6 Kingdom Hearts 4 Burning Questions

It’s time to sink back into the heart, as the Kingdom Hearts 4 Reveal trailer offers a surprisingly deep look at the next numbered sequel to Square Enix and Disney’s longtime franchise. While this marks the beginning of a new twist in the superficial story of Kingdom Hearts, it is a continuation that is clearly ingrained in the basics of the series and Kingdom Hearts and from all corners of the Disney universe.

So, if you are a Kingdom Hearts expert who knows the series from Ansem to Zexion, you may have recognized and guessed many of the topics we are going to explore. But if you’ve ever jumped into the universe and wondered how Sora ended up in a place that looks like Tokyo, let’s explore some of the biggest burning questions left behind by the trailer that Kingdom Hearts 4 reveals and some possible answers to them.

Before we go on, we’re going to touch on two qualifying matches – some in-depth Kingdom Hearts story, which is by no means a comprehensive primer on Kingdom Hearts. Quite frankly, there is a lot to gain even in these titles, especially as it relates to the background to the pre-events of Kingdom Hearts 1 series. However, there will be some spoilers in the Kingdom Hearts series to date, including Kingdom 3 Hearts – Take this as a warning to your spoiler!

Who is the Lost Master?

Kingdom Hearts 4 comes out with an additional title card, “The Last Master Arch”. This is not a verse for the new game, but rather the beginning of a new story in the Kingdom Hearts 4 series. While it’s fair to add some events from Kingdom Hearts III’s Re: Mind DLC and the music spin-off melody of memory as the centerpiece of this new arc, Square Enix’s official announcement sets KH4 “Sora and his friends Donald & Coffey.” A brand new adventure titled ‘Lost Master Arch’.

It follows the story told throughout various previous Kingdom Hearts games, known as the Dark Seeker Saga, which is primarily centered on the rival Cheyenne. The Lost Master Ark, meanwhile, may have two meanings, often referring to a character named Master of Masters, who, despite not being one, is more prominent in the overall stories of Kingdom Hearts. A recognizable name from every adventure of Sora.

Kingdom Hearts 4 – Announcement Trailer Pictures

The Masters of Masters deserve their own long break, but, basically, they are from the earliest days of the Game Kingdom Hearts timeline. Their identity remains a mystery, they act in unexpected and sometimes vicious ways, yet they have some obvious enormous power. The Master of Masters stands against the superficial evil of the right represented by the power of Darkness, and in the era of the Kingdom Hearts prequel games and movies trained to transform a group called the Fortellers into keyboard masters and eventually fight the darkness. He also created the book of Prophecies using the visual eye, which gives the master the ability to see whatever the eye sees in the future. There is still much to be said about The Master, but for the sake of abstraction he eventually disappears and his followers are unable to find him. The Master of Masters eventually drove to the city in the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer, and we saw him at the secret end of Kingdom Hearts 3 on top of one of the city’s skyscrapers.

Where is Sora?

One of the biggest surprises of the trailer that Kingdom Hearts 4 reveals may be the real world in which Sora wakes up. While it looks like Shibuya, this city is called Quadrat, and we learned this name from a character who is actually called an unnamed star. Rhythm Gaming Spin Off Melody of Memory. But if you’ve played Kingdom Hearts 3, you’ve already been to Quartet through the secret endings of the Verm Rex In-Universe video game and game found in the Toy Story toy box world. Kingdom Hearts 3 in Re: Mind DLC also saw you go to Quartet, where there was a war with Yoshora, another mysterious newcomer to the franchise. The unnamed star and Yoshora really know each other, and Yoshora’s presence in the city and the secret decision of Kingdom Hearts 3 and the importance of DLC should make him a prominent figure in Kingdom Hearts 4 and beyond.

When the woman who greets Sora (soon to be more about her) describes it as a “world full of worlds” the quartet seems very real to the people who live in it. But it turns out that Zora and she were not created by the world or reality. She describes the fate she encountered in Kingdom Heart’s mobile games and, again, the fate she encountered in Zora’s last game, the main spoilers for Kingdom Hearts 3, as a kind of “otherworld.” Sora used the so-called awakening power in Kingdom Hearts 3 and its DLC. It is worth noting that “After World” is different from “Birth Life”, and while they may be interchangeable worlds, it speaks volumes about the idea that Sora and this woman and the other characters who pop up later in the trailer are clear. This reality, although it is a fact, is considered by some of the existing characters to be fictional or unrealistic, in limited discussions about it so far. It may be hard to return to Sora’s home reality, as the voice in the trailer says “If you leave this world, do not expect to return to where you came from”.

Who are those two people in the skyscraper?

If you’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts for some time, black dressers are a thing like death and taxes (in real life, I do not think sora tax forms have to be filed). The best guess is the Master of Masters who holds his hands behind his back without going too far into the weeds, he plays a key role in this game and in this arc.

The other mask figure is another mystery – there were many trainers in Master of Masters, among them was the character Lux, but we learned the true identity of that character in Kingdom Hearts III. The master may have accepted new coaches or been a member of the XIII organization whose background is not yet fully known to us, or another character who does not want Square Enix to spoil a surprising expression.

Who is that girl?

Even if you have played every Kingdom Hearts console game and you are not immersed in the world of its mobile games, you have no idea who that girl who greets Sora is. Even though you knew her, it was still amazing to see her.

This woman was chosen to be part of the group of leaders who followed the forerunners during the events of the Kingdom Hearts Union Cross in the Strelitzia, KH chronology, although she was killed before she could play a major role. He is also the brother of Lorium, the human form of Marluxia, a member of Organization XIII, a major villain in Kingdom Hearts: The Chain of Memories.

Of course, Strelitzia is dead, and now in the quartet, the setting for KH4 further establishes and transcends the themes of posthumous life, and the existence of these characters is one reality as opposed to another.

What is that forest place?

We are not sure where this forest is located, although its more realistic appearance is consistent with the basic cityscape and design found in the Quadrat, which suggests that Kingdom Hearts 4 may have more realistic structure and more effort in the worlds. After all, Square Enix is ​​poised to create a sequel to Unreal Engine 5, and this series has dipped more and more toes into live-action Disney attributes, including Tron and Pirates of the Caribbean. The Pirate World of Kingdom Hearts 3 in particular has outperformed all other world cartoons for its natural look most suited to raw materials.

So with that in mind, we see the most realistic Disney property being transformed, and thanks to a small clip shown, there is a leading candidate for this world: Star Wars. Thanks to the brief view below, it looks like the foot of the AT-ST is on the forest floor in the upper-right corner. It’s not much to go on, of course, but that iconic design is our biggest clue, as trees like redwood are definitely found in the indoor forest moon. Or, you know, in California it stood for Endor.

Star Wars and Marvel have been the most sought after Disney owners by Kingdom Hearts fans since the acquisition of Lucasfilm and Marvel. But as we learned shortly after the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, the shortage of those owners came for ordinary business reasons. Director Tetsuya Nomura explained it, quoting “to change them [properties] In one game, contracts have to be made with each company separately, and there are cases where other sports companies already have contracts, although Disney Group has included them. [properties]Putting them in the hearts of the Kingdom is not so easy.

Perhaps some of those issues have been resolved – KH3 marked the first appearance of Picture Worlds in the Kingdom of Hearts game, so the next entry may expand further as Disney’s owner and finally provide us with the LightSaver keyboard. ‘Everyone is asking.

Where are Donald and the Stupid?

Despite the real-life origins of the Quadratum and the promising-Star Wars world, Donald and the Foolish pop-up at the end of the trailer still seems to be exactly the cartoon, and both are acting in line with their appearance throughout Kingdom Hearts 3. Before looking for “someone” in a dark area, the off-screen voice will address both. The voice turns red with a blue glow and scares Disney celebrities by the end of the trailer.

This voice mostly belongs to Hercules villain Hades. Hercules and Hades have also appeared in the three-numbered Kingdom Hearts game, so it would not be shocking to see it return here again. Although this is an essay for another time, the revealing trailer of Kingdom Hearts 4, its sequel is really with the concepts and themes of later life – and the existence of one world and the existence of the next world – thus showing the certainty of the Greek God of the underworld. Especially if Donald and Fool are looking for one of the only afterlife locations they know for their friend Zora, it seems like the appropriate character to return to.

While Kingdom Hearts 4 is immersed in more direct-action Disney assets, the more realistic world on the quartet, the more the Disney’s cartoonist page shows that there is still room for riding. Including new Disney owners who have become popular over the past few years. That is, if Kingdom Hearts 3 fully devotes time to “Let It Go”, it will not be shocked if it gets its own moment to shine “we are not talking about Bruno”.

Some great questions and some hypothetical and reasonable answers from the Kingdom Hearts 4 Revealer trailer. Of course, we still know very little about where the next numbered entry will go or when we will see more of Kingdom Hearts 4.

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