JT Daniels relocates to college football in West Virginia following his work in USC, Georgia

Quarterback Jedi Daniels’ twisted college life has become a rural road.

Daniels told ESPN that he would be transferred to West Virginia and called coach Neil Brown and announced the decision Wednesday morning.

The most notable player remaining on the NCAA transfer portal is Daniels. The 6-foot-3, 210-pound quarterback has gone 7-0 as a starter in the last two seasons in Georgia.

“As the list goes on and on, I feel like they have the best pieces everywhere,” Daniels told ESPN in a phone interview. “I feel like it’s very relevant to the quarterback. I really, really, really feel like there’s a good team, and I’m going to step in and do my part to contribute.”

Daniels was transferred to Georgia after playing the 2018 and 2019 seasons at USC. He is a former ESPN 300 recruiter at Mater Dei High School (Orange County, California) – one of the best quarterback incubators in the country.

He chose West Virginia over the state of Missouri and Oregon after visiting all three in recent weeks. The association of a strong complement of returning five attack linemen with 107 integrated career starts, experienced talented players and Brown left thinking led Daniels to select the climbers.

Moving to Morgantown reunites Daniels with Graham Harrell, another key factor in his decision. Harrell is the new offensive coordinator and quarterback coach in West Virginia. In 2019, Harrell joined Daniels as an attack coordinator at the USC.

Daniels said his familiarity with the air raid system that Harrell ran in the USC would help ease the change, as he learned the crime again in 2019.

“It definitely helped to know that Graham was coming into it and had a good relationship with him,” Daniels said. “I believe in that offense and that system, I believe in it. I feel very comfortable with Coach Brown and the ideas he has and the way he executes a project.”

Daniels also enjoyed Morgantown and said he was comfortable there.

“I loved it,” he said. “It’s very Athens, it’s a great college city [and] I really enjoyed it. “

Daniels is a pure pocket passer, he shone at times in college life suffering from injuries. He finished with 69.5% of his passes and averaged 9.7 yards per attempt in two seasons in Georgia, the highest number of any Bulldogs quarterback with over 200 attempts.

Named the second true new quarterback to start a starter in USC history in 2018, Daniels made the promise when he started 11 games and threw 14 touchdowns.

From there, injuries defined his next three seasons. As a sophomore, an ACL injury to a 2019 starting player led to his departure from that season and transfer from USC to Georgia.

His recovery with the Bulldogs in the 2020 season lasted, preventing him from starting that season. He started the final four games of that year, including a Peach Bowl victory against Cincinnati, including three fourth-quarter scoring drives and 392 total passing yards.

Daniels entered the 2021 Heiseman Trophy as a favorite to win and as the best ranker in the NFL Draft Opportunity. During Georgia’s 2021 championship season, he started three games, including an early win against Clemson. Both an oblique problem and a late muscle injury hit Daniels, who also won against South Carolina and Vanderbilt in early September. He played only one leg against Wandy and left the game due to a late injury after starting 9-for-10.

Daniels insisted he did not feel the snake bite due to injuries, which he said was “personal responsibility” to them.

“Number 1 thing [that I need to prove] I can be healthy, “said Daniels.” If there’s one thing I have not proven, that’s it. I missed 35 games in three years.

Upon arriving in West Virginia, he will enter a quarterback match defined by inexperience. None of the current quarterbacks have started the game for mountaineers.

Returning to the scholarship quarterbacks, Garrett Green and Will Crowder added 175 passing yards last season, giving little experience. Newcomer Nico Marciol is recruiting ESPN 300 for the 2022 class. Jarrett Dodge, who started the last two seasons, has been transferred to West Kentucky.

If Daniels wins the job, he will play behind an attacking line with all five starters coming back. In it center Zach Frasier, he has to be the best in the country in his position, and overcame Wyatt Milam, who was considered one of the best new players in the country last season.

West Virginia have gone 6-7 and 6-4 under Brown over the past two seasons, and an experienced opener in the quarterback could change the column to make a difference.

Daniels brings a wealth of experience and excellence to the team, and his handiwork includes 2,676 carrier receiving yards along with experienced receivers Sam James and Price Ford-Wheaton.

“They have a lot of talented guys,” Daniels said. “There is no question. And they are one [top-ranked] Security for the past five years. I feel like a good, complete team that wants to be a part of. “

Daniels is in the process of completing his studies to graduate in Georgia, and the graduate will immediately qualify for transfer to WVU. As part of the show, he stressed how much he enjoyed the experience of winning the national title last season.

“I love Georgia. Georgia has always loved me since I was here,” Daniels said. “This is a really good and supportive fan base. I’m very grateful. I have no problem fixing it. I do not even consider it fixing. Everyone here has been nice, honest and nice.”

The West Virginia 2022 season kicks off on September 1 in Pittsburgh. The game known as the Backyard Brawl may have the potential of Southern California because former USC quarterback Ketan Slovis was transferred to Pittsburgh this season.

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