Putin cleans 150 FSB agents in Ukraine, 5 times CNN dismissed misinformation and other sensitive news

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Revenge Game – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine does not appear to have been planned, and President Vladimir Putin seems to be blaming his former colleagues at the Federal Security Bureau (FSB) – behind the KGB’s intelligence agency – for the grave. He is said to have removed more than 100 agents from the FSB, and his government imprisoned the head of the department responsible for Ukraine. Continue reading

Climate enthusiasts – Climate activists arrested after targeting West Virginia power plant They aim to draw attention to Joe Mancin’s coal industry relations. Continue reading

Are India and Russia allies? – Economic and security experts say India’s relationship with Russia is not about economic opportunities and strategic restructuring. Continue reading

Just the beginning? – President Biden has said that his administration’s crackdown on “ghost guns” should be “the beginning” of a broader gun control effort. Continue reading

It’s rich – Black Lives Matter took to Twitter to defend their multi-million dollar mansion with donor funds. Continue reading


Was Texas a success? – Greg Abbott, Texas Washington, DC said the bus will send illegal immigrants. Continue reading

Sean Honeyty – The Fox News presenter said that the policies of the Biden administration had led to nothing but hardship for the American people. Continue reading

Laura Ingraham – Democrats want to change the rules of electoral policy to ensure future victories, according to a Fox News host. Continue reading

Jesse Waters – Fox News Host discusses how the media does not scold Democrats for the policies they once put forward before the midterm elections. Continue reading

Pro-life? – Valerie Biden Owens, President Biden’s younger sister, argues in her forthcoming memo that Democrats are more “pro-life” than Republican. Follow the steps

The media

Full story – Former White House press secretary Ari Bleacher says those who read the liberal media are ignorant of President Biden. Continue reading

Inflation solution? – The Washington Post columnist Catherine Ramble suggested that Biden could solve the growing inflation crisis by lifting border controls. Continue reading

Madow’s return – Rachel Madow of MSNBC has announced her return, but with one caveat – she will only appear on Monday nights beginning in May. Continue reading

No time to tease – Vladimir Duterte received a pushback from “CBS Morning” co-host Gayle King for a comparison between Elon Musk and a “Bond villain”. Continue reading

‘Bad’ – Former GOP Sen. Jude Greg, sen. Bernie Sanders and the “people in the New York Times” said they were “disgusting” when it came to energy policy. Continue reading


Sen. Todd Young – If President Joe Biden does not change his mind, he may try to sell his Iran deal to the American people. Continue reading

Tucker Carlson – What does the future hold? In California, non-compliant masks are pulling state funds out of compulsory schools. Continue reading

GREG GUTFELD – The Ukrainians are seen as heroic, and the losses inflicted by the Russians are not small. You can see them changing their course. Continue reading

LT. COL. Robert McGinnis (RET.) – If we are serious about being a global power, given the list of existential enemies, we must do 5 things. Continue reading

Jason Journigan – Without delay, Biden management should resume construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Continue reading

In other news

Curing Children – Photographer Brian McCarty’s mission is to advise and inform others about how to help children affected by war. Continue reading

March Inflation – New inflation data are expected to show another jaw-dropping figure as the Russian war in Ukraine raises oil and gas prices. Continue reading

Laughter replaces grief – There has always been laughter in Melissa Rivers’ life. His mother was John Rivers. Eight years after her mother died, she was able to laugh again. Continue reading

Michael Irwin – Although he had only met the Cowboys legend Twain Hoskins once, he felt “bad” when he heard the quarterback news. Continue reading

Britney’s announcement – Britney Spears seems to have announced that she is pregnant with her third child, but some fans are confused by the wording of the Instagram post. Continue reading

Fox Weather

How is your surroundings? Continue reading

The last word

“We know management will accept zero responsibility [for inflation]. This is because of their poor economic policies, their poor energy policies. “– Sean Honeyty

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