BTS brings success and legion of enthusiastic fans to Allied Stadium in Vegas on April 9

I am too young to experience the Beatles craze. But I imagine the current PDS movement is reminiscent of those days – but thanks to technology. There are many uses for fans to connect with boys, and the size of the activities set in Las Vegas to comply with permission to dance on stage shows reduces the jaw.

The boys sold out for four nights (April 8, 9, 15 and 16) at Allegheny Stadium during preseason. Before attending the second night of the series on April 9th, I spent many hours researching the popular boy band. I learned the basics starting with their 2013 introduction, and I listened to part of their great discography. But no research could have prepared me for how comprehensive and emotional the BTS Army is.

Hoping to chat with the fans, I arrived an hour before the doors opened at 4:30. There were already hundreds of people there, and the group was as diverse as I could tell. The crowd consisted of men and women, old and young. They were a mix of Asian, black, Latin and white. Also, as I will find out later they are binary and non-binary. Some of them were wearing their BTS T-shirts, and some were wearing BT21 (persons made by BTS members) headbands.

While waiting in line, I saw a family of three and asked if they were traveling to stay in Allegheny. I learned that Carmen, 15, was traveling with her mother and grandmother from Detroit, Michigan. Carmen’s mother explained that they had come out of Las Vegas because after missing the map of the Soul tour that had been canceled due to Covit-19, they realized that this was their only chance to see the boys.

I also met fans who traveled here from Minnesota, Arizona, Texas and California. I met both Henderson residents Gigi and Becky, both in their 50s, who attended a permission to dance on stage at Sophie Stadium late last year.

“[BTS’s music] Very different from the new music that is out there. This is a positive thing, “said Gigi.

Some fans, such as 28-year-old Serena from Anaheim, California, arrived just hours before he arrived at 7:45 a.m., where he spent two nights at Sophie Stadium, which he was excited to enter, he explained. In addition, it took hours to get sponsor booths (for free and photo opportunities) and merchandise.

“I would say the system here was better,” he says. “We reached Merch Line and all sponsorships by 12:30 pm”

Serena said she would have gotten it if she had gotten a ticket for another night at Allegheny. But this time it was a little hard to get tickets, and besides, he’s going to Coachella for the second weekend of BTS.

“I’ve been a fan since 2015 … I wanted to see them when they came to the US in 2017, but I was still in college and I had no money to see them,” he said. Then, with the epidemic, it was like ‘I’m never going to see them’. So, in a way, I felt that the world was getting better if I could go and watch the BTS concert.

With that, I found my way to my seat. As the lights dimmed, the words “We do not need permission” flashed on the LED screens. As the show began, the crowd of 50,000 cheered – the largest crowd I had ever met.

BTS sang “On” from their 2020 album and exploded with high energy in white and red Map of the soul. Military bombs – BTS official light stick – changed from white to red as BTS went on their second song “Burning Up (Fire)”. It was amazing how many fans bought these light sticks; No reason to pick up the cellphone tonight.

As the show continued, the crowd showed that they were well acquainted with the so-called “fans”. This includes pronouncing the member’s names, from the largest to the smallest, before the lyrics begin. There are also specific lines that are sung throughout a song.

Several times throughout the show BTS took the time to speak at the meeting. Before singing the last song “Permission to Dance”, they took about 20 minutes in the evening to share their thoughts.

The boy’s characteristics really came into play when he spoke and when they performed. Based on this concert, I understood that J-Hope was a positive, V charming and RM confident leader type. However, as a group, they come across as nonsense. BTS fans can correct me if I am wrong.

These boys can clearly sing, dance, rap and have fun. In fact, it’s hard for BTS not to be happy when they do their best. Melody and dance moves will make anyone laugh.

After the show, I used the opportunity to chat with more fans to see what they thought.

Ana, 22, and Genesis, 23, traveled together to watch their first BTS concert from Phoenix.

“That was great!” They said in the singular.

“It was crazy to see them in person because we’ve been watching them on a TV for five years,” Ana added.

Frankie, 28, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, attended three nights of the show at Sophie Stadium and bought two nights at Allegiance Stadium. “The two BTS shows are not the same,” Frankie said. “Even if it’s the same list, you’ll always have a different experience.”

But why travel so far twice?

“I think I would not do this if I did not feel the real connection between the artists and the music they created. I mean when I say that this experience is like nothing else, and the connection they have with their fans with the wonderful art they create for us and the way they perform for us,” “It simply came to our notice then. It’s worth the flight tickets – for some it’s worth the bus trips. If you are lucky enough and have the privilege of being able to do something on this scale it is worth the money.

The military is emotional, I feel. But how and why were they so emotional? Every military member has an original story, one that I spoke of to smile and shine when I hear about their story. They know where they are and they remember the first BTS song they heard.

Some said that it was the positive messages in the songs that made them fans. Others said it was the group’s dance moves or their personality. One fan even said he was hit by gin hair.

Of all the stories I’ve heard, one thing has become clear: everyone seems to have discovered BTS at the right time. These boys have given them hope and joy when they need it.

“BTS will find you when you need BTS,” says Serena.

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