Right-wing moms ‘heartbroken’ to leave Disney

For anti-gay conspiracy theorists and parents who love Mickey Mouse, this is a tough ignore.

During his lifetime, Walt Disney polished an aesthetic that matched conservative, religious, patriotic and exceptional vibes, which still color the Republican legacy today. His films and theme parks provided the interface of a seamless, whispered-clean feeling achieved through hidden labor and relentless scale control. His utopian visions took the form of suburban expansion suited to the white middle class. Decades later, his brand practically shouted “family values”.

But more than half a century after Disney’s death, his name inspires the same kind of Americans he once served. It started with a few minor clashes: Trump supporters were told to leave Disney World after camping with Mickey Mouse’s cutout in the MAGA hat. Anger over internal references to the need to go beyond the “white privilege checklist” and the “white dominance culture”. The latest issue, bigger and more radioactive than ever, came as Disney protested Florida’s new law banning discussions about gender identity or sexual orientation in the classroom – after employees pressured the company to condemn anti-LGBTQ legislation. For the far right, this proves that Disney is run by pedophiles who want to expose your children to sexual intimacy.

This is a fascinating crossroads to an important customer base: Diehard Disney Moms. While not everyone in this genre has invested in cultural war rhetoric, there are plenty, and they now have to move between their allegiance to different entertainment empires – the mouse on the one hand and the Fox News fury machine on the other. Both GOP and right-wing pundits are discussing punitive measures such as preventing the company from renewing its copyright on Mickey or terminating its exclusive real estate offer in Florida. QAnon forums are trying to link the brand with Jeffrey Epstein. In the midst of the carnage, the Disney moms who loaded the pill say goodbye.

When dads angrily announce that they are canceling Disney + and ignoring any product or tourism site offered by the third-largest global media group, moms are provoked to a certain pity when they just remember the good old days. It’s funny and sad that they mention that Disney is not the same.Since Walt died”- This was in 1966, long before Disney World was built. You can feel them eclipsing one cultural worldview over another: oh, Disney was magical, and it’s sad that kids (or grandchildren) would not have it in their lives, but the paranoid psychopaths I follow on Twitter said it was evil. That’s it!

The scale and impact of the far-right efforts to drown Disney will remain strictly limited, even if exaggerated on the Internet. Perversely enough, business is not affected to the extent that people deny themselves the comforts and joys of the movies and family vacations they have come to renounce. In their emotional, lasting farewells, you can hear the superior rational struggle of moms against the forced end of a vicious conspiracy. From their own direct experience, they Know Disney characters, stories and fantasies do not make children sexually abusive or force them to be bizarre. They Know If they walk into one of the parks today, they will always find the same old rides and castles and glowing staff, essentially eliminating any threat to the traditional American way of life by design. They are “heartbroken” because they have accepted the propaganda that spoils the fond memories.

If the MAGA Alliance occasionally wants to stop and question what they’re saying with talking heads and crypto trolls, this demonization of Disney as an “awakened” institution offers one of the best opportunities to do so. Instead, we find that they are sacrificing a single stone of conservatism to feed a reactionary appetite for the ongoing, ever-expanding fury. The real left would not shed tears if Disney applied for bankruptcy tomorrow, but I think they would have more power if the right wanted to fight if it was the enemy. It is strange to see them turn against objects created for them.

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