‘I’m starting to get bored of myself,’ Biden says of the sleepy Iowa speech

On Tuesday, President Biden said he was tired of hearing himself talk about tackling 40 years of high inflation during a “genocide” attempt by Russian forces in Ukraine.

Biden’s revelation about his own indifference came during a 25 – minute speech in front of tractors in Menlow, Iowa, which focused on allowing high levels of ethanol in gasoline sold this summer.

The president said he was taking other measures to cut spending on Americans after annual inflation hit 8.5% in March. Biden said he had spent $ 700 million on his $ 1.2 trillion bilateral infrastructure law, the Mississippi River Lock and Dam Project to expedite soybeans and corn.

“With modern locks, we can help farmers get their produce to market faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost, and keep American agriculture globally competitive,” he added: “Everybody, the list goes on and on. I’m starting to get bored here – but the important thing is – I think, I think.

He called on Congress to implement the Great Social Plan, which he said would reduce the cost of living through various subsidies, including childcare, health and green energy initiatives. Centrist Sen. Joe Munch’s (D-WV) Inflation Concerns.

“Look, this is going to make a big difference for families, and it’s the most impactful way Congress can deal with inflation right now,” Biden said. “But even if we work with Congress, I’m not going to wait to take action to help American families.

Inflation rose to a new four-decade high of 8.5% in March, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
EPA / Jim Low Scalso

Biden recently noted that he had ordered the release of 1 million barrels of oil a day from US strategic petroleum reserves, which could reduce gas prices by 10 to 35 cents a gallon.

“It’s the largest release of our national reserves in history.

“We have already made progress since the inflation data were collected in March,” the president stressed.

This is the first time Biden or any US official has used the word “genocide” amid reports of significant civilian casualties in the Ukraine conflict.

Forensic police officers dug up the dead civilians on April 12, 2022 in Pucha, Ukraine.
Forensic police officers dug up the dead civilians on April 12, 2022 in Pucha, Ukraine.
Michael Palinchak / Sofa Images / Siba USA

Last year Federalists tried to stop drilling permits on the ground and the Republican Party has strongly condemned measures to prevent domestic drilling and oil refining, including the suspension of pending oil pipeline projects, including the Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta.

It is unclear whether the Environmental Protection Agency’s urgent order to allow the sale of gas using the 15% ethanol blend will legally challenge Trump’s attempt to expand E15 fuel.

Most gasoline in the United States is blended with 10% ethanol and most blends are generally banned between June 1 and September 15 due to concerns that it may contribute to smog during the summer months. The Supreme Court in January left the current limits in effect.

A reporter aboard the Air Force One on Tuesday stressed the reason behind the declaration of a “state of emergency” in April by White House press secretary Jen Zaki, who will accept the E15 change in June.

“We have seen gas prices rise anywhere from 80 cents to $ 1 since President Putin invaded Ukraine, which certainly has a significant impact on the pocket books of Americans across the country,” Psaki said. Emergency two months ago in June.

“There are many reasons to take this step,” Saki continued. “But of course, now 2,300 gas stations without this measure will basically have a cover on the E15 gas pump – not allowing people to use gas at a lower price and not allowing more supply in the market. So this time, apparently with a foreign dictator occupying another country, we have extra flexibility We want to deliver, and we want to do everything we can to reduce costs for the American people.

Inflation rose to 6.6% in March, but gradually rose to 7.9% in February, from 7.5% in January and 6.9% in December.

Republicans have condemned President Joe Biden for removing a keystone XL crude oil pipeline.
Republicans have scolded President Joe Biden for removing a keystone XL crude oil pipeline.
REUTERS / Todd Korol // File

Biden said in December that the annual inflation rate of 6.8 percent in November was “peaking”. He said in July that high inflation was “temporary” when it was 5 per cent.

Republicans generally criticize government spending – including Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion built – back law and the bilateral infrastructure bill. Biden has blamed Putin and the Govt-19 supply chain.

A poll released Sunday by CBS found that 69% of American adults do not agree with Pitton’s handling of inflation. Even among Democrats, 41% did not agree with Biden’s response.

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