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The Kardashians have returned, but it is difficult to inspire individuals who have not been distracted for a long time.

Last year, reality television announced that the Titans would dramatically make their 20th season of the money-making show. Continuing with the Kardashians Will be their last. It marked the end of a certain era for the clan that had carved their own place in the American imagination and amassed much wealth from marketing fantasies.



Bizarre, and often toned and polished for a random effect.

Wind Date: Thursday, April 14 (Hulu)
actors: Chris Jenner, Courtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Close Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner
Executive Producers: Ben Winston, Emma Conway, Elizabeth Jones, Daniel King

Unfortunately, that does not mean divorce between family and public life. Results Keeping up And the Kardashian-Jenner relationship E! Freed them to put ink on a bloated, multi-year content deal with Disney. KardashiansThe first product of the said expensive deal, airs on Hulu on Thursday, April 14th.

With more money, more kids and many lucrative businesses under their belts, the Kardashians are no longer the family they once were. Compare the moments of the early days Keeping upPacked with hysterics, sibling fights and low-fi product values, the first two episodes of this glossy new venture have been presented to critics for review, and it’s hard to believe we see the same people.

This highly polished and stylized show is still an experiment in marketing, selling an unattainable aesthetic and lifestyle to the audience, revealing an enchanting amount of wealth and expressing conflicting emotions. As I wrote before, it does not matter whether you hate, admire or envy the Kardashians. Reactions to their antics are part of a massive PR maneuver that is central to their relevance and economic status. But meanwhile Keeping up Was able to maintain the size of the camp, Kardashians Eliminates any areas of fun, leaving only the firm ethics of a family that has mastered celebrity.

The new show has been plagued by an aggressive number. Not even the sleek opening credits – the drone shots that provide shots of every family member’s busy life with the support of Silk Sonic’s funky hit “777” – can not be ignored. Chris, Courtney, Kim, Klose, Kendall and Kylie have been filmed for a long time, this reviewer is surprised They Sometimes you will be surprised to see the cameras still rolling.

Their careers reflect the lives of other ultra-wealthy entrepreneurs and heirs, but it would not be so much fun to show six stars (Caitlin Jenner and Rob Kardashian yet to meet) change from meeting to meeting. So, they re-argue old issues, create tension and create play in razor thin moments. While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Witnesses impresses with their straightforward tough-guy style.

In the first episode, the family gathers at Kim’s minimal campus for an intimate barbecue. There, the very famous Kardashian announces that Lorne Michaels has asked him to conduct himself Live Saturday night. She worries about her ability to do it: what if she’s not having fun? Should she listen to Kanye as her music guest? (The couple seemed to be on good terms during the filming.) What if she embarrassed her family? The last question may be too humorously confusing.

Sitting around a long, elaborately decorated table, the family tries to ease Kim’s veins of fried chicken, mac and cheese and burgers. She insists that There is Notice the fun (though I have told her otherwise for many years) and the middle Kardashian succeeds in whatever she has in mind.

Family has always been important to the Kardashian brand, but it is still being pushed inward. Kardashians. Motherhood has changed sisters, they spend their witness time, they re-emphasize the role their children play in their lives. There has been a lot of discussion about what it means to raise black children in the United States and the importance of allocating time for their children, but those conversations will come later.

It is during these interviews that the focus of the new Kardashian era becomes clear. If the previous chapters were about the confessions that climbed the Forbes list and made headlines, it would be about controlling and balancing domestic life with the clear call of American capitalism.

Kardashians In fact Kim promises to zero in on the working life of the clan – first, Kim recently said that women don’t want to work these days. The SNL The Ark dominates the first chapters. We see the mother of four getting ready for her appearance by meeting comedians like Amy Schumer, packing her clothes with her sisters and her mother, and thinking about how far she has come with her makeup and makeup artists.

Kim’s sex tape hunted in the background and caused even more concern, which reappears at the beginning of the first episode. The legacy of the video weighs on her, and she spends a lot of time threatening to use the power of her lawyers and use her money to destroy the remnants of the tape. Twenty years ago, she had no idea what to do; Now, she says she has the resources to “fuck it all up”.

The other sisters get some airtime on these first two episodes, though Kim doesn’t overdo it. Courtney’s Arc focuses on an already well-documented romance with Travis Parker. They buy a house and try to have a baby, and Courtney talks about the stress of both attempts. Meanwhile, Klose Tristan tries to work on his relationship with Thompson, focusing on building his new mansion and managing his worries. Kylie and Kendall have not appeared much yet, but previews of future episodes mock their curve.

For longtime fans of Kardashians or even the general audience, Kardashians Might be a disappointment. The famous family has refined and polished their brand to a bizarre level to be popular and share themselves without shame. Nothing here is shocking, surprising, shocking.

But it seems irrelevant. The day the show’s coverage was lifted (its release was tightly restricted) I saw tens of thousands of headlines capitalizing on “revelations” from these episodes. The Kardashian brand, at this point, is a complete ecosystem; It does not matter who they are or whether they are real or related. Whatever they do will be noticed, disseminated and consumed. Whether we like it or not, we are all now part of their machine.

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