Javier Base defeats Boston Red Sox 3-1 in Detroit Tigers

Javier Pace took a swing.

Boston Red Sox reliever Ryan Frazier deposited the ball into the stands beyond the left-field wall in the eighth inning of the Detroit Tigers’ new shortstop, 2-2 on a fastball.

“This is Xavi Base,” said Miguel Cabrera, a senior LTTE player. “He understood.”

Pace’s two-run home run, signing a six – year, $ 140 million contract this off-season, traveled 396 feet to give the Tigers a 3-1 victory in the opening game of the series against the Red Sox at Comerica Park on Monday.

“I was focused,” Beas said. “That’s the biggest key for me, to focus and try to look at the ball as much as I can. … For me, it’s important to do everything slowly. I can really focus or swing on the balls.

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