Aljamin Sterling delights in UFC 273 performance, ripping off John McCarthy: ‘That guy sucks’

Aljamin Sterling sends a message to all his haters: Be quiet.

Last Saturday, Sterling successfully defended his Phantomweight title by beating Peter Elephant in a rematch at UFC 273. The win was so sweet for the champion that he was cheered on by many fans for winning the title by disqualification in his first match last year. Yan at UFC 259.

Now, without the specter of DQ controversy over the success of this title, “The Funk Master” enjoys his “I told you” moment.

“It’s very good,” Sterling told Ariel Helwani MMA Hour. “It’s good to know that everything I said since we fought each other is absolutely right.

“People may say it’s a stupid excuse, that’s it. I know this is a stupid excuse, I think it’s stupid to say it out loud, but that’s true, and that’s what happened. I’m going to finish it, because that version is not as good as the guy I fought for in UFC 273. That Peter Yan was so much better, had more discipline when it came to his defense, and I felt like he’s better, and I’m just as comfortable, won two more 10 -8 rounds, I think there should have been two 10-8 rounds.I do not know how you get four minutes of control time, ground and pound and submission efforts, and it did not hit the criteria they implemented for 10-8 rounds.

“I am just happy to be free. I’m glad my team proved to be right, I proved myself right, and stuck it in Vegas and let these guys suck. That’s really it. People are malicious and want to talk about your family, talk about these things, call me monkey, throw N-bomb, bulk s ***. I handled a lot of things and it was a good thing I had thick skin because it would have broken a lot of people, but not this guy. This guy came ready, ready for battle, I came ready to win.

Despite making a strong argument that Sterling deserved at least a 10-8 round in the fight, none of the judges for the event gave him a chance. In the end, it was not a bar because Sterling swept the first three rounds on two judges’ scorecards. And according to the champion, it was so close that he took his feet off the gas in the fourth and fifth rounds.

“Once I got it, I advanced to three rounds and if I wanted to take the next two rounds, I could,” Sterling said. “Really, that’s what happened. … If I wanted to get up in that fourth round, I could have gotten up. But I started playing jiu-jitsu, honestly, this is one of the things I do most in the gym. Submitting guys from my back and looking for fights. I’m very comfortable – he’s three rounds down, and I think he knows he has to put one in his pocket, so I’m going to hang out, I accepted that position, if I want to get up, I can get up … … to even hit a round in that fight I could have gotten up again without giving him a chance, I left that round, he started to gain momentum … that’s it.I’m fought a big fight, I think I’m fought a brilliant fight.I’m left two rounds, I can fight very differently, or fight as well I [as the first three rounds]Because the gas tank is not the problem. But, even though it was a fun fight, people got excited because they thought there would be some moments to ‘get me’, and that’s it. I covered it all up for fun. The only king I can not deny is in this Phantom Weight category. “

But while this victory at UFC 259 was much more convincing than the original title fight between Sterling and Yan, that did not mean it passed completely without controversy. Following the match, Yan argued that he should have won, which was echoed by some in the MMA community, who became UFC President Dana White and former UFC referee Blair commentator John McCarthy.

The main round in question for the fight was the opening stanza, where Sterling knocked out Elephant 19-13 on significant strikes, but it was Yan who advanced. Sterling argues that the scoring criteria here are clear and that anyone who says otherwise would not know what they are talking about.

“Come on! Can you both throw less than 20 strikes and one guy throw 5-7 strikes less?” Sterling said. You went to school with a walk and a foot job. How does it win you a round? People can say everything they want is aggression – if you cut me off and go on strike and not do what you want, not aggression. If you do what I want you to do against my fight and it chases me and takes the bot-shot and takes clean shots, I do not know what to say to you. Do not know how to fight.

“Rulebook, by criteria, you damage, efficient strike, and my strike was very effective. I controlled and ordered where the fight took place throughout that round. So I think it was very black and white. And not to mention the elbow, I broke his head, It made him stumble backwards, and that was the most important strike of the round, so those who say robbery, what is robbery? I do not even know what robbery is anymore.

“There’s absolutely no way you can beat that round – the voice of the big idiot John McCarthy. Dude, go get a clue. I do not know how this guy was MMA’s blueprint standard because that guy sucks. His comment stinks and sucks. He s *** I think he wants people to think he knows what he’s talking about.I think he had MMA school, I think he had fighters, did any of them do anything? What did his school do? Because, this guy is so good, So what he has achieved so far is nothing more than trying to judge the people and being completely wrong on the scoring criteria of the fight.

“If you have a comment, leave a comment John. Okay, but that doesn’t mean you’re right, because you did not go by the scale of how you scored in the fight. So please be calm, let the adults do what they do at a high level, you have not yet achieved. Relax there buddy. ”

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