Sidney Crosby Penguins pass Predators in OT, facing a series of defeats

Ricard Rachel had to make one of two choices.

Shoot or bass.

Chose wisely.

Especially since the recipient of his pass was Sidney Crosby.

Nashville gave the Penguins a 3-2 3-2 victory over the Predators at the PPG Paints Arena on Sunday.

The win left them with four of the worst defeats in a season, and more importantly, saving the team’s weakened spirits.

Casey Desmith, the penguin’s goldsmith, said: “It gave us good morale. Sid wins, especially overtime at home. It’s a good feeling.”

Raquel and Crosby combined in some style with all three of the Penguins’ goals. Strangely, the pair were not joined together in a row during the match. They were in the snow during some extracted tax changes.

“Obviously, they teamed up for two important goals tonight,” said Penguins coach Mike Sullivan. “(Rachel) did two great plays for Sid. The better the vision, the better the awareness of knowing where he is. This may be an opportunity for us to move forward.

Dynamic combined for the first goal of the match at 4:58. To Predators defender Mark Borowicki, who lost possession with a pinch by Penguin defender Chris Ledong, attached one of his own final boards to a dump-in, while Predators goldsmith David Ritchie made a buck chip in the right half wall. Rachel slipped a pass to Crosby, who rushed from the left wing, claiming the buck was low in the right circle. Leaning down, Crosby smashed Ritchie’s blocker once near for his 27th goal. Rachel and Ledong assisted.

The game, 1-1, was tied at 18:49 in the first period. Penguin forward Jason Zucker claimed possession of Predators forward Michael Granland after losing the buck on the right wing in the attacking blue line. From his own zone slot, Granland Penguins broke the extended pass to linemate Matt Dussen on the blue line. When Penguin defender Marcus Peterson stumbled on the ice, Duchenne overtook him, created his own division, knocked Desmith to his knees and tied a wrist for his 38th goal. Only Granland helped.

Little happened in the second period. At least until the end of the period.

As the second break began, the Penguins’ forward Evgeni Malkin and Borovichi clashed. Malkin cut Borovichi’s stick out of his hands and then cross-examined his mouth, apparently losing a few of Borovici’s teeth.

Malkin was awarded a double minor penalty for too much sticking, while Borovic was awarded a tough minor for not returning to the game.

No word on possible additional regulation from the NHL regarding Malkin’s actions or Borovicz’s position following the game.

The Predators took the lead only 4:31 in the third period. In the rush between the two, Predators forward Colton Seasons hit a wrist net from the Penguins’ right circle. After Desmith made a rebound, Seasons linked the right wing side to the goal line and flicked a backhander back into the cage, which hit the long-range post and bounced back to the front of Greece. Penguin defender Mike Matson claimed the buck right and raised a weak settlement effort by intercepting above hashtags by Predators forward Nick Cousins. Using Metson as a screen, Cousins ​​tore a wrist past Desmith’s blocker for his eighth goal. No aids.

Zuckerberg’s seventh goal of the season was tied 2-2 at 8:53. To push the game into the offensive zone, Raquel crossed Crosby near the center point and dropped a drop pass. From above the right circle, Crosby centered the Zucker’s forehand pass. The Zucker defended the side from Predators forward Eli Dolvane and lifted a pedestrian backwards that slammed between Ritchie’s glove and left rib. Contributed by Crosby and Rachel.

Zucker, who has been sidelined for the past four months due to a central muscle injury, saw the net for the first time since Jan. 17.

“I think the way he reacted and scored a big goal for us at a crucial moment was a huge boost to our bench,” Sullivan said. “You can see the reaction of his teammates. It’s a window into what they think of him.

In overtime, Raquel’s quick thinking blocked the series of cheats that led to the victory.

With the benefit of the open ice through a three-on-three game, Matson drew a crazy line from the neutral zone to the Predators’ web. Ritchie threw the stick with his stick and allowed Granland to take control.

Before Granland could consider his options, Crosby stepped inside and stole the buck. Predators defensive midfielder Matthias Ecolma in Greece circled and Crosby forced a pass to Matheson, who was positioned to the right of Greece. Ecolmin’s stick broke that pass attempt, causing the buck to fall to the hashmarks.

From there, Raquel attached it, forged a slapper, pulled his stick down, and slid Crosby to the left of Greece.

“I was definitely thinking about (shooting) first,” Raquel admitted. “But I felt like they (the hunters) were all coming out towards me. Sid (was) at the back door. So I tried to get it from him. It was nice to see it going inside. Otherwise, I would regret not shooting it.

Desmith made 33 saves in 35 shots and advanced to 8-4-4 so he should not regret delivering one of the most solid performances of the season.

“He was awesome,” Crosby said of Desmith. “He made some big savings. They – seen from the bench, two of them – would be almost certain goals. And he found a way to get a paddle in it or save and keep us in the game.

Restore confidence in a team that has struggled late.

“It’s a proud team and when you lose a few games, everyone feels it,” Sullivan said. “This is a significant victory for us.”


Just weeks before stopping playing in the NHL for the 2019-20 season (Feb. 20 to 29), the Penguins avoided their first defeat in five or more games since embracing defeat in six games in the 2019-20 season (February 20 to 29). All professional games).

ட்ச Matson recorded a fight major at 7:54 in the second period, when he battled with the rude and Dumble Predators forward Tanner Janet. The match took place just minutes after Geno fell to Lottong with a heavy test in the Penguins zone.

Genot leads the NHL with 13 Fighting Majors this season. In contrast, the Penguins have a total of 12 fighting majors this season.

-It was only the Second War Major in Madison’s life. As a member of the Florida Panthers, he battled the Boston Bruins forward David Bax on March 16, 2018.

• Crosby’s overtime goal is his 1,400th career point. He also appeared in his 1,100th career game.

ா Crosby (1,400) surpassed Hockey Hall of Fame forward Jory Curry (1,398) to become 22nd on the NHL’s career scoring list.

மி Desmith (40 wins) surpassed Gary Innes (39) to 15th on the Owner’s Career Golding Wins list.

ாக Raquel now has 20 points (seven goals, 13 assists) in 20 career games against the Predators.

• The Penguins’ last regular season-over-win victory over the Predators was 2-1 on October 24, 2015. Forward Phil Kessel scored the winning goal.

The Predators’ last road game against the Penguins was on December 28, 2019, losing 6-4. Penguin striker Brian Rust scored two goals and two assists in that match.

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