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The Brooklyn Nets finished seventh in the Eastern Conference 115-108 against the Cleveland Cavaliers in an NBA play-off match at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

The first round playoff series with the Boston Celtics is now waiting for the Nets.

Brooklyn set a fast pace with 40 points in the first quarter, at which point things seemed to be getting out of hand quickly. Instead, the Cavaliers continued to turn around and trailed six points short of the final five minutes of the fourth quarter.

Kevin Durant hit a pair of pull-up jumpers and pushed the nets back 10, 103-93, 3:38 on the clock. Cleveland was within touch, but not close enough to threaten Brooklyn’s lead.

Notable artists

Kyrie Irving, Fiji, Nets: 34 points, 3 rebounds, 12 assists

Kevin Durant, PF, Nets: 25 points, 5 rebounds, 11 assists, 2 steals, 3 blocks

Darius Garland, Fiji, Cavaliers: 34 points, five assists, 2 thefts

Evan Mobley, C, Cavaliers: 19 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 volumes

Nets stars too much for unmanned caves

Of all the failures the Nets experienced this year, there was a piece in Brooklyn of hope that things would start clicking later in the season. When you’re both Durant and Kyrie Irving healthy and available, you’re looking forward to your chances in the top seven playoff series.

That’s exactly why the pair burned Cleveland’s defense on Tuesday. Sometimes basketball puts two great players on the ground.

Mike Vorkunov Mike Vorkunov

Kyrie + KD in the first half: 13-on-14 shooting from the ground and 4-off-4 from the line. KD has 12 and 7 aids. Kyrie has 20 points and four assists. The Nets have risen to 14 in the half because their stars are almost unmissable.

Irving, in particular, seemed to have accumulated misery in his old team. Although the guards guarded him well, he could not miss. There aren’t many stars when he’s in a better position than the 30-year-old guard.

Irving took his first 12 shots and did not jump from the edge of the net until the fourth quarter.

This game sent some red flags. Cleveland outscored Brooklyn in the final three quarters, and the Nets struggled in short moments as head coach Steve Nash tried to suffocate Durant and Irving.

Each time Caves ran to reduce the deficit, there was still no play. Torrent or Irving will hit a big bucket or find an open team at a crucial moment.

If the nets remove their feet from the air against a tough enemy, things will change little by little.

The absence of Allen proves to be expensive

What would have been for Cleveland.

Even if the team as a whole is healthy, the Caves will hit the wall at some point. Sooner or later, more experienced competitors at the conference will push them down the ranks.

But Evan Mobley’s ankle injury and Jared Allen’s fracture dragged the JP Pickerstaff team away. Allen is inactive, and the impact of his absence is once again palpable.

This game gave Cleveland some positives. If moral victories are one thing, they certainly apply when a young team does not clear their post-season test. The extent to which the supporting cast struggled suggests that the playoffs — how the playoff game is in this event — are a different beast.

The way Darius Garland put the guilt on his back reinforced how he could be a cornerstone for the owner’s future.

Chris Fedor Chris Fedor

#Cavs Darius Garland is in full acquisition mode. No one else really touches the ball – no one else should do it this time. He burns every defender in his path.

If they suffer another setback and fail to qualify for the playoffs, the regular season will undoubtedly be more disappointing than what the Caves did. But having 44 wins means they have already won this year.

What’s next?

The Brooklyn and Boston series will take place on Sunday. The Caves will now play Charlotte Hornets or the Atlanta Hawks at home on Friday.

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