2022 NBA Awards: KC Johnson MVP Explains All-NBA Votes

Other than driving very fast on a lake shore drive, I follow the rules. Has always been, will always be.

So when I came to the O-very difficult All-NBA teams poll, this line stood out: “Please vote for him as he usually plays.”

Both Nikola Jokić and Joel Embiid are eligible to vote forward or central to the All-NBA first team on the Bull-Down menu. They will end up on that team after writing the dominant seasons.

But this particular voter could not do that. Jockey is a center. The same goes for the MP. Until the league office fully offered the positions or dropped that qualification, only one of the two went down in my first team vote.

Sorry, Philadelphia.

Voting for post-season awards is an honor. Like most voters, I take responsibility very seriously. I spent most of the day researching and setting aside my choices. Until the moment I submitted my ballot in the league office, I was tormented about second- or third-team All-NBA positions for four players – and harassed colleague Rob Schaefer.

In the case of the All-NBA, I have heard the argument that journalists should not vote in awards that could lead to such big financial changes. I understand that argument.

But we are trained to be objective as reporters and journalists. And that added potential change puts an even greater responsibility on a process that deserves it anyway.

So here is my vote for the nine awards, which will be released to the public with league rights when the awards are announced.

The most valuable player

1) Nicola Jogic, Denver

2) Giannis Antedogounbo, Milwaukee

3) Joel Empide, Philadelphia

4) Luca Tansik, Dallas

5) Devin Booker, Phoenix

Hard Disadvantages: Jason Tottom, Boston; Timaro Droson, Chicago Bulls

The Jockey recorded his first season with 2,000 points, 1,000 rebounds and 500 assists, while finishing as the only player in the top 10 for points, rebounds and assists in a game. In the absence of Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr., he recorded an actual shooting percentage of .660 with high usage and defenses.

The most advanced player

1) Dijante Murray, San Antonio

2) Desmond Bane, Memphis

3) Jordan Pool, Golden State

Hard Disadvantages: Robert Williams III, Boston; Wendell Carter Jr., Orlando

What I take very seriously about the voting process is establishing your own criteria. At least for me, more lottery choices that improve will generally be discounted. (Sorry, Ja Morant and Darius Garland). In the sixth year, Murray raised his scoring average from 15.7 to 21.1 and his assisted average from 5.4 to 9.2.

Best Defensive Player of the Year

1) Rudy Cobert, Utah

2) Years Jackson Jr., Memphis

3) Michael Bridges, Phoenix

Hard Disadvantages: Marcus Smart, Boston; Pam Adebayo, Miami

Smart is the best defender on the league’s best defensive team – and will be rewarded accordingly on another ballot. But his personal influence, as well as the influence of Jackson Jr. and Bridges, has not yet reached Cobert’s level. Check out Utah’s on-off split. Cobert is the most influential personal defender in the league.

Sixth man of the year

1) Tyler Hero, Miami

2) Kevin Love, Cleveland

3) Cameron Johnson, Phoenix

Hard Disadvantages: Luke Kennard, LA Clippers, Deuce Jones, Minnesota

From this point of view it is not difficult. Hero averaged 20.7 points while playing the opening minutes for the first-ranked team in the Eastern Conference.

Newcomer of the Year

1) Evan Mobley, Cleveland

2) Scotty Barnes, Toronto

3) Kate Cunningham, Detroit

Strict Ignore: N / A

There is no wrong order for these three best rookies, which ultimately proved to be a deep class. Mobley’s elite defensive prowess and impact on the junior team gave him little recognition over Barnes, who did not engage in defensive action himself.

Best Coach of the Year

1) Monty Williams, Phoenix

2) Eric Spolestra, Miami

3) Taylor Jenkins, Memphis

Hard Disadvantages: Chris Pinch, Minnesota, Ime Utoga, Boston, JP Pickerstaff, Cleveland

This is always a deep pool. But call this the “Bill Jackson Syndrome”. Early in my pulse writing career, I saw Jackson pile up a 60-win season after a 60-win season – and once cracked the 70s – and won only one Coach of the Year award. Williams led the Phoenix League to great achievement by creating an atmosphere of respect and responsibility.

All-rookie teams

First team: Mobley, Cleveland; Barnes, Toronto; Cunningham, Detroit; Franz Wagner, Orlando; Herb Jones, New Orleans

Second Team: Iyo Tosunmu, bulls; Josh Gide, Oklahoma City; John Green, Houston; Chris Duarte, Indiana; Bones Highland, Denver

Hard Disadvantages: Davian Mitchell, Sacramento; Jonathan Cummins, Golden State

Unlike all NBA teams, these are unstable. Wagner, who played in 79 games and combined skill and shooting, recorded 78 appearances while Jones showed elite defensive ability, and Wagner and Jones joined the poll this year.

All defensive teams

First team: Smart, Boston; Juru Holiday, Milwaukee; Bridges, phoenix; Jackson Jr., Memphis; Cobert, Utah

Second Team: Fred Vanville, Toronto; Matisse Thybulle, Philadelphia; Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee; Williams III, Boston; Adebayo, Miami

Strict Ignore: Tremond Green, Golden State

In 46 games, Green did not play enough. Holiday and Smart both joined as the best defensive player of the year for their physical fitness and elite, stopping each other. These teams are also recommended based on status.

All NBA teams

First team: Danzig, Dallas; Booker, Phoenix; Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee; Totem, Boston; Jogik, Denver

Second Team: Trey Young, Atlanta; Step Curry, Golden State; Trosson, bulls; Kevin Durand, Brooklyn; Embed, Philadelphia

Third team: Ja Morant, Memphis; Chris Paul, Phoenix; LeBron James, LA Lockers; Pascal Siagam, Toronto; Carl-Anthony Downs, Minnesota

Hard Disadvantages: Jimmy Butler, Miami; Cobert, Utah

As stated earlier, Embiat has obviously created a season worthy of first-team selection. But he plays like a jockey.

These teams always make tough decisions, and for these four players I moved to the second and third team positions – Young and Morant in custody, Durant and James forward. In the end, the games he played were important to me, which gave Terozan a lead over Young and James and Durant rather than Morant.

Morant made such a splash this season – and rightly so. But Memphis went without him 20-3, and Young’s offensive production gave him a slight edge over the improved scales selected.

Do I believe Trojan is better than Durant or James? No. Do I believe DeRozan has made a huge impact this season? Yes. Durant played a lower game than James, but his actual shooting percentage of .634 often gave him little recognition in the statistics draw.

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