Oakland A Game # 4: A Bats beat Tampa Bay Race Bullpen 13-2

Monday’s game was exactly what we expected for Auckland A’s 2022 season, but the roles were reversed.

At the Tampa Bay Race everything went wrong and everyone in A responded by playing like a superstar, resulting in a 13-2 shelling at Tropicana Field.

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The day went south to Tampa Bay. Facing the fourth batter of the game, Race Starter Luis Patino His left incline made it difficult to leave the game. Two outs in the evening, they had already called Pulbane, and their emergency reliever dropped a thunderbolt on his first pitch, allowing the Homers with his fourth pitch and his ninth pitch. Two defensive mistakes made by Infield then made things worse.

Oakland took full advantage. They scored four more runs in that first inning, then four more runs in the 2nd inning, and another four more runs in the 4th inning. Eventually they introduced four tinkers, including one Grand Slam to close the final frame, three more walks and 13 wins to go with one HBP. More than half of their victories went to extra bases, and they went with the racers 4-for-10.

On the other side of the ball, A’s starter Paul Blackburn Was brilliant. In the presence of a great opener, he blew the wind through five scoreless innings, missed bats like we had never seen him and dismissed a career-high seven batters. The three relievers took it the rest of the way without any drama.

Early crime

The injury to Patino was a way to start the day, and it threw off the rays from the start. Sometimes everyone is advancing in an emergency bullpen game, and the parade of relievers surprisingly makes the opposing line-up guess nine innings. Not so tonight.

At first the pen was out Chris Massa. Right Hand is an East Bay product, he was born in Walnut Creek and attended Clayton Valley High School in Concord, then attended Menlo College in Atherton.

When he came in and out with a runner in the second, Massa’s first pitch slipped out of his hand. Sean Murphy On the back, show it too Almost went after him Without contact. Was next Seth Brown, And he destroyed the third pitch he saw at 427 feet with an exit speed of 108.5 mph. Three Run Brownie Blast!

Came later Chad Binder, And he, too, went deeper and turned it into Homers again and again. Both Brown and Binder have already gone into the yard twice in the first four games this year.

The charge continued into the 2nd inning. A pair of singles left the frame and lost a grounder on the race ground due to a fielding error to send a runner home. With two, no one has left yet, Elvis Andres He left the building for a three-run Tatar.

The score was now 8-0, the rest of the game was a formality, however if last year had taught us anything It does not end until it is finished. But it turned out that it was really over.

Massa won in the 3rd inning, but found more trouble in the 4th inning. Another infield bug and a couple singles bases loaded, and Race hesitated for a moment at an innings-end double play ground, allowing Murphy to break it and hit the run.

Tampa Bay finally went back to their bullpen after that and Oakland’s line was quiet for a while, until finally a final shout.

With the game already out of reach, Race replaced the right fielder Brett Phillips Upstairs to pitch. Since the world-famous Phillips hosted a show, it was only worth the admission price. He delivered the ball at an average speed of 46.7 mph Strange wind you have never seen beforeAnd talked some friendly junk Get a laugh from the opponent. Then he did one Awesome diving c A popup in the wrong area, almost sliding in the dug area.

However, he did not get the last zero on the scoreboard. He did it without injury in the 8th inning, but in the 9th inning he loaded the bases and Shelton News Attached for a Grand Slam match.

“Your body doesn’t want to wait that long,” the mid-40s speed newsman said. To Matt Gawahara of SF Daily.

The whole game was a different situation, but the A’s took care of the business. It is easy to write a big scoring tomorrow when the opponent will face some unexpected misery, but there is no guarantee that it will happen. Sometimes a sudden twist will throw your line up too, and at each ad-bat they each face different hands, and after three hours you wonder why no one can set anything up. Not today, the hitters ’rocktack band came under pressure.

Murphy too He quit his first career three times!

Disgusting blackburn

When the Oakland line-up smashed everything they saw, their pitch staff kept the services strong.

Starter Paul Blackburn It was as bad as we saw him. He faced 19 batters and struck out seven of them, getting a dozen swinging strikes, which was 17% of the pitches he threw and 41% of all the swings against him. They were the monster numbers of a pitcher unknown to the missing batsmen, and they added five dominant innings in which the race did not even reach the third floor.

  • Blackburn: 5 IP, 0 runs, 7 cases, 1 bb, 3 hits, 71 pitches

There were some loud voices against him, but it was a season debut that went beyond any reasonable expectations. Team insider Martin Galegos mentions Blackburn “tinkered with the new grip this season and invented a ‘sweepy’ slider,” which recorded curve on the statecast and received more whips than any of his other pitches. Blackburn mentioned that curve in a few other things that went well tonight.

The A’s returned to their pen in 6th place, and Tampa Bay scratched a couple of runs in the trash. But it’s too late, and Zach Jackson, AJ Book (2 innings), and Justin Grimm Soaked the final laws.

Are we still having fun?

The first two games of the year were exactly what we expected, with Auckland mis-listed. The last two were completely different, a commercial victory over Phyllis and now a major defeat over Race.

Just because of two early wins does not mean they will suddenly be upstart rivals, but it shows that they will not go down easily. Enemies need to take them seriously. At the very least, they are already a lot more fun than we believe.

What will the next six months bring? We’ll have to wait and see, but it hasn’t been a boring reconstruction yet.

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