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If you want to know about the hottest new songs released in 2022, you can not miss them towards the peak of the recent Billboard Hot 100. While the Hot 100 measures the nation’s biggest songs every week, the chart has been dominated by Holdovers since 2021 as a whole – some of them did not start their ranking runs until 2022, and only peaked in 2022. Some of them continue to hang on to the list for months (even a couple close to a year) after their rankings peak.



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See the latest videos, charts and news

In fact, if you look at last week’s chart dated April 9, you will see more than three months of the calendar year, with songs in the top 10 (“Hot Waves of Glass Animals, No. 1”) and more. The first 20 (Dua Liba’s “Levitating,” No. 15) were published In 2020 More than it was in 2022 – last year Yahritza y Su Esencia was only represented by the brand new “Soy El Unico”.

“WWe’ve seen this trend grow over the years, ”says RCA CEO John Fleckenstein, who believes that the contemporary dominance of streaming always reflects the way music is consumed most accurately. “If you look at someone’s consumption, I imagine it’s like a bell ring, where they start to find the song, and they start to get excited about it, and they hear it. . But when you do it among millions of people, you see this very long tail, and I think the songs will last a very long time. I think that’s what you see in the rankings.

However, streaming has been a major driving force in the music industry for more than half a decade, and the lack of brand new big hits in 2022 is completely different than a year ago. Look back at the Hot 100 dated April 10, 2021, not just the top five on the chart – Lil Nass X’s “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)”, Justin Bieber’s “Beaches”, Daniel Caesar and Kiwion, Silk Sonic’s “Leave the Door Open” , Cardi Pi’s “Up” and Olivia Rodrigo’s Driver’s License – all releases released that year, all of which were long-term (eventually topping the charts), three of which took first place. 1. By comparison, only two 2022 songs have made their debut in the April 10 Hot 100 Top 100 of the Hot 100 – Nicki Minaj & Lil Baby “Do We Have a Problem?” And Kunna & Future’s “Pushin P” Young Tak, both of which did not make it to the top of the list. (“We’re not talking about Bruno,” the ubiquitous hot 100-topping smash Charm The soundtrack did not make it to the charts until 2022, but was released in late 2021 and went viral after the film hit Disney + in late December.)

While streaming is at its peak in the market right now, this year’s Hot 100 is set to reflect the top radio landscape, as dictated by audience research, and the biggest songs will be strong for the long haul. The early days of looking for comfort from the plague were off, but it is still high now. “S.The ongs are not dead yet – they will last forever, ”says Eric Bradley, assistant program director / music director at Chicago’s CHR station WBBM-FM (B96). “I mean, ‘save your tears’ They will not Stop doing research. You think, ‘It has to go, it has to go …’ And every week, it still sits in the first two or three stages. [‘Woman’ by] Doja Kate, same thing … they are still in the middle [our audience’s] The most favorite songs we can play. ”

Although radio support has lasted longer than ever, it is currently taking some time to get songs that are already proven culturally by other standards – which Ezekiel Lewis, head of Epic Records evp & A&R, believes contributes to the current shortage. 2022 to 2022 hits. “A.As time goes on, we are increasingly in the era of a kind of ‘show and-run’ of record releases, “he says.”Through this the gatekeepers increasingly look for a digital space to see the cultural relevance of a path. So you publish a record, you become sticky in the digital space … and then things that really affect you advertisement board Chart, just like radio viewers – they are far behind. Until a record ‘synchronization between digital and cultural features’ is available, Lewis says, its interpretive potential will be fully realized.

That explanation is confirmed by looking at some of the hits currently in the top 10 of the Hot 100 – such as GAYLE’s “abcdefu”, Imagine Dragons and JID’s “Enemy” and Kodak Black’s Super Gremlin “. On TikTok (which currently does not provide its total contribution advertisement board‘S charts) and went into streaming services in late 2021, but their current rankings peaked only after radio support began to begin this calendar year. But, to the extent that viral sites like TikTok have to instantly arouse interest in a song, it also says that it did not cause the same amount of instant smashes (a rare top 20 introduction like “Soy El Unico”. A relatively unknown artist) even two years ago .

That’s Tic Tac Toe [still] High throw [hits], But the question is, ‘Does this go back to the way it was before?’ “Says another A&R source. “I mean, Arizona Cervas, [Lil] Nass X – This flow was from 2019 to mid 12020, when something went on that platform, It went. And, on a larger scale, I think you can still tell Dictok most of the new developments. I do not know if they are found anywhere or dominate the stage, they translate as they were before.

Part of the problem is that TikTok’s impact can be far-reaching now – not only releasing new hits, but also reviving old ones and finding intermediate tables that weren’t really successful in the first place. Now accepted by listeners as brand new. User doggface208’s TikTok video famously returned Fleetwood Mac’s classic “Dreams” to the top 15 of the Hot 100 in 2020, and in the years that followed, such revived list entries (Arctic monkeys ‘”505,” Frank Oceanhorse “Lostiams”‘ just ” A Cloud Away “) is not overly linked to any one clip or cultural moment. On the contrary, their rise in the streaming space has been as gradual and almost unstoppable as the modern hits of Dua Liba and The Week, and then lasts almost as long – occupying the space previously owned by the most traditional new releases.

“I do not knowIt takes a long time for people and songs to gain critical mass, so these resurrection recordings … we’ll see more and more of those things “says the A&R source. May have worked in radio, did not work properly… it did not find the cultural context or awareness or the right trend for people to engage with and discover it.They are going to pop up again.

The industry’s search for such rapid success has also arrived, with the sources interviewed for this article pointing to the cost of developing long-term artists. “Now there is a niche in the business that the algorithm focuses so much on hit play, which is about trying to find moving songs and chase it away by giving the audience that particular sound over and over again, “says Fleckenstein, whose RCA artists demanded many of last year’s huge success stories (Doja Gate’s unstoppable). Planet Her Blockbuster, Lotto’s current Hot 100 Top 10 hit “Big Energy,” SZA’s long-running R&B hit “I Hate You,” Lucky Dane is currently rising (“Over”). “From an RCA perspective – we are, we have been, we will always be a major artist development machine. You talk about projects.

Part of the lack of brand new 2022 hits in 2022 is the relative lack of A-lists created before the release of new music. The releases of a handful of proven hitmakers in Cardi B, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars (Silk Sonic) cover the top five spots of 2021 – the type of superstars we haven’t seen much of since 2022. Some exceptions in the first three months of the year. Even on those rare occasions, radio superstars like The Weekend (dropped his new one) Dawn FM The album in January) and Dua Liba (whose Megan the Stallion alliance “Sweetest Pie” debuted in March) faced an additional challenge to compete with each other – both artists having many successes in 2020 and 2021.

The new run of instant smashes of proven A-listers may be on its way – the first real runaway hit to be released in 2022, announced by the arrival of Harry Styles’ “It It Was”. The much-anticipated lead single from the world superstar’s upcoming third album Harry’s house, “Us It Was” was an instant mega-hit on streaming services and a huge hit on radio playlists released on March 31. Rapper Jack Harlow, who topped the Hot 100 for the first time in 2021 with Lil Nass X in “Industry Baby” may be far behind. Even passed Weekend of styles on Spotify over the weekend with his TikTok-hyped “First Class” single release.

With the arrival of big releases and some calendar catch-ups, the shortage of brand new 2022 hits may not last long. “In two or three months, I think we’ve going to have another conversation [about 2022 hits]Lewis predicts. “Because first, you’re going to drop even bigger names. But second, some of these top songs of the year will catch themselves in terms of all the different scales you really need to shoot 100 percent to see. [their impact] On the chart. “

Perhaps, as the weather warms, some consecutive hits from 2021 and 2020 will finally start to melt. “I feel [those older hits] It starts out a little bit slower, “says Bradley.” I hope that’s what happens. You know, as a music fan, and as a person who loves new artists and new projects and everything, and I want to see some new life playing out – but at the same time, I want to make sure of that. My brands play hit songs, you know? So overall I’m a little pickled. But I feel like there are a lot of big stuff on the horizon. So I’m very optimistic. ”

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