2022 Detroit Lions 7-Round Mack Draft 2.0: Trading Down, Defense

Last week I left my comfort zone and dropped my first fake draft. So, here I come again with another fake draft for you, but this time we do it a little differently. I wanted to do two different things in this draft. First, I wanted to trade in the first round. Second, I wanted to avoid creating the same players I drafted last week. Mostly, I succeeded in that.

Let’s get into this joke.

First, let’s talk about trade. When you use fake draft generators, you get some unrealistic trading offers. So I decided to turn them down and try to find a business partner myself. I saw one in the Atlanta Falcons and we made a deal. Let’s look at trade.

Detroit Lions Get: 8th Overall Exam, 43rd Exam and 190th Exam.

The hawks receive: Liberty quarterback Malik Willis was the 2nd overall pick they used.

Round 1, Selection 8: Edge Jermaine Johnson

Last week, we had a theme, that theme is athletics. Now, we’ll be looking for athletes again, but this week, great theme application.

Application is why I chose Florida State Edge Rusher Jermaine Johnson. He did a variety of things in college. In Georgia, he played outside the linebacker, and in the state of Florida, he stood up on the lawn and played edge with his hand. He did all this very well. He is also an amazing athlete. He received 9.23 RAS points after the NFL partnership and his pro day. There’s a reason he’s risen on the draft board this season.

Round 1, Selection 32: DD Perion Winfrey

The old adage is that football games are won in trenches. So with that in mind, creating taxes is smart business. Lions can use a force in the middle of their line. How to be an Athlete and a Boy to Be a Benefit? Winfrey is that guy. Ian Cummings of the Pro Football Network can tell you why.

“A particularly exciting part of Winfrey’s profile — beyond his athletic ability and his innate influence — is his versatility. With his size and athletic structure, Winfrey can line up in a variety of locations. Picked up, and his skill set allows him to stumble across different levels as a representative.His best role in the NFL may be 3-tech, but Winfrey is not limited to that alignment.

Winfrey has been one of our best players since senior Bowl week, from a national team that does not have a Lions coach.

Round 2, Selection 34: Receiver Christian Watson

Getting lions is a mystery to me. They are good to go with DJ Sark, Amon-Raw Saint Brown and Josh Reynolds in 2022. But, still, an extra piece would be nice.

When Watson ran the 4.36 40-yard ball into a blister, he amazed everyone in the compound. On top of that, he put a RAS score of 9.96. He is 6-foot-4 and weighs 208 pounds. He’s a monster there.

Round 2, Choice 43: Linebacker Quay Walker

Walker had a RAS score of 9.63, and helped the Georgia Bulldogs win throughout the year. He’s not a Nagobe teen, but he’s the size he has on the teen. Teen 5-ft-11 12 And at 231 pounds, Walker is a very large 6-foot-3 12 And 241 pounds. Even with the extra volume, Walker left no athlete. His strength is also enthusiastic. Ian Cummings of PFN explains.

“Walker’s sporting prowess is another factor that sets him apart from other linebackers. Undoubtedly, he has the size and strength to face offensive linemen on the second level.

Round 3, Selection 66: Tight results are possible for Isaiah

I failed in my mission here. I like Likley so much. I had to take him back. Here is my solution to last week’s Likely.

Round 3, Selection 97: Guard Lesidus Smith

The Lions’ offensive line is definitely a strength for this team, but depth is important, and the Lions need to keep their future in mind. The Smith Guardian can add instant depth to the lions in place and eventually be able to take charge of Halapolivatti Vaithai. He’s a big, fleshy guy, able to push around other big, fleshy guys. A power blocker with a pull, Smith would be a perfect fit for a Lions team that values ​​the run game. Since Smith was on their senior bowling team, the Lions have already seen what he can do.

Round 5, Exam 177: Safety Smoke Monday

Here is one of the name brackets. This friend has the best name I have ever seen in my 36 years of life. His real name (Qindarious) is also awesome.

Do all lions smoke? This group needs security assistance. The Lions like to take a defensive shot much earlier than this, sometimes the board will not fall in your way. Monday will be a project for Leo zodiac signs. There are some questions about his pace and whether he can continue in the NFL. There are also some questions about his coverage skills.

That’s why you’ve linked such a player with defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn and defensive back coach Aubrey Pleasant. This is what makes them good. They can get the best out of a player. It may be a risk, but it is a risk that can pay off. Also, this is the fifth round. This is where you take the top guys.

Round 6, Selection 181: Cornerback Joshua Williams

If stuck with the secondary, the lions can use more depth in the corner. Enter Joshua Williams of Fayetteville State. I know fans will be scared to look at small school players at times, but according to PFN’s James Frokosa, Williams could be a big fish in a small pond.

“Fayetteville State CB is a small school player with great schooling talent. When studying FCS and low opportunities, you want them to dominate. Williams did it throughout his D2 career. Although the level of competition was a big knock against Williams, he did what he had to do. Did and locked up his enemies.

Round 6, Selection 190: Tight End James Mitchell

Two tight ends? Are you crazy

Yes, I’m crazy, but listen to me. What did I say we see in this fake draft? Application. Mitchell gives it to the Lions. He spent most of his time playing tight end on the Virginia deck, which did not tell the whole story. Mitchell played outside, inside, and in the slot. He played some running pack and even returned.

If you have a guy on the team who can do different things, you tend to find a place for him, and he will instantly be a special team player. So don’t read everything too tightly. Mitchell is a weapon. Mitchell is recovering from knee surgery. That’s why you were able to add him to the sixth round.

Round 6, Selection 217: Linebacker Mike Rose

Your team can never have too many linebackers. Sitting in this spot, I wanted to go with the best player I could find, and his playfulness and background jumped from the side. He was the Big 12 defender in 2020, and he has a 9.07 RAS score. Not bad.

He also comes with a lot of experience. As a four-year starter in Iowa State, he played in 49 games and was a leader in defense there (captain in 2021). He is also one of those people who will make you wonder why he fell so far, especially the scouting report that he is doing well in coverage and stopping the flow even better. It feels like a thief.

Round 7, Selection 234: Attack Lineman Dylan Burham

Burham is the only one other than Lycliffe I was at last week’s mockery. He’s back here because I realized last week’s that the Lions could have gotten it later than he did. Admittedly, he was unlikely to have fallen anywhere near this fall, but he was there, so I had to pick him up. You can read my reasoning for the exam here.

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