The emotional whip that sees Abbott Elementary as a former teacher

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I haven’t taught for two years, but I still live my worst days at work. Every day, I think about how I could have done more for my students. Despite my remaining guilt, I’m glad I left the classroom. When teaching, my mental health was affected and I did not like who I was: anger, nervousness and fatigue.

Needless to say when seen as workplace humor Abbott Elementary Aired on ABC last winter, I was curious, but scared. Telling the story of Philadelphia Public School and its dedicated teachers, SIDCOM depicts in-city, high-demand schools with the precision and humor required when discussing the American education system. However, I also fear that the show airing its season finale tonight on ABC – may exacerbate the humiliation associated with dropping out of education.

In a 2022 poll, 55 percent of teachers said they planned to leave the profession sooner than originally planned. However, I do not believe that many teachers will actually leave. Teaching is a profession that is integrated into one’s identity, which can feel like sacrificing to give up a part of one’s self. Abbott Elementary It uses the same paralyzing rhetoric that educators often hear in real life and romanticizes the teaching job: It’s a “call”. Do it “for the kids”. Today, the shame of going against this “call” still haunts me, as if the world were disappointed that I could not do it.

But Abbott Elementary, Its credit also acknowledges the importance of the author’s well-being. In the series’ Pilot, the senior editors offered their condolences to Janine – an idealistic dream starring the show’s creator, Quinta Brunson – and confirmed that the editors could not do everything. The show emphasizes the subtle work-life balance for teachers; If never detected, combustion is inevitable. In fact, within the first two minutes of the first chapter, a teacher leaves the school for unknown reasons.

Although the first season did not feature epidemics, let’s see Abbott Elementary Pulls a new heart into the background of our new reality and provides even stronger punch. The current and past two school years are truly unique. Since leaving school in June 2020, I have not enjoyed much teaching of this new wave. But when talking to friends and family who are teachers, I hear about bad student behavior and miscommunication surrounding new ethics. The authors are accumulating reasons for leaving – and hopefully, even though there are no references to the infection, SIDCOM may even provide verification. Despite being a former educator, it makes me want to hear and see.

However, the importance of the program to the divine commitment of the teachers also places a burden on academics. Teachers already have enough on their plates; By showing and guiding classrooms, they advocate for children’s right to a fair education above all other roles. Yes, of course teachers should be celebrated. But fixing the education system should not fall on their shoulders alone.

This is not the best version for the classroom and educators Abbott Elementary. When I watched the episode “Student Transfer”, one of the main reasons I dropped out of school was: I was compared to others. Janine checked her reviews, compared herself to other second-grade teachers, reminded me of the days when I measured exam results in other classrooms, and questioned why I was frustrated when others were excited. Before I became a teacher, I underestimated the importance of self-esteem needed to lead the classroom. When colleagues told me I was a good teacher, I never trusted them; I told myself I was not as good as the others, so I went to prove it. When watching a show, I look at the teacher I like. By showing how “good” teachers can be, Abbott Elementary Going forward it makes it even harder to feel like I did the right thing. I forgot the exact reasons for leaving; I ask myself, “What if I had tried even harder?”

Abbott Elementary It also does a beautiful, but unnecessary job of revealing the importance of parent-teacher relationships. On the night of the school’s open house, Janine waits for a parent who will eventually be late. When I saw the two of them coming together to find out what was best for the child, I was reminded of a kind and productive environment of schools. However, looking at Jenny I was jealous: it was easy for me to forget my many positive relationships with my parents, but it was still easy for me to re-enact moments when my parents and I did not agree or fully trust each other. Despite the fascination, this chapter strengthened my belief that I was a bad teacher by idealizing the difficult and often frustrating elements of the teaching job. Most educators and parents cooperate, but not everyone cooperates. Significantly, such relationships cannot be boiled down to a perfect situation.

I have not yet decided whether to look Abbott Elementary Is therapy or stimulation. The difficulty in rethinking the past hurts – I want to find peace in leaving education. However, I do not think I will be comforted until I know that my students are well.

But Abbott Elementary It also reminds me that not all of my posts about the poor state of the American education system are in my head. The creators of Sitcom have created a show that celebrates daily superheroes, puts American audiences in trouble, and makes us smile – all of which check the authors and do not deviate from the hard facts. Running a classroom is hard, and not even a TV show can make it easy.

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