Simple, 9-minute, no-attack method for beating the Elton Ring

Elton Ring It’s not that hard in this nine minute speed run …

In about two months Elton Ring Released, it is said that the average player needs dozens of hours to complete the “main story” part of the game. With that in mind, a fast-running community can now prove to be a complete start-up Elton Ring Running within nine minutes can be a little surprising.

Even for the experienced Elton Ring Players can watch the Distortion 2 game in 8 minutes, 56 seconds — the run he does not hit an opponent — can be confusing. So we will help you to know the brief history quickly Elton Ring The fastest run so far and the obstacles and exploits are driving players between the Lands always in the short term.

False blankets and flying horses

After a few days Elton RingReleased in late February, the players were surprised at the traditional deathless runs that lasted less than 2.5 hours. Soon, however, the players were pushed back to the old level Dark souls Faster tricks to avoid tough bosses or to reach new map segments with careful, seldom-surviving tabs. That led to the first public, sub-time Elton Ring Twitch streamer Lilaki’s Speedron on March 9, 12 days after the game’s release.

A few days later, Distortion2 reduced the time to 28:59, using “false warp” techniques. These flaws take advantage of a quirk where the game can sometimes track a player’s true status in the world. In those cases, reloading the game will see the player “warp” to the “default location” in the center of the current area. That false warp can save a lot of difficult trips and at the same time avoid many threats.

One of the early speed videos Elton Ring About 2.5 hours.

A few days later, the Speed ​​Runners stumbled upon another major stumbling block, which caused your horse Toronto to walk in the air. The Pegasus stumble, as it is soon called, requires a player to reload and drop their mount from the side of a cliff before reviving, and now they have the ability to jump without ground underfoot. Although the Pegasus stumble was initially a hobby among crackers, the community soon found ways to fly their horse to unexpectedly certain bosses’ areas and easily defeat unsuspecting opponents.


These flaws are only a prelude to the end Elton Ring Speed ​​running tool: an even more mysterious exploitation called zipping. Although the community does not fully understand the inconsistencies in the game’s code for zipping, speed runners enjoy using the technique of “zipping” over wide distances in the blink of an eye.

Making a zip is a high-tech process that requires a specific environment and implementation. First, this mode only works if the game is running at a standard 60 fps frame rate (or 30 fps, with very hard time). Even then, the glitch is random across different hardware; Even using input macros that remove time from the equation does not always lead to success.

If everything is set up correctly, hold down a player block and wait for their passive animation cycle to rotate between 129 and 135 frames. The player then starts to move forward and releases the walk button at exactly 139 frames after the block starts. To get their button time exactly within that one-frame, 16.6 ms window, some crackers use a metronome of 108 or 109 beats per minute, leaving the walk button exactly after four beats.

Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. This invention allowed Distortion 2 to be used fairly to win Zips Elton Ring In just 12 minutes last week.

Going Mega

However, to break the 10-minute plateau, the fast-moving community will need the latest invention called mega-zip. For some reason, the players found a push Second Directional input in the 12- to 14-frame window after the first zipper will increase their zipping distance by two to four times.

YouTuber Daravae explains the theory and technique behind the mega zip.

While these long mega zips help to get around the lands even faster, they have proven to be very effective in avoiding the only boss fight that can ever be avoided in these speed runs: Maliketh.

To do so, Speed ​​Runners developed another recent invention, which was used to run in the sky using the Pegasus stumble and to escape from a cunning boss. After the boss runs away from the arena, the field at the boss’ feet will be removed from the active memory of the game. The boss falls into a vacuum and dies without any fight.

Although the Pegasus stumble has not always been possible or convenient for many boss fights, Twitch Streamer “Seeker” proved that a mega zip can similarly take a player far enough away to leave the field under Maliket. Elton RingThe final part of. With the source of that idea in hand, Destruction 2 is truly stunning with a nine-minute run over the weekend without having to fight an opponent.

Despite the exciting timing, this recent record flow was slowed down by some failed zip attempts. In the video description Distortion2 writes that they will “keep grinding this out for sub 7” and the search will continue for a short time. As it happens, the community may find another technique to further open the game.

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