China joins forces with Russia to end NATO ‘conflict approach’

NATO’s attempt to pull China out of Russia’s orbit has failed. Western warnings against leaning with Moscow not only fell on deaf ears, but they also led to an omnipotent retreat from Beijing.

When Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg recently expressed regret that China did not want to condemn Russia’s war against Ukraine, he described Beijing’s attitude as a “serious challenge” to the North Atlantic Alliance. Policies affect our security. “The Chinese ambassadors immediately fired back.

On Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian issued a lengthy retaliation against Stoltenberg, again accusing NATO of being outdated and damaging post-Cold War security order in Europe. The camp is now also trying to disrupt China’s immediate surroundings, Zhao said.

The combination of these photos shows NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, the left and Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian. At a regular press conference in Beijing on April 11, 2022, Zhao targeted Stoltenberg’s comments after the coalition leader criticized China for not wanting to condemn Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.
Francois Wallshirts / Greg Baker / AFP via Getty Images

“For some time, the NATO leader has ignored the facts and confused black with white when making baseless allegations, slanders and attacks against China,” he said, without naming Stoltenberg. “He made irresponsible comments about China’s foreign policy, used the ‘China threat’ and more recently the pressure on China.”

“NATO must immediately stop spreading misinformation and provocative ideas targeting China and abandon the confrontational approach to drawing ideological lines,” Zhao said. “NATO has destabilized Europe. It must stop trying to destabilize Asia and the whole world.”

China had already joined Russia against NATO in January – just weeks before the invasion and before Vladimir Putin met with Xi Jinping in Beijing – to announce an “unrestricted” alliance between their countries. Seven weeks after the start of the war, the Chinese leadership provided the Kremlin’s political closet at the highest levels of world governance, abstaining from UN resolutions and voting with Russia, even as the majority member states condemned Moscow’s war and then suspended it. From the Human Rights Council, the first permanent member of the Security Council with such an achievement.

Faced with press questions about the Pucha murders and the Gramadorsk station missile attack, China did not forget to pay attention to the “very different claims” of Moscow and Kiev, saying it was enough to support an independent inquiry. A position that undermines efforts to mobilize international support for Ukraine and its people. In addition, China continues to speak out against Western sanctions against Russia, an incentive for the Volodymyr Zelensky government.

But as the pressure on NATO and the European Union mounts, along with the growing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, China has chosen to push back a full-fledged government campaign seeking to challenge Western suspicions about its semi-alliance with Russia. Beijing sees its own geopolitical interests in Asia as a move by government officials, diplomats, state news agencies and political commentators to follow in Russia’s footsteps and at the same time create some of their own to undermine the unity of the alliance.

Zhao called NATO’s security policy “obsolete.” He said the federation had “reduced itself to an instrument for the hegemony of some country,” an open reference to the United States.

“NATO’s military organization in the North Atlantic has traveled to the Asia-Pacific region in recent years to flex its muscles and provoke tensions. He argued that China’s uprising was more of an opportunity for the world than a threat.

Ukraine mourns losses of Russian invasion
Maria Korechko, exactly, mourns the burial of her son Ukrainian soldier Andriy Zagornyakon on April 10, 2022 in Kamianka-Buzka, Ukraine. Since the start of Russia’s February 24 offensive, the estimated military casualties on both sides have varied widely.
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The Foreign Ministry’s recent sentiments have provided guidance for China’s state media to generate updated critiques of the West. The official Xinhua news agency, which heads the coverage of the country’s broadcasters and major newspapers, has accused NATO of undermining peace talks between Ukraine and Russia.

“Following the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine military conflict, NATO nations urgently need to work with Washington to prevent a political solution, to ignite the flames, to escalate the regional conflict, to provide Ukraine with money and weapons, and to impose tough and blind sanctions on Russia,” the Xinhua editorial said in a statement on April 10. The collapse and regional concessions to Putin will have far more positive consequences than a protracted European war, which will also affect the Chinese economy.

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