A burning question for every NBA play-in match

2022 NBA Play-In Tournament Tips Tonight, eight teams compete for the final four tickets within the playoff brackets and the right to gain powers at each conference in the first round of the playoffs. As we prepare for action, here’s a big question for every play – off match that starts in Brooklyn:

Can Cleveland score enough to hang out with KD and Kyrie?

The Cavaliers climbed to the top half east before the All-Star break on the strength of an elite defense led by the interior duo of Evan Mobley and Jared Allen. Rookie of the Year will be in the lineup against Brooklyn, returning from an ankle injury in the final two games of the regular season; Former Nate Allen, They will notHowever, he continues to work his way back from the broken finger.

Cleveland’s defense has been strained since Allen’s fall on March 6. Prior to his injury, Caves allowed only 107.5 points for 100 possessions, but they conceded 118.7 points per 100. Since Kyrie Irving’s return to full – time, it’s not good for Brooklyn’s chances of ending in the rankings outside the top 10 of the NBA. 124.5 points per 100Utah’s league-leading offensive rating is higher than that of the Jazz 23rd-ranked Lakers – with both Irving and Kevin Durant on the court.

If Cleveland can’t control the nets, it will have to fight the fire with fire. It’s not their strongest suit (just 19th in points for a possession), but it’s not out of the question. The Caves have scored above average performance in each of the last two encounters against Brooklyn, and can shoot multiple shooters and put down curved numbers if not for the Nets’ defensive point.

All eyes will be on all-star point-striker Darius Garland for the first time in his first season with an average of 25.3 points and eight assists per game against Brooklyn this season. You can expect the nets to shape their coverage in such a way as to push the ball out of his hands, however, it will take shots ahead of other caves; Larry Markenen, who shot 38.5 percent off Cleveland 3.5 points this season, has won from a distance of 32.6 percent this season. Kevin Love, who scored 32 and 10 in just 15 minutes in Cleveland’s season finals, could hit the floor and glass with items that punched Brooklyn; The Nets were one of the league’s worst defensive regeneration teams all season. Then Adding Andre Drummond to the trading deadline. (I’m also keeping an eye on Chedi Osman. Swingman’s minutes have waned and dwindled late in the season, but he has had nine games with 20 or more points this season and a dozen games with four or more 3s.)

Without Allen, who averaged 16.1 points and 10.8 rebounds per game in 67.7 percent of shooting as one of the NBA’s top-and-roll finishers, Cleveland’s best bet could have reduced torpedoes and increased variation. Watch Garland, Love, Markanen, and everyone fly in wine and gold.

Can you be the best player on the ground against KAT clips?

Hey: Want to see someone Not a good time?

Carl-Anthony Downs campaigned brilliantly to get the Timberwolves back to the edge of the playoffs with over .500, but the Clippers gave him full matches at three meetings earlier this season. Die Lou mixed up his coverage at the All-Star Center and showed him a little bit of everything: straight up with Ivica Zubak or Isaiah Hortenstein, cross-match coverages with quick, ranger defender (mostly Nicholas Bottom or Terence Mann) pressing him around the perimeter, with plenty of zonal coverage, e Constant food of double teams coming from all angles.

It worked: kept LA Downs at just 15.3 points per game in 16-to-38 shooting, including 18 points from 6 over long distances, with (seven) higher sales than assists (nine). Clips won all three games in double digits, including two by 20-plus; They surpassed Minnesota By 51 points In 100 minutes with cities on the ground.

However, there is some good news: All three games came in the first month of the season, before Minnesota saw its progress. The Wolves boast the West’s fourth-best record since January 1 and the NBA’s fifth-best net rating, the league’s number. A unit led by 1 Crime-Downs averaged 24.6 points, 10.3 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game during that interval. He excelled as the lynchpin of the Minnesota attack. Throwing Kitchen Zinc on him and short-circuiting his game will not be as easy as it was in early November, and he and the Wolves are still trying to figure out who they are; Now, his hopes are at an all-time high.

Play him straight to the perimeter now, and there is a risk of being knocked to the dust by a player who leads all the centers in points scored per game from the drives. Zoning against the Minnesota team would not be a great option as it would take the top 3 in the NBA and have a plethora of role-playing role players — Patrick Beverly, Malik Beasley, Dorian Prince, Jaylan Novel, Jordan McLaughlin and many more. -He has been hitting long balls for several months now. Get the ball out of KAD’s hands to beat someone else, D’Angelo Russell (top-12 scorer in crisis this season) and Anthony Edwards (his blunt knee) Beautiful fridge ‘OK In his last full game) may be very happy with the duty.

Four-fifths of the winning clips since Paul George’s return to the line-up enter the play-off on Hot Streak; He’s been shooting 52.5 percent deeper since his return (although, perhaps worrisomely, only 32.5 percent) Inside Arc) and outperforms rivals Los Angeles 21.8 points per 100 With a two-way star swingman on the ground. Lou Bank makes a combination of a brave, versatile defensive and George’s ability to play at the top of the game — attracting defensive attention to play for others, and creating intensely competitive shots to carry the ball to the tin and carry clips. Minnesota can count on a similar formula; Cities should be theirs for most of this year, and more No. Who was initially against LA.

Who controls the pace of the game: hawks or hornets?

The Ninth and 10th Aces of the East — the owners of two of the NBA’s top five crimes after the All-Star break — are on their way to their point guards. There may even be a match between them.

Trey Young is a watchmaker, an avid artisan who loves to explore his options and engage in the business of meticulously removing set protections. Thus, his hawks are unpredictably ranked below average-pack in the average length of their attacking possessions; According to Cleaning the Class, the league is close to average in terms of the number of their plays coming in half court; And no. With a bullet of 1 for a game scored on half court, it is the function of Young’s unparalleled ability to find a pressure point on a set defense and push until he calls Mama.

LaMelo Ball, on the other hand, is a neon yellow Lamborghini that moves fluid at maximum speed and is designed to attract maximum attention while doing so. Thus, his Hornets are the NBA’s fourth-fastest average attacking possession and the third-largest player in coming-of-age transformation, and not in the rankings. A bullet was added to each possession point by 1 transition play — a function of the ball’s unparalleled gift to go from 0 to 100 and hunt down the initial offense and highlights in every possible situation.

Small-ball Charlotte is a below-average half-line defensive team that has no top-flight-of-attack defenders to throw at Young. Atlanta is the NBA The second worst Lack of athletic ability to enter the alternative defensive team and athletic meet. Only four teams force turnover more often than the Hornets; nobody is here Does Turnover Less More often than not hawks.

This is a player who has already proven his prowess in the run-up to the Match-up-Eastern Conference Finals of the genuine “Styles Match Fights” featuring two of the league’s most telegenic young homemaker-throwers and a player who is eager to follow through after earning. His first All-Star endorsement this season. Anyone who can set the tempo and the rules of engagement will set his team up for survival and progress.

How much can Brandon Ingram give to New Orleans?

Ingram did his job in rescuing New Orleans from its devastating 3-16 start-up slump amid frustration that turned into a lost season for injured superstar Zion Williamson. His 3-point shooting retreated from the 2020 All-Star ranks. When a player blossoms into a team, he must set the table:

He has been the pacemaker of the Pelicans all season: they are 29-26 when he plays (43-win pace for the entire season) and 7-20 (21-win clip) when he does not play, they go from there. 3.3 points per 100 (equal to 76ers’ full-season net worth) when he is on the court Getting He scored 7.4 points per 100 in his absence (it would be just above the pistons). That’s why the right hamstring injury of the last five weeks has limited him to five games is a big thing… Why Pelicans coach Willie Green is a big thing. Ingram told reporters that the project will be available on Wednesday.

If Ingram is close to 100 percent, Spurs will have to deal with two top scorers and shot creators. The Pelicans have hit 119.5 points-100 for Ingram and Mitsusean acquisitions CJ Mccollum together, the league-leading offensive ability rate this season. They keep points at elite rates from the trade deadline when Ingram plays without McCallum, and vice versa. They both fought hard when they were not in court.

St. Anthony Will do Throwing options include both Ingram and McCollum, which combine size, length and athletic ability: All-Star Point Card / Steel-and-Deflection Magnet Designe Murray, 3-and-D Ace Devil Vassal, interchangeable combo Blatter, Jordan Jason, Loni Walker IV, and Rookie Josh Primo. But both Ingram (averaging 24.5 points and 5.5 assists in two encounters with Spurs this season) and McCullum (29.3 points and 4.3 assists in three games against San Antonio in 52/36/91 shooting) seemed comfortable going for their offense. Those options individually. If Ingram goes well after the trade deadline and quickly returns to the rhythm he and McCullum discovered, the New Orleans could have had more firepower for the 17th Spurs after the All-Star Break, and worse when Murray was off. For floor-fitting.

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