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தல்லாஹாசி – State of Florida Coach Mike Norwell Likes the race Robert Cooper At the beginning of each exercise.

The 40-year-old coach and former white receiver runs about 80 yards against a college athlete who weighs 335 pounds. Last week, Cooper got a start. When Norwell attempted to complete the comeback he moved furiously with his match, he came lame and replaced the thigh.

In the next exercise, Cooper started again. Norwell chased, but slower than in the previous race. Fellow defensive player Daniel Lyons He tried to do some help to Norwell as he fell behind the big Cooper, but it was to no avail as the coach crossed the finish line.

With spring training coming to an end on Tuesday, Norwell is comfortable and comfortable with where his team stands. There was a practice after the first fight of the FSU, where every day he realized that the intensity he wanted was not on the team.

“For most of the year, it would have been a solid work day,” Norwell said. “When we challenge the guys, when we push the guys, the thing I like is the answer. That’s what I expect from a team. Is everything going well or how do you respond if you fall.

Norwell likes to say his team is “about work”.

This is the sentiment he shared when the Seminoles stumbled at the start 0-4 last season. He believed that the team generally approaches procedures, meetings and workouts in the right way, which is why his behavior within the football facility has not changed despite the increase in losses. I remember one proof was frantic about how calm and unwavering he was when faced with failure, because most coaches would have started to panic by that time.

We know how last year ended. FSU exited the 0-4 hole – including indescribable embarrassing loss Jacksonville Condition – To win 5 of its final eight games would be a little short of cup qualification. You can say a lot of things about last year’s Seminoles edition, good and bad, but the team worked tirelessly, as Norwell stumbled with determination in the race, never giving up even though it did not reach its goal.

Listen, I do not want this to be a paragraph waxing poetic about culture.

I have been there for the last five or six years. Eventually, Norwell’s tenure will come down to how well he acquires and develops talent. Success comes just like culture.

Nevertheless, in a crucial year under Norwell 3, a year that weighs more wins and losses than previous seasons, I think it is fair to step back to assess where the FSU has come from so far. .

To get to the point where wins start to pile up, Norwell needs a team that is ready to follow. We went there last year and this spring is ripe with those energetic signs that are structured with a very experienced list.

“I feel big, I feel strong, I feel fast, I feel pushed,” he said. Micah Pitman, Extensive receiver transfer from a project with a recent successful tradition in Oregon. “Understand that they are going to push you. The reason they are pushing you is because they trust you and want to see hard work come out of you.

“Having that belief system, it honestly changes both ways. You’m not going to follow a coach who does not juice every day. And coach Norwell yells ‘Good morning’ when he’s afternoon. Although he does not have to earn my respect, he has earned my respect as a person I want to follow, and he must lead me and lead this team to success because I truly trust this team.

Pitman was one of 20+ newcomers who signed up as part of Norwell’s vision this spring. To each, Norwell made a similar promise:

“Before I promised here, when I met him, me and my mom, he said he would never let me be my best,” the defensive decision exchange said. Jared verse. “Every day he would make sure I gave everything and he would give me the same. And he told me he was going to work harder than any plan. He kept that promise.

Norwell, as the verse says, “keeps his promises” when he comes to work.

In each practice, Norwell leads from the front. At the beginning of each workout he shouts furiously, ‘Oh yeah.’ Although he doesn’t seem to be doing it like he did at the beginning of last year, he scolds harshly. He also jumps on a player’s back or claps loudly as he chases a player downhill.

The energy is constant.

He expects the same from his players.

Except for a sluggish workout this spring, he saw it.

Norwell and his coaches spoke very confidently and comfortably this spring because they seem to understand how this team can meet expectations. Plans are implemented quickly, mistakes are not repeated over the years, and communication is consistent. Norwell often looks to the side and sees a player coaching a teammate, which is exactly what he wants to coach.

Let’s see if the overall talent mix on this list is enough for the FSU to go one step further on the recruitment path in the 2023 cycle.

But after this spring, I think it is reasonable to expect at least some improvement.

Is the basic effort of the desire to work as a team

“We know there will be close games, there will be close moments, and we have to rise to trust each other,” Norwell said. “It gives me so much pleasure when you see the coaching of the players throughout the spring and the right to work.

“You can see the 14 practices so far, but what I like is the holidays. The mood they bring when the guys are in the meeting room, when they are in the waiting room, because they know what they are doing.

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