The antivirus expert gave this “important” Omigron update – eat this

COVID cases are declining in the United States, but there is a huge improvement overseas and experts are revealing a new dominant variant that could cause another upsurge here. It’s not clear if the wave will be as severe as the last wave we experienced recently, but according to the doctors we talked to there are ways to help avoid getting sick. Eat this, it’s not! Health spoke to experts explaining what to know about Omigran now and how to help it stay healthy. Continue reading – To ensure your own health and the health of others, do not miss these Definite signs that you already have Govt disease.


Dr. William Long, Medical Director, World Clinic “Omigron consists of two major strain strains and two smaller strains. The two major strains together make up 99 +% COVID in most areas, converting BA2 to BA1 at moderate speeds. , But BA2 is described as 30-80% more infectious than BA1, which is why it is so prevalent. ”

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Hannah Newman, Director of Infectious Diseases Lennox Hill Hospital Reveals, “Cases have increased in the UK and EU due to the Omicron BA.2 sub variant, and deaths have risen sharply in Hong Kong. BA.2 is now a dominant strain in the US, and wastewater monitoring is showing an increase. On the positive side, this is a good indicator of an impending increase in cases.” ”

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Dr. Vivek Serian, a Chicago-based inpatient doctor says, “Omigran’s BA.2 subtype is now the dominant strain in more than half of the new US corona virus cases, and its rapid growth is at least partly due to mutations in the spike protein on the surface of the virus. , Although they are not found in BA.1 and BA.2 is more prevalent than BA.1, the good news is that it has not been shown to cause much disease and vaccinations are ongoing.

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Newman explains, “The rise of the holiday season can really help suppress a new wave by adding extra protection from many recent infections. Although I do not want to be misunderstood, the vaccine provides more consistent and reliable protection than natural infections. , Now is the time to do so when we are in recession so you can build up immunity before cases increase.Third booster is very effective against severe side effects, but 70% of booster rates in the country are less than 50% in areas where vaccine and boosters are low or Areas not severely affected by BA.1 are at higher risk of being affected by BA.2. ”

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Newman shares, “It gives me some comfort to know that we are entering the hottest months for outdoor events and activities. We know that ventilation plays a major role in the spread of the virus, and we can do even more to open doors and windows. The chances of events are slim. I think we need to look closely at how exactly this affects the United States, but perhaps our experience may seem like a plateau. I think our future depends on what we do now. “

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Dr. Sunjya Schweig, MD, Founder and Chairman California Center for Functional Medicine Stocks, “In addition to getting vaccinated and booster shot, there are ways people can defend themselves through a healthy lifestyle and dietary supplements. Some key recommendations include:

  • Eating a complete diet rich in nutritious protein, with as many different vegetables as possible
  • Reducing or avoiding sugar and alcohol can help reduce the risk of inflammation in the body and improve the immune system.
  • Getting enough sleep and following a healthy exercise regimen can help regulate inflammation and immune function.
  • Adequate hydration is important for optimal function and recovery from illness. Drink at least அவு ounces of water daily for your body weight. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, sweat while exercising or drink alcohol or caffeine, mark 75 ounces of water per day.

From a dietary point of view, there are several additives that can alter various inflammatory pathways, such as NRF2 and NF Kappa B:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D (target blood level 50-60)
  • Vitamin A (cod liver oil is a good source of vitamin D and vitamin A)
  • Glutathione and its precursor NAC and or sulforaphane
  • Alpha lipoic acid
  • Curcumin (yellow)
  • Zinc
  • Quercetin
  • வெளிமம்
  • Melatonin

Keep in mind that many of these can be obtained through diet. ”

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Follow the basics of public health and help end this epidemic, wherever you live — get vaccinated sooner or later; If you live in an area with low vaccination rates, wear N95 maskDo not travel, avoid social spaces, overcrowding, do not go home with people you do not have shelter with (especially in bars), maintain good hand hygiene, protect your life and the lives of others’ Do not visit any of these 35 places you are most likely to catch goiter.

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