The Detroit Tigers initially lost 10-1 to the Chicago White Sox.

The Chicago White Sox took the lead in the first inning of the third game against the Detroit Tigers.

In those three opening frames, the White Sox had one run scored by left-handed player Eduardo Rodriguez on Friday, two by right-handed player Casey Mice on Saturday and two runs by left-handed Tariq Scobal on Sunday.

Going into the final of the series on Sunday with two early runs, the White Sox hammered following the scull, adding two more runs in the third inning and one more in the fourth inning. Meanwhile, the Tigers have never been blamed for dropping a three-match series 10-1 at Comerica Park.

“You have to turn the page,” said third paceman Jaymer Candelario.

During the second inning game on Sunday, April 10, 2022 at Comerica Park in Detroit, the Detroit Tigers catcher Tucker Bornhard (15) flew against Chicago White Sox opener Michael Kobe (34).

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The Tigers (1-2) took two runs and one run in two walks.

They had two throwing errors in the fourth inning, including a lazy throw by shortstop Javier Pace who pulled the first paceman Spencer Dorkelson out of the pocket. Pace’s mistake, signing a six – year, $ 140 million contract this season, led to the White Sox ‘fourth run.

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