Eagles 2022 Draft: Trade, trade or be in Pix 15 and 18?

When going for any draft, there should always be arguments about trying to trade for a better opportunity, trading again and getting more draft choices or choosing a player to stay in your place.

The Philadelphia eagles have been around more than most in the first round. In fact, you all know it well, they already have this year. They made a big deal with the Saints, including their first-round selection in 2023 and their second-round selection in 2024 (and other things). This year is one of their three first-round exams in terms of cost.

First, we will show the Eagles’ choices in the first round of the draft for the past 23 years (since the beginning of the Andy Reid era), after which we will determine their best performance in the 2021 NFL Draft. :

Traded (7 times): Jerome McDougall, Shawn Andrews, Jeremy McLean, Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Carson Vents and Andre Tillard.

Continued (10 times): Donovan McNab, Corey Simon, Freddie Mitchell, Litto Shepherd, Mike Patterson, Friedrich Bunkley, Danny Watkins, Lane Johnson, Nelson Agolar and Derrick Bornett.

  1. Donovan McNab: Franchise QB for more than a decade.
  2. Cory Simon: The player, who made an impact early in his career, fell fast at 27 years old.
  3. Freddie Mitchell: Made a great play, he spoke like an all-pro.
  4. Litto Shepherd: The quality was early for many years, and like Simon he fell fast at 26 years old.
  5. Mike Patterson: Meat and potato guy on the inside of the defensive line. Definite career for late 1.
  6. Protrick Bungee: Imposed interior guard, did not live up to the broadest capacity.
  7. Danny Watkins: This is the most stupid choice the eagles have made in the last 20 years. He is 26 years old!
  8. Lane Johnson: Best choice in weak draft class.
  9. Nelson Agolar: The man who broke with the team in three years, two years later, returned to bust shape in his contract season.
  10. Derek Bornett: Sack production is disappointing. Punishments have become frantic.
  11. John Reeker: The Eagles picked Rieger and Justin Jefferson and chose the wrong one.

Traded again, then traded (2 times): Dallas Cotert and Devonda Smith.

  1. Dallas Court: By moving 20 places backwards from 32 to 52, the Eagles were able to take the 2019 second round pick. They advanced seven places in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft as part of the deal. They then traded 52 to 49 with Indy, leaving the fifth-round pick to choose Court, who looks like a borderline top-5 tie-end in the NFL.
  2. Devonda Smith: Smith looked like the legitimate No. 1 receiver in his rookie season, surpassing Deacon Jackson’s record of the Eagles receiving the most receiver yards by an Eagles receiver, despite playing the most run-heavy offense in the NFL.

Many of the best players on the list above have been drafted as a result of trading, even if they traded first.

10 year history of business covering 15 to 18 exams

The following is a list of trades made on the 15th, 16th, 17th or 18th, only to give a historical sense of what it would cost to move up or what could be gained by retreating. Trade involving players was avoided.

2018: Raiders trade first-round (10th) to Cardinals in exchange for Arizona’s first, third and fifth rounds (15th79th and 152nd).

2018: Ravens traded first and fifth round selections (16th And 154th) for bills in exchange for Buffalo’s first and third round exams (22nd and 65th).

2018: Seahawks Trade First and Seventh Round Exams (18th And 248th) for the Packers in exchange for the first, third and sixth rounds of the Green Bay (27th, 76th and 186th).

2016: The Browns traded the first and sixth rounds (8th and 176th) to the Titans in exchange for Tennessee’s first and third rounds (15th And 76th) as well as its 2017 second round selection.

2015: 49ers Trade Its First Round Selection (15th) Chargers in exchange for San Diego’s first and fourth round exams in 2015 (17th & 117th), and their fifth round pick in 2016.

2013: In exchange for St. Louis’ first, second, third and seventh-round exams, Bills shifted its first-round pick (8th) and third-round pick (71st) to Rams. (16th46th, 78th, and 222nd).

2013: Cowboys trade out first round selection (18th) For 49 players in exchange for San Francisco’s first and third round exams (31st and 74th).

Should eagles trade again?

While the Eagles still have three first-round picks, the general assumption is that when the best quarterback opportunities are available in 2023, the team will trade again and try to take the extra first-round pick. We pointed out the possibilities of such a situation, with the exception of a few other groups doing a foolish trade, and Howie found his fools in the Saints, who offered him numerous choices for three to one of the eagles. Round selection.

Can they trade for another 2023 first round exam?

They should give it a try! There are currently five teams in 2023 with several first-round selections:

  1. Lions
  2. Texans
  3. Sea hawks
  4. Dolphins
  5. Eagles

All five teams have a good chance of looking for a new quarterback in 2023. If the Eagles somehow make it to the third first round selection in 2023, they could be in a position to expel those teams for draft. Stabilization in a possible mounted quarterback class.

But then again, they have to find another group like the Saints who want to do a stupid business, which is not possible.

There may be a popular trade-back display in 2022 with chefs holding the 29th and 30th overall exams. After trading Dyrek Hill dolphins, Andy Reid can use another broad receiver. There should be some good ones to choose from in Pix 15 or 18, but those still in Pix 29 are likely to drop significantly.

The draft value chart states that the 29th overall selection of the Chief and the 50th overall selection (from the Dolphins) will be approximately equal compensation. Alternatively, the Eagles could try to further increase their 2023 draft limit.

The other team rumored to be the Lions wanting to make a big move with the 32nd and 34th selections. If they trade for a quarterback to pick 15, the Eagles could add a few more choices, while eliminating a competitor for a quarterback in 2023.

Do they have to be that way?

Surely. This draft is considered weak above, but strong for teenagers. Sticking and picking up will not be a bad option this year. The Eagles will guarantee at least one good wide receiver opportunity.

Do they want to trade?

Surely! After the first round opportunity David Ojabo His pro tore an Achilles on the day, and the chances of the Eagles getting a chance to pick an Edge Rusher worthy of the 15th overall pick were slim. If they feel they like Oregon players Caivon Thebodox Or the state of Florida Jermaine Johnson Players who make a potential impact, then the Eagles can try to go within the 8-12 range to protect their boy.

Big number. The Jets at 10 would be a logical trading partner. The white receiver needs a lot of help, and you can easily pick the best one at 15 and pick the best one at 15. When the free pick or two is added, they are in a position to get a good player on demand.

It is also worth noting that if the Eagles had had the opportunity to trade fairly for picking cornerbacks Patrick Surtain or Jaycee Horn during the 2021 draft, they would have preferred those players over DeVonta Smith. They can expect to make a similar move to a corner with Cincinnati this year Ahmed “Sauce” Gardner And LSU Derek Stingley Act as two targets.


Each year, we make a definite guess as to what the Eagles think they will do in terms of trading, re-trading or sticking and picking. However, this year all three strategies have very logical possibilities because the Eagles have a pair of choices in an intriguing spot in the middle of the first round.

Everything is at the table, and Howie Roseman sits in luxury and lets him figure out the course of the best activity.

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