Lefko: 3 things come out of the Mariners’ 2-1 start to the season

The Mariners will finish the first series of the season against the Twins on Monday afternoon, but there were plenty after the opening weekend games.

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After all, since the 2022 Marines play just like the 2021 Marines, you had to double check that year no less than five times. The 162-game regular season has none of the broader, bigger reports on the three games, but so far, the baseball brand that made the Mariners Perfect last season has carried over into this year.

That sequel, especially when it comes to winning one-run games, is too early to tell whether it’s good or bad. This is not to say that the team Built Like the 2021 version. We know the line-up has more depth and versatility, and with the collection of young opportunities coming in the majors, this gives the club more potential than it has in the long run. After three games, it is fair to say that this was the mirror image of 2021.

Here are a few more things for me after the start of the weekend.

The upper part of the rotation of the Mariners may be elite.

The 1-2 punch by Robbie Ray and Logan Gilbert showed just how dangerous the top of this cycle was, setting the tone for victory on Fridays and Saturdays, limiting a powerful doubles line-up to six wins and two runs in their 12 combined innings. Not only that, but they showed an amazing ability to fight adversity in two innings. At the start of a season (after a short spring training session), the areas where they could improve were clear, but even without their best things, everyone was able to get out of the inning and find the right pitch to neutralize their scoring chances.

Ray, last year’s American League Psi Young, delivered everything expected amid high expectations. He is also one of four MLB pitchers who have bowled seven innings in an outing this weekend (none going over seven) and has been capable of maintaining his nearly 200 innings workload fully since last season. Most importantly, he seems to be ready for the big moments, the alien situations in the games. Ray got into trouble in both the third and fifth innings on Friday Byrne Buxton And Carlos Korea Both were with runners-up, but gave up nothing against two powerful hitters in the AL.

If Ray was of a known size, Logan Gilbert represented the leap that the Marines believed would be their talented prospects when dealing with the big leagues. He worked the first two innings, but retired for the final 10 batters he faced. Confidence and command on his secondary pitches were better than they were a year ago, and Gilbert was so comfortable using his pitch combination that it fooled his crack bowlers from the mid-90s to the highs. Slider or transition.

Clutch scalable.

Despite the minus-51 run difference, the big outlier who appeared in the Mariners’ 2021 season was their fantastic 90-72 record. It also seemed foolish to think that the record of 33-17 in one-run games could be repeated, because it was too much of a setback.

OK Probably not.

Just like last year, the Mariners started winning two close games this season, and then when they lost on Sunday, they lost big. It is at this point that you begin to think that the “clutch” is a measurable value.

Every member of the Clubhouse Dynamic team, from manager Scott Service to a newcomer, once again doubled the lead off of the ninth (yes, I’m Julio Rodriguez). Can win in close games. On Saturday, Julio and Adam Frasier were unsuccessful in starting their Mariners career in two games, but the game-saving, two-out hit (and the second slide, which led to another run.), And Diego Castillo, 2021, were in poor shape. Became light out to save the season debut. Shutdown pitching on Friday could not be ruled out as Paul Sevalt and Drew Steckennider replicated a blueprint that was too effective for the Marines with their own scoreless innings a season ago.

Make fun of everything you want, but if you express peace on that firm belief tray or mound in times of crisis, the ability to break the enemy’s will and break the will and fear, it has an advantage, and already, is shown in the games. The power and mental aspect of the game is a big part of the game, especially baseball. The mariners have found the correct wavelength, and the clutch gene is shown once again.

Young people are struggling.

Outside of Mitch Honicker and Die France, the Mariners’ attacks have been largely battling the other side of those close, low-scoring victories, so we have to finish a little lower. Honeygar (two Homers, five RBIs) and France (4 for 11, .500 on-base, .955 OPS) deserved separate passages, but magnifying the macro view of the offense, the rest of the hitters struggled to find consistency in both racing and base gains in this sequence. On Friday, 8-for-0, the scoring level increased slightly on Saturday (3 for 10) with runners, but most run production centers are just around a handful.

The focus is always on young people and newcomers, and you still do not know what to expect at this point due to “this is only three games in the 162-game season”. Still small sample size or not, it’s a struggle and slow adjustment for both Rodriguez (12 for 1, six strikeouts) and Jord Kelenick (11 for 1, walk, five strikeouts). This does not allow for all the worries about the impact of compressed spring training pitchers, and the extended look live on top of rotational pitching for these young hitters.

It’s important to keep this small sample size in the right context, but this first weekend only serves as an observation, it becomes clear that young hitters are exaggerated and that France and Honey’s need more production for the Marines’ offense.

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