Anita: Brazilian global superstar ‘Envolver’ on Coachella’s new album

One day in March, Anita woke up from an early birthday celebration. His thin, catchy song “Envolver” topped Spotify’s worldwide charts – a huge, historic achievement, becoming the first Brazilian artist to reach that number with a solo single.

“My cell phone is going crazy,” Anita says on a zoom call from Rio that day, flashing a bright smile, and suffocating a little from all the excitement. “It simply came to our notice then. The whole country really stopped. But despite the fact that a huge population of the country celebrates her achievements, Anita had to pay attention. He was due to rehearse for Coachella, where he will make history again as the first Brazilian solo artist to perform on the festival’s main stage – and the show coincides with the release of his much-anticipated new album. My versions.

The album takes more than three years to produce, and over time it becomes an ecstatic, trilingual set of universal sounds – as fearless, funny and daring as Anita. There is sweetness in songs like “Girl from Rio”. Classic “The Girl from Ipanema”; “Boys Don’t Cry” is an elegant electro-pop song inspired by Anita’s panic love! At the disco; “Kota” toys with the classic Recordon song “Yo Tengo Una Kata” and jumps from popcorn to Brazilian funk.

Artists featured on the LP Span continents, from Shenxia to Khalid, Saviti, Mike Towers, represent the global exchanges that Anita proudly claims. “I like mixed cultures,” he says. “I think it’s very important … [It] Makes people more involved in different cultures and learn different things. Anita has said she will donate the proceeds from the song to her family.

My versions Undoubtedly, the evolution of Anita’s last album, Kisses, From 2019. Kisses Enjoyed numerous commercial successes, it peaked at number four on the Billboard Latin Pop Albums chart and received a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Urban Music Album. But for Anita, the album reflects a difficult journey to prove herself in the industry, which she has struggled with since her first appearance on the Brazilian funk scene in the early 2010s. Although Kisses It includes impressive collaborations with the likes of Becky G, Ludmilla, Snap Doc and Brazilian legend Cadano Veloso, which, through Anita’s pure will, combined with the months she spent on Overdrive to pull the whole thing. “I do not have an international record label. I have no administration. I have nothing, ”she says. “Hi, this is all I can do. Can you please join me? Can you trust my dream and future?”

Fortunately, it worked, and it made Anita one of the biggest stars in Latin pop world. For her next act, she is ready to take on other parts of the planet, and she plans to do so by sharing a more uncompromising portrait of herself. My versions. She wanted to show every aspect of her personality – if you’re Anita, that’s a lot. “I feel like a person with different personalities in one person,” she laughed. “All my friends say they’m waiting for me to wake up and waiting 15 minutes to find out who’s in control of that moment … if I want to be sexy, if I want to be in love, if I want to be beautiful or hot or sporty, the same is true for me in music.

Many of the songs are inspired by his adventures – and false adventures – love, sex and romance. (Currently, she reveals that she is in an open relationship with a footballer who wants to remain anonymous. “He can do whatever he wants, I can do whatever I want … it’s very healthy.”) Whenever Anita comes to the studio, she fires what’s happening in her personal life. And poured all of his unfiltered thoughts directly into the album. “I want to write about something that’s in my head at the moment, I’m changing male friends just like I change my underwear. I love them so quickly, I’m forgetting them even faster,” he says. ” Then a week later, the crazy favorite and everyone can write about the family.

One of the most shameless sexual and outspoken moments My versions The playful and funny song “I’re averse to having sex” comes out. Anita burst out laughing as she started talking about the track. “Its And so on I’m saying, “I do not have time to be silly. I do not have time for relationships that are not going to bring out the best in me. So, I think this song says in a fun way that I prefer to have sex rather than arguing or wasting time.

The music, which reflects how fresh and open she is, is what made her the most beloved person in Brazil, and people are urging him to run for the presidency. She has been unable to do so for many years, but during the epidemics, she began to immerse herself deeply in the country’s politics, conducting political workshops for her followers on Instagram, and speaking out against the country’s conservative leader Jair Bolsanaro. He hopes he will inspire his fans to make a difference. “I campaign for young people to register to vote,” he says. “I think we are going to remove this maternal president from the command of the country because we deserve this humiliation.”

Anita never cuts down on words, and is part of the process by which it is createdMy versions Feeling very liberated. “I made myself think of this album,” he says. “I hate creating expectations because I’m always afraid things will not go the way I expected – so I do not think about it. If I want to, it’s good. No one else needs to love it.”

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