenger said. “It’s part of the matter. It’s hard to see how much of an athlete he will be when he’s not alive. But today he made big decisions. There’s been a lot of progress in the spring with the new offense. We will be taking it in the summer as we continue to compete.

Tom Green is the Auburn Beat correspondent for the Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter @Tomas_Verde.

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