International Friendship: America vs. Uzbekistan

USWNT vs Uzbekistan – International Friendship
Date: April 12, 2022
Location: field; Columbus, Ohio
Broadcast: ESPN2, VIX
Broadcast time: 7 pm ET
Official Kickoff Time: 7:08 pm ET

Uzbekistan vs. XI: 21-April Kingsbury; 8-Sophia Horta, 9-Mallory Buck, 11-Sophia Smith, 12-Naomi Girma, 13-Ashley Sanchez, 15-Alana Cook, 16-Rose Lavelle (capt), 17-Andy Sullivan, 19-Emily Fox, 20-Catarina McCario

Available subs: 1-Alyssa Naher, 2-Abby Tolkember, 5-Kelly O’Hara, 7-Ashley Hatch, 14-Trinity Rodman, 22-Christy Mewis, 23-Margaret Purse

Outfits: Bella Pixby, Imani Dorsey, Lindsay Horan, Jelin Howell

Game Tips | Five things to know – Uzbekistan

  • USWNT opening XI cap numbers (including this match): Buck (72), Lavelle (71), Sullivan (27), McCarthy (17), Smith (15), Fox (13), Hurta (12), Cook (9), Sanchez (7), Kirma (1), Kingsbury (1).
  • Tuesday’s lineup in Chester includes four changes from starting XI at Columbus: Cole Kingsbury, Tolkember and O’Hara and Hara and Sanchez midfield to Girma in defense.
  • As Kingsbury and Kirma both begin their first international tournaments, this is the first time two players have started their first cape in the same game since Alana Cook and Margaret Purse started their first cape on November 10, 2019. Costa Rica, which was Vladko Antonovsky’s second game for the USWNT.
  • The average age of the starting line-up is 24.98, which is the youngest start-up XI for the USWNT since January 30, 2007, with the average starting line-up of 24.6 years descending on the field against China PR. Sophia Smith, a young player, was in the starting XISt. Quality in 2007.
  • The starting lineup averaged 21 caps per player and for the first time since March 2013 the USWNT starting lineup did not include a single player with 100+ caps.
  • Midfielder Rose Lovelle He will be the captain for the first time in his USWNT career as he turns 71St. Cap for USWNT. Lavelle, 52, on Saturdaynd The USWNT player, who reached 70 caps in the first leg against Uzbekistan, is currently playing 35 matches under head coach Vladko Antonovsky.
  • Goalkeeper Aubrey Kingsbury He makes his international debut at the age of 26Th Goalkeeper at all times to represent USWNT. At age 30, Kingsbury became NWSL goalkeeper twice a year Senior goalkeeper who won the first cap for the USWNT and overall third-old player who won the first cap for the USWNT. He is the fifth player to make his debut for the USWNT at the age of 30 or over, and the second goalkeeper to do so.
  • Sophia Hurta He will turn 12 in 2022, the second start and the fifth year of his USWNT career.Th International origin for the United States. Hurda played the entire 90 minutes in the United States’ 5-0 win over New Zealand in the 2022 Sheffields Cup, assisting Ashley Hatch’s goal to open the scoring in the second half.
  • Mallory pgHe will lead the United States in 2022 with two goals (4) and two assists (4) and will start for the third time in a row with his 72 runs.nd Industry hat. Buck has scored in each of his last three games for the United States – the longest score of his international career – and has scored the most points in his career with three assists against Uzbekistan on Saturday. She Now for the 20th time in USWNT history there are 24 career aids affiliated with Shannon Box.
  • After scoring his first career hat-trick in a 9-1 win over Uzbekistan, Sophia Smith Is set to do She started the fifth series by earning 15Th Overall cap for USWNT. Smith tripled his career goals by scoring a hat-trick against Uzbekistan on April 9, and became the fifth-youngest player to score a hat-trick for the USWNT at the age of 21 in 242 days.
  • Smith became the 25th player in USWNT history to score a hat-trick. Smith’s hat-trick is the 63rd time in show history, and the first time Alex Morgan has scored three goals against Paraguay on September 21, 2021 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Naomi Girma Debuted for the USWNT with Kingsbury 246Th And 247Th Players of all time to represent the USWNT. At 21 and 302 days old, Girma became the fifth player to be born after representing the historic American women’s national team at the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup, joining Sofia Smith, Jelin Howell, Katrina McCarthy and Trinity Rodman.
  • Kirma, who is the No. 1 overall pick in the 2022 NWSL Draft, will start at federal defense alongside his former Stanford University teammate Alana Cook. They played together for a season when Kirma was new and Cook was senior.
  • After scoring his first international goal off the bench in Columbus, Ashley Sanchez He will begin his third career as he made his seventh appearance all-time for the USWNT. Sanchez, who started against New Zealand and Iceland in the Sheffields Cup, received two assists in the US victory over Iceland 5-0 and became 112 against Uzbekistan on 9 April.Th Player who scored for the USWNT with his 90th goalTh Minute.
  • Alana Cook Having won the ninth cap overall, he will begin his seventh consecutive match for the USWNT. Cook leads the USWNT with 356 minutes of total minutes played in 2022 Minutes and recorded the first two assists of his international career in the April 9 victory of the United States against Uzbekistan. Diarna Davidson became the first USWNT defender to record multiple assists in a single game after receiving two assists against Chile in the group stage of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.
  • One of five players to start every game for the United States in 2022, Andy Sullivan Makes her 27Th International origin for the USWNT. Sullivan scored the opening goal in the US victory over Uzbekistan in Columbus, the third victory of his international career. The other players starting every game this year are Smith, Cook, McCarthy and Fox.
  • Emily Fox She makes eight consecutive starts and earns her 13Th Overall cap for USWNT. Fox will now appear in every game the USA has played since the October 2021 FIFA window, the only USWNT player to have appeared in all nine games in that interval.
  • For the first time in his USWNT career he scored in back-to-back games, Caterina McCarthy As she turns 17, she will make her fifth start of the yearTh Overall cap for USWNT. McCarthy, 22, scored two goals in the Sheffields Cup final against Iceland on 23 February and added one goal for 46 runs.Th Saturday min against Uzbekistan. McCarthy He has now scored eight goals in his last seven games overall for the club and the country.

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