First call: ESPN’s Adam Schifter apologizes for Twain Hoskins tweet; Brett Michaels forces the Steelers for the particular cubic in the draft

Adam Schifter apologizes for his statement on the death of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Twain Hoskins.

TJ Watt has the potential to make a comeback as an NFL defender. A famous Pittsburgh campaigner for a specific quarterback to land with the Steelers.

A busy night in the NHL is marked by some metropolitan clashes.

All of this on Tuesday’s “first call”


ESPN reporter Adam Schefter apologized for the tweet he sent when he reported the news of Twain Hoskins’ death on Saturday morning.

When Scheffer learned that the Steelers quarterback had been killed while trying to cross the South Florida Highway, Schefter tweeted, “Twain Hoskins, a lone wolf in Ohio, died this morning before battling to capture Washington and Pittsburgh in the NFL. When he crashed into a car in South Florida, according to his agent Cedric Sanders. Hoskins turns 25 on May 3.

Many have criticized Hoskins’ inclusion in the NFL struggles when the news of Schifter’s death was published. Apparently, Schaffter agreed to delete the tweet and reposted another version 20 minutes later.

Twain Hoskins, a standout before playing in Washington’s first-round selection in Ohio and in Pittsburgh, died in a car crash in South Florida this morning, his agent Cedric Sanders said. Hoskins turns 25 on May 3.

– AdamSchefter (dAdamSchefter) April 9, 2022

On Monday, Schifter gave the voice An apology during his Web light.

“It’s insensitive,” Schifter said. “It’s a mistake. I assure you it’s not my intention. I want to retract that tweet. It should have focused on Twain – he’s a person, a husband, a friend and many more. I would like to apologize and express my condolences to everyone close to Twain, and I would like to draw the attention of the public to ensure that Twain is remembered correctly, as I failed on Saturday.

From there, Shefter spent three more minutes talking about Haskin’s virtues, his accomplishments in college, his dedicated efforts to revitalize his life with the Steelers, his love for Pittsburgh as his adopted home and his desire to become a fan of the owner. Involvement and social welfare initiatives.

When he apologized, the content was more than just a sad paragraph from his initial tweet. I do not know why Schaefer could not have done so on Twitter occasionally on Saturday or Sunday, read his statement during the podcast on Monday.

As a result, as ProFootballTalk suggests, for some, it comes as Schefter to encourage people to listen to his podcast apologizing.

Based on some of the comments under Schaefer’s post on Podcast, it seems like many on TwitterSphere agree and apologize may not be enough. But the only thing that is more popular on Twitter than the moral signal is the anger signal. And sometimes the two are almost identical.

For those people, I also ask for a little introspection.

If many of you are going to be constantly tweeting Schiffer to obscure (or about it) the focus on Hoskins’ death, what do you think happened to the endless, ugly comment thrown at Schiffer in 72 hours (and even Gill Brand)?

Twitter, sports talk radio and the blogosphere turned the news of Hoskins’ death into a bigger story than the horrific crash.

And if the alleged initial outrage was to divert attention from mourning Hoskins’ death, there is an ugly contradiction in the choice of some to focus instead. Because, two or three hours later, two or three days later, one has to wonder if some of the people who attacked Schaefer are honestly trying to make him look bad.

Or are they trying to make themselves look beautiful by fishing for likes and retweets?

If so, isn’t it more sensitive to Hoskins’ memory than Schifter did in the first place?

Different choice

Steeler DJ Watt does not want to defend his title of best defender of the year.

According to BetOnline.Ag Browns Boss Rusher wanted to win the Miles Carret Award. He was listed as a +650 (13/2) favorite. Wat is next to +700 (7/1). Watt had 22.5 excuses to lead the NFL in 2021, equaling Michael Strahan’s single-season league record. Garrett was third in the NFL with 16.0. Chicago’s Robert Quinn finished second with 18.5 points.

Former Pitt Panther and current Los Angeles Rams star Aaron Donald is next in the +750 (15/2). Former Penn State Nittani Lion Mike Parsons is in fourth place. Dallas Cowboys Defensive Rookie of the Year sits at +900 (9/1).

Something to believe

Those at the Steelers Depot recently discovered a clip from the April 5 episode of “The Rich Eason Show” in which University of Mississippi quarterback Matt Correll said he could gain some outside influence while encouraging Steelers to draft him.

Corel and his family have long been friends with rock star and Steelers fan Brett Michaels. Born in Butler and raised in Mechanicsburg, Poison’s lead singer went so far as to fly Coral’s family to one of his games in November. Now, according to Coral, Michaels says the Steelers pick him up in the draft.

“Throughout the process I talked to Brett. He really wants me to land in Pittsburgh,” he told Coral Eisen. I know he raised my name.

Corel did not specify which member of the Rooney family – or generally the right – he was referring to. But this is not the first time Coral’s contact with Michaels has appeared on Eisen’s show.

When Michaels appeared as a guest with Eisen in March, the Steelers were big numbers. Stumped hard for more than four minutes to paint Coral at 20.

Will the Steelers really take the plunge? I think “time will tell”. But if they do, I guess Coral’s draft party is “nothing ‘but a good time.”

I show up outside.

It’s a hockey night … well, everywhere

There was only one NHL game on Monday night. The Winnipeg Jets beat the Montreal Canadians 4-2.

There are 14 games on Tuesday night. Seven metropolitan division teams are in operation. Six people have been involved in inter-sectarian clashes.

This is the penguin’s second time facing the islanders this season. The Penguins won the first game 1-0 on November 26. Meanwhile, the Washington Capitals host the Philadelphia Flyers, and the Carolina Hurricanes are set to play the Rangers in New York.

The New Jersey Devils bounce west against the Arizona Coyotes. The Columbus Blue jackets will remain inactive until Wednesday.

Playing on Tuesday, Carolina (102 points) has a two-point lead over the Rangers for first place in the metro. So the New York tie could become the division lead with a regulatory win at Madison Square Garden. Penguins (94 points) and Capitals (90 points) are currently in the playoffs.

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