Klose Kardashian confirms Kim Kardashian’s Disneyland Photoshop failure

“Win … Anyway … let’s focus on something else. Our show airs in a few more days.

Claus Kardashian accidentally confirmed the one-month fan theory involving his daughter Drew, and the worst Photoshop job from his sister Kim.

If you need a reminder, the sisters came to attention after Kim posted some bizarre-looking photos of her daughter Chicago and Klose’s daughter Drew at Disneyland last December.

As you can probably tell, compared to Chicago, his whole body – especially his arms – looks clearly blurred.

Many fans quickly jumped on the bandwagon as Drew went to Disneyland a few months ago, speculating that Drew’s face may actually have been photoshopped on the body of Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormy.

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In October, Kylie recorded Chris Chicago’s and Gorgner Matriarch Chris’s dictation while enjoying a beautiful trip to Disneyland for Halloween. At one point in the video, we see Stormy and Chicago from behind as they stand in line for a ride.

Interestingly, Kim wore the same outfit on the October trip as she did in Chicago in the pictures she shared in December.

TikTok user maiachondrialmembrane said, “Not only has she been photoshopped, she’s been photoshopped on Stormy’s photo since October, and I was very different.”

Long ago, Internet watchers were able to dig up old photos of True shared by Close – in which he appeared to be similar to the Disneyland photos posted by Kim.

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With this obvious – and very convincing – source image, one fan wrote: “So are you telling me that Kim Kardashian West covered up Stormy’s face with the real face of the photo previously posted by Klose ?! You know, Chicago’s clothes and hairstyles are not the same. Something is going on. “

By the time it spread on social media, neither Chloe nor Kimmo acknowledged that Photoshop had failed – despite the fan-filled comments about the crash.

Someone wrote, “Lolol made terrible Photoshop.” “It was made in Photoshop,” echoed another.

The conversation resumed this week after Close revealed that Drew had traveled to Disneyland “for the first time” on Tuesday to celebrate his fourth birthday.

In a video posted on his Instagram story, Klose said: “This is the first time at Disneyland!”

Fans were so confused when Klose revealed that if Kim’s photos were really legit, it might not have been Drew’s first time in the park.

“When Kim posted this a few months ago, it’s funny that Chloe said today was Drew’s first Disneyland trip,” one tweeted. “We know it was made in Photoshop.”

When Kim posted this a few months ago, Chloe joked that today was Drew’s first Disneyland trip.

Twitter: @ sophiefox1

“Chloe said today was Drew’s first time at Disneyland … Disney Photoshop plot theory is back,” another wrote on Instagram. “I hope they had a good reason to cover Stormy in the photos. I think it’s interesting and fun.”

More bubbling talk online, Close Finally Entered the conversation to weigh the speculations.

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Responded to a fan who tweeted that.People have questions“Close” openly admitted that he had “cheated” and once confirmed that the pictures had been edited.

“Wellllppp I fucked this up,” he tweeted, before turning his attention to his family’s new Hulu show. KardashiansIt will be screened this weekend.

BonGucci KimKardashian Wellpppp I cheated on this. Anyway ….. let’s focus on something else 😂 Our show is still airing in a few days

Twitter: @khloekardashian

“Anyway… .. let’s focus on something else,” she added with a smiling emoji. “Our show will air in a few more days.”

Interestingly, Klose did not say why Drew was edited in the films, and he did not release further details about the digital crash. However, it has been speculated that Stormy may have been photoshopped to avoid focusing on Kylie and her partner Travis, who were embroiled in controversy at the time following Kylie and her Astroworld festival.

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Last November, 10 people were killed and hundreds injured in Travis’ self-produced and titled concert. Kylie and Stormy attended the event, however they were reportedly kicked out VIP section As soon as deadly swarms occur.

Erica Goldring / Wire Image,

Fan-film Views Travis from the crowd seemed to show up to concerts to seek medical treatment once emergency services were shown. In addition, Kylie shared videos on her Instagram story at night in which ambulances were spotted among participants.

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Travis has been named as a defendant in hundreds of cases, many of which cite “negligence” and “incitement to violence.”

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Travis and Kylie faced criticism for their early responses to the tragedy, both of which shared brief statements online in its aftermath. One detail that particularly upset fans was that Kylie said she did not “know” about the casualties until after the festival, even though the couple documented it in her Instagram story.

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The couple remained silent on social media for the next two months, and Travis returned to Instagram the day after Kim shared the edited Disneyland photos. For that reason, some fans have speculated that Kylie and Travis preferred to have a lower profile when they were at the center of the controversy, and as a result Stormy edited the pictures.

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While we do not have definitive answers as to why Drew was edited in the films, fans were still stunned as Klose actually confirmed the long-running theory.

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What’s more, the comments under Kim’s original Disneyland post are now filled with references to Klose’s revelation.

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“Chloe basically confirmed that it was made in Photoshop,” says one. “Why did I come here to say Kim,” another user wrote.

Well, we hope they will unravel this whole Photoshop mess in their new show!

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