4/12 Preview – Quick & Transitions + What You Need, Royce Return & Left Side, Dowdie McLellan

WHO: Los Angeles Kings (38-26-10) @ Chicago Blackhawks (24-37-11)
What: NHL Regular-Season Game
When: Tuesday, April 12 @ 5:30 PM Pacific
Where: United Center – Chicago, IL
How to follow: Video: KCOP-13 – Audio – iHeart Radio – Twitter: OoDooleyLAK & @LAKings

Tonight’s match: The Kings continue their three-game tour this evening with a solo season trip to Chicago to face the Blackhawks.

face to face: The Kings are 0-0 up against Chicago this season, having lost in a shootout in their first game back in Los Angeles. In that head-to-head match, defenseman Sean Dursey made three assists, while forward Philip Donald scored two goals. Tonight’s the first match between the teams at the United Center after 898 days from October 27, 2019.

Lives of Kings: The Kings, who lost 6-3 in Minnesota on Sunday, enter the game tonight in a three-game losing streak.

Goldman Jonathan Quick did not skate this morning, so he is expected to start tonight against Chicago. All-time, the Quick Blackhawks have a 13-16-2, .911 saving percentage and 2.65 goals against the average.

Todd McClellan’s quote after training yesterday gave us an indication that some changes could be made to the Kings squad tonight in Chicago. From this morning’s skate, it looks like the trio of Dustin Brown, Alex Adler and Arthur Kaliyev could return to the lineup, along with Lias Anderson, Jacob Movary and Austin, Tobias Bjornford, Carl Grundstrom and Brendan Lemieux. Fiber

It remains to be seen what the Kings line-up will look like tonight, without formal line-ups, however Kaliyev could get the first six chances, with Brown entering the bottom six. Adler’s insertion may change the pair a little, but his experienced intellect and quiet presence will be a welcome bonus for the Kings wherever he goes.

Blackhawks lives: Chicago have lost seven straight games into action tonight, including a 6-4 defeat against Dallas last Sunday. The Blackhawks have three extensions with six or more consecutive defeats this season.

Goldman Colin Delia is expected to start in Chicago tonight, with Rancho Kukamongka, CA native against the Kings at the start of the second half of this season. When the teams met at the Crypto.com arena last month, Delia made 43 saves in 46 shots, his first and only win to date.

Defensive players Calvin de Hahn and Eric Gustafson are expected to be replaced by defenders Caleb Jones and Alec Regula, but the team is not expected to make any changes to the forward position. For NBC Sports Chicago’s Charlie Rumilliotis, here’s how the Blackhawks last lined up.

Defensive midfielder Connor Murphy has been sidelined with a long-term injury, while forward Jujar Kiara has been out for the season after back surgery.

Notes –

Playing their game
When asked this morning about the changes the Kings could make this evening, the line-up, etc., Todd McLellan took charge of the team. The Kings need to do some things better to win, and it starts in Chicago tonight. Below are two unedited quotes, McLellan’s full thoughts on the situation.

He can look for anything from any players who are inserted into the lineup tonight
Now, we trust four lines and six, defenders. We need to get back to what we do well. We have conceded 26 goals in our last seven games, only two have been on penalty kicks and that is not us. If we are all going to go where we want to go, it cannot continue, it must change, it must go where it is. We are looking for a lineup of players we can trust to check and protect first. This may seem strange, because we have been chasing crime in our company for many years, and our power play is not really strong, but now we have players who trust us to play the situation the way they know it and the way they know it.

Simplicity should be seen from the players, playing is the strength of them and the team
It is human nature to try too hard. For example, Sean Durjee. When Durz arrived, he played well, he still plays well for us, but I hope he wants to do a little more. Once you take too much, sometimes you will leave something on the other side of it. Not me [singling out] Sean Dursey, I use him as an example because his minutes have risen to 26, 27 one night. Just do what you do within our framework. At this time of year we have not rediscovered the game and have not changed anything. There are still 16, 17 days in the regular season. We know what to do, we did it all year, do it now. You do not have to carry anything else, it will take care of itself. Yes, guys in stressful situations try to do more, and I think it hurts us.

The Kings know what they got and with two and a half weeks left in the regular season they know what they need to do to see victory in their final eight games.

Roy right, Roy left
The Kings welcomed defender Matt Roy to the team against Edmonton on Thursday.

Setting aside his first term – “trembling” in his own words – Roy began to resettle as the consistent, reliable defender we know of in his nearly 200 games at the NHL level. The warning for Roy was turned to the left, to accommodate Mike Anderson’s long absence and Alex Edler’s status.

Why did McLalen choose Roy for that position? His experience in computer made him the best choice.

“On the left, it’s not ideal for him, you can see it’s a little alien to him based on how we play, but he’s served us for a long time, he’s played in that system, he can. Take it very quickly. We see positive signs of that.

Roy noted the differences there today. He said there are relatively equal differences between attack and defensive zones. At the end of the attack, one big difference is that the backhand is against the forehand, catching the bucks at the point. Defensive play presents different challenges, the angles you take, the different pivots and clearance you have on either side of the stick when trying.

“It’s a different position, different pivots, different looks, different changes, smaller changes that you are not used to,” he said. “It’s a little more comfortable in every game.”

Roy has slipped to the left in the past depending on the situation, but rarely extended to 5-on-5. Mostly last season, when the Kings were trailing in the third period, McLean narrowed the bench, combining Roy with Drew Touti, designed to create more attacking.

When he gets more minutes there, unnecessarily, he will be better and more comfortable.

“I thought my first period in my first game was a bit shaky, but after I stepped in, I got used to the pace and it was about adjusting the left side, I was just playing,” he explained. . “With each passing season, I feel a little more comfortable.”

Roy’s value on the team has always been documented by McLellan and his staff, and it has never been greater than it is now.

Injury over the past few weeks and Adler long-term injury and Adler out of the season Anderson, Kings need consistency, leadership and defensive play in the backfield. All three properties that Roy brings to the table.

“If we’re going to get where we want to go in the next two weeks, he’s going to play a big part in that, especially on the defensive side, on the penalty kill side,” McLean said. “As he plays a little more, he will continue to improve.”

It doesn’t matter how you drew it
Some of the news that came out yesterday afternoon was that the season ended wrist surgery for insiders, defenseman Drew Touti.

“For us, our team, we saw it coming, so it’s not a shock to the 26 players on our list right now, the staff, probably even some of the media that follows us,” McLean said this morning. “It’s not an ‘oh what happened’ moment, but there’s some closure to it now, we’m not going to see him until next year’s training camp, there’s no hope he’s coming back. , But also his senior presence.He plays 27, 28 minutes a night, our defensive game is not where it should be, it’s his special.We missed him, we miss him.

At the trade deadline, General Manager Rob Blake said the organization would complete all operations before moving on to the path of eliminating Touty during the season. Considering his status as the team’s number-one defenseman and his ability to effectively record heavy minutes in all situations, it should come as no surprise.

The move came to a public conclusion yesterday with the successful wrist surgery for Touti, who is set to see the end of the 2021-22 season. After an almost completely healthy life, Dowdy suffered a couple serious injuries. A knee injury in late October was a major blow to Touty in the first half of the season, with a wrist injury that robbed him of his final 24 games and any possible action after the season.

The tough decision to shape the Norris Trophy’s caliber campaign for Touti.

Without Touty, but with the team that came here, the Kings are visiting the Blackhawks for another big match tonight. Buck drop is scheduled for 5:30 pm Pacific from the United Center!

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