Criticism of Robert Ackers’ The Northman

Alexander Scorskard Omelette in Robert Ackers' The Northman

Alexander Scorskard Omelette in Robert Ackers’ The Northman
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At the lavish and arrogant time of the Viking Revenge Odyssey Northerner Its “Gates of Hell” finals — a scene in which two plain, brutal, and bloodthirsty men gaze at each other on the edge of a fiery volcano — you may have wondered how many movies you have already seen. Director Robert Ackers’ violently soaked fever dream. The answer is no Many to count.

In other words, Northerner It is an unforgivable, relentless adventure that distributes everything, everywhere, all at once. From Icelandic family stories to Norse mythology to supernatural myths, Acres plays with the rich objects at his disposal with wide eyes, unarmed and awe-inspiring. His attitude feels a little like he knew his only film was to make at least one film, or at least one of the best examples, like the Shakespearean drama that revolved around Old Norse’s revenge. He demonstrates this admirable (if not more) dedication in every detail of the 136-minute epic, in which shed courage, sliced ​​human flesh and dismembered corpses, as well as the brutal performance of the Swedish heartthrob Alexander Scorskard who strengthened his muscles. Merciless, score-solving Prince Amlet mass to play.

As a child in the fictional island kingdom of Hroffsey, Amlet’s warrior king’s father Aurvand (Ethan Hawke, brief but memorable part) enthrones his son as the future ruler of his tribe at a psychedelic ceremony witnessed by the mad-eyed Heimir the Fool (a). Fainting Willem Duffo). Amlet’s uncle Fjolnir (Glace Bang) soon kills his father and kidnaps his mother Gudrone (Nicole Kidman, part of an increasing rage). But by the time Amlet became an adult, he had long forgotten his vow to avenge his father and save his mother, instead being consumed by wreaking havoc in the unprotected Slavic villages for a Viking.

It eventually appeared on his first screen as the non-prophet Sires (Beijork, Matthew Barney). Dancer in the Dark) Amlet recalls his family mission, urging him to mingle with Slavic slaves on the ship, where he meets his romantic and intellectual rival. After the film’s only quiet moment — a glossy lensed joint scene between him and Olga – Amlet occupies his uncle’s farm and begins to uncover the deeper truths behind his father’s murder. While Kidman and Scorskard are in a very bizarre situation, the high-octane drama between mother and son continues. Big little lies Reunion is imaginable.

From at least one ambitious position, Eggers’ devotion pays off in heaps. Northerner Offers a lot to enjoy in a lot of movies. To see it – to believe it – is to say “Yes!” Historical and mythological attention to the gruesome nature and details of its 10th century story can be expected from the A24-recognized, indie genre of artistic agars. The sorceress And Lighthouse He is playing in the $ 90 million sandbox for the first time. Regardless of its financial revenue, the price tag of a tough original movie feels like good news in a industry that often opens its wallet only to superheroes and pre-existing IPs worn by Spandex.

This fact only makes Northerner The third aspect of Eggers — his most “commercial” aspect – is a rarity that is acceptable, although it does not explicitly strike such a sentimental atmosphere in the atmosphere The sorceress Or LighthouseS Claustrophobic madness. Here, he hides the heartbeat of Acres collaborator Craig Latrop, who is the primary, meticulously structured product designer for Acres collaborator Craig Latrop, and the illusory cinematography of Jarin Flashkey, the raw material for repeating anything. In comparison, Acres and the Swedish poet and writer Szone’s simple script (Lamb) Shakespeare avoids going too deep into the uncontrollable impulses of its characters when its story hits the same well from which it was taken. Homelet.

Also unhelpful is Acres’ immovable, full-throated maximalism, which is currently in theaters in two extra otherwise first-rate films: Dan Kuan and Daniel Schneirt’s aforementioned multivars Family Caper. Everywhere and everything at once And Michael Boy’s old school action film Medical ambulance. One wonders whether cinema is an over-trend, an act of disobedience against the unity of corporate owners, or a response to the fact that filmmakers (very few audiences) have gathered in their homes for more than two years.

Regardless, Northerner While they may not have a strong through line connecting them all, the scene is still a lot of fun. Despite the lack of a well-felt emotional record, the film achieves a basic, rich vibe that separates the difference Braveheart And Gladiator, Or may be The Revenant And King of the Lions. Meanwhile, Eggers and Sjón infuse the dialogue with a light, humorous touch that transforms the heavy scenes of the film into self-conscious humor.

As a result, Eggers’ high-speed approach and stylistic flair, one after the other, create a terrifying, applause-worthy battle scene, reminding viewers of why he is one of the most distinctive visual artists working today. When Northerner This is not his best film, probably hiss MostTo tell the most horrible and beautiful story, is to put everything on a very large screen.

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