The Cleveland Cavaliers are not upset by the match against the star-studded Brooklyn Nets: ‘Believe we can beat anyone’

Cleveland, Ohio – On Saturday afternoon, just 24 hours before the regular season finale, police gathered inside a video room in the Cleveland Clinic courts.

Coach JP Pickerstaff did not direct the Milwaukee Bucks movie – in preparation for Sunday’s match. That’s Brooklyn nets. More specifically, in the terrible fourth quarter that took place on Friday night, the guards had a sad auction – the chance to host the first play-in game.

The Caves will get a shot to show how much they have learned from that late game defeat. They get another crack in the talented Brooklyn. This is not the time to be a star.

“We hope we can beat anyone in this league,” Pickerstaff said following his 133-115 win over the Bucks backups on Sunday. “We know what we’ve facing. We have a ton of respect for Brooklyn. We have a ton of respect for those individuals and coaches, but we want to play better than we can. We’ll play better and see what happens to fit them.

Outside of Cleveland, no one expected this restructuring team to be in the play-offs. The Caves have won 60 games in the previous three seasons, including 22 games in the 2020-21 season. Coming from another lottery look, they were once again predicted to be one of the worst games of the Eastern Conference, winning about 27 games. Sunday Laughter gave up 44 runs this season.

All they need is one more. It will feature in the playoffs for the first time since 1998 without LeBron James.

Creating a play-in match is a celebratory step. Proud to have finished with a winning record. Caves did not take these small achievements as an end in itself. But they did not climb the steep hill of wounded misery to be immediately pushed down.

“We still have a lot of work to do,” said senior Kevin Love. “I think it’s very important to have at least some experience in the seven – game series and to realize what a team is, where we are here, where we want to move forward. I think this is a great opportunity to build the next stage of that evolution.

“When we step in tomorrow, we’ll get that notebook, we’re going through big and small, we’re going to different rehearsal plays, and that’s what everyone’s going to do, that’s the game within the game and that the details make it even more fun.

The Cavs have not publicly acknowledged this in the last few weeks. But once all-star center Jared Allen lost, then Evan Mobley’s five – game absence – a key factor in the 9-15 second half and summing up just three wins in the final 11 games – changed the mindset to stay. The first six of the Eastern Conference formed 7-8.

Entering Sunday, Cleveland were in danger of being relegated to 10th place with one defeat.

Depending on the design of the play-off, there is a significant advantage in being ranked seventh or eighth. Those teams – Brooklyn and Cleveland – get two chances to win a game. It turned out to be March madness. No. 9 and 10 must advance to win two straight. Despite the Caves’ defeat in Brooklyn on Tuesday, they will return home to play the Atlanta-Charlotte winner.

“Getting two chances is the biggest difference,” Larry Marknan said. “As long as we play our game and up to our standards, I think we’ll give ourselves a chance. I’m glad to have passed the regular season for the first time. I’m looking forward to it.”

Markanen is one of several post-season neophytes on the list. Sources told that there was distrust in Allen’s availability Tuesday night. Pickerstaff, who has been mentally preparing for Allen – who recently saved a broken left middle finger and worked just before Sunday’s game – is out. Another source called Tuesday night’s unrealistic, opening up the possibility only in terms of Allen’s extreme competitiveness.

If he leaves again, Rookie will start at the Evan Mobley Center. There will be four young line-ups with no post-season experience. Not the best against war-tested nets. And Caves swingman Carris Levert has only played nine post-season games – and was part of a win.

Meanwhile, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have played in the biggest games, the biggest stages. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Why did those dangerous duo try to avoid the nets of other Eastern convention teams, including Bucks. That’s why the Caves are already eight points behind – even if they don’t see it.

“Every time we go there, we think we’ve had a chance,” Morganen said. “We had a ton of close games with them. Until we play hard and how we play throughout the year, I think we have a chance.When you get into those lines, it’s a game, of course we get a chance.

Cleveland won 1-3 against Brooklyn this season. Both Allen and Mobley had separate success with anchoring in the middle – an impossible fact.

On Friday night, Caves led the Nets in the fourth quarter, crashing into crisis time. Torrent, Irving and Nets flipped the proverbial switch. They increased their intensity and level of effort. They forced the Caves to play at their own pace, not the other way around. Cleveland lost 118-107.

“It understands the value of every possession,” Pickerstaff said. “It’s not just a score, it’s a win in the game. Winning the game is not just a shot. It’s a defensive miss, it costs you the game. It’s a loose ball. When you’ve been in the fourth quarter of those games, every possession is really important. Who make the least amount of errors.

Tuesday allows Cleveland to get its first seasonal flavor. Whatever the outcome, it may still buy Allen in a few recovery days.

Although their official play-off opponent was not confirmed until Sunday evening, training staff began preparing for every possibility a week earlier. They can park Atlanta and Charlotte for now.

This is about Brooklyn. Caves is ready for the challenge. They believe the nets are winnable. It does not matter what happened on Friday. No records. No. A game for 7. Let’s see what Cleveland became.

“It’s easier said than done, but playing for free and understanding the level of health will rise, and there’s nothing like being in a playoff situation and enjoying it. You never know, it’s not clear until then.” , We all stick together in everything. JB wants to say that to defeat scrap, all our wars are won in the trenches. We have that familiarity with them, and we know what their potential is, especially with their two superstars.

“I like our opportunities when it comes to dog fighting. That’s what Tuesday night is going to be like.”

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