Daniel Sahat, lead singer of the Austin band Nane, has died at the age of 29

Daniel Sahat, lead singer of the Austin band Nane, passed away on Sunday night. He is 29 years old.

The news was announced on Monday on the band’s social media accounts.

A supersonic five-piece that performed small wonders of funk and soul, Sahat and his band were rising stars in the Austin music scene, topping the Austin 360’s list of Austin artists to watch in 2022.

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Nane’s latest shows include New Year’s Eve Blowout with PLK Odyssey at Empire, a scene from last year’s Austin FC season appearance at Q2 Stadium, and the magnificent Austin City Limits Music Festival set for 2021.

I featured myself on Netflix’s Austin-based reality TV show “Twentysomethings”.

Last week, Sahad and his band played at City Hall, and Austin’s City Council named April 7 “Nine Day” in Austin. This was the first show performed in the rooms before the epidemic.

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