Los Angeles Lakers: Questioned Trades, Injuries and Falling Star … What Happened to the NBA Team

The team most accustomed to winning – 2021/22 endured roughly, failing to advance to the playoffs after eight consecutive defeats at the end of the season.

From dubious off-season moves to injuries and failed stars, there are many reasons for the team’s disappointing season.

With so many questions surrounding the future of the team – the need to find a new head coach and rebuild the roster with limited tools – the future around the lockers is unclear.

Making moves

Two years ago, the Lakers were world champions.

Covit-19 in Florida won the 2020 NBA Championship title in the safe bubble.

But this season’s team version is its shadow.

After a playoff defeat to Phoenix Sun last season – Davis suffered an injury in a playoff series that changed the tide – a roster has been modified.

The team traded for the 2017 NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) first round selection from the Washington Wizards to Westbrook, two future second round selections and the replacement of previous key players Montreal Harrell, Kyle Kuzma and Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pope.

They also lost key players in the free agency, Alex Caruso and Dennis Schrder, and were replaced by a mix of older players such as Carmelo Anthony or the bench player.

With the addition of Westbrook, the Lakers thought they were in a prime position for the championship run, and the bookmakers agreed with them.

Just as Golden State Warriors paired Kevin Durant with Steff Curry and Clay Thompson – a team that won two titles – Lakers fans thought they might have had their own ‘Big Three’.

LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook: Well, isn’t it?

However, from the beginning, it was clear that not all things were happy.

James warms up before a game at the Amway Center.

Problem to problem

The Lockers are generally one of the most talked about teams in the NBA each year, but along with James and Davis Westbrook, their season’s chances dominated Airways.

With endless excitement behind them and fans screaming to see King, The Pro and Brady for the first time, the Lakers opened the season with a home game against the Warriors.

Despite 34 points from James and 33 points from Davis, LA disappointed home fans with a 121-114 defeat.

But that was the first game, wasn’t it? They are still heating up.

Three days later the Phoenix Suns suffered a resounding defeat.

But they’re two great teams, aren’t they? That would be okay.

It did not. The team fought for stability 4-3 in October and 8-8 in November. A group of Vogue lockers had previously dined for its safety. But this team – with older seniors and less flexibility – could not believe it.

And attack synchronization is not there.

The James and Davis relationship has always been key to the Lakers’ success, while other role players have been happy to play their part. The inclusion of Westbrook did not work properly, with another ball-dominating player destabilizing the team, resulting in oscillating results.

LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook play in the Lakers' game against Charlotte Hornets on January 28, 2022 at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte.

Then on December 17, Davis left the court due to a knee injury. He had a left MCL sprain and was later confirmed.

The removal of Davis – Robin to James’ Batman – was a devastating blow to the Lakers.

Davis missed 17 games and returned in late January, sidelining him again due to a right ankle injury.

Without Davis, the Lockers would have been a non-quality team, and despite having a season dominated by James – even though it was his 19th season in the league – they could not have overcome it.

Overall, the Lockers’ ‘Big Three’ played one of 21 games due to injuries, which limited the time it took to develop the chemistry.

With the amount of money and business capital invested in the team, their failure to qualify for the postseason was considered a major setback, and Vocal did not escape his job.

LeBron James: The Lakers star says in an interview with The Athlete that his son will play in the final NBA season

James, 38, says he has no plans to go anywhere, despite missing the playoffs for the fourth time in his long and short career.

“I’m here to win a championship and I want to win,” James told reporters on Monday. I am confident that this organization wants the same. This is what this organization always talks about.

“I wanted to change the story and this right could compete at a higher level again. They have been successful for decades and decades and decades.

But yes, when I signed up here, when Magic (Johnson) was here, when Rob (Belinga) was here – Rob is still here – I told them I wanted to help make this title a champion once again. I did it, we did it, but I want to do it again. “

Frank Vocal is the Lakers' coach on April 11.

New guy to town

Westbrook is a lightning rod for most of the team’s problems.

Westbrook is a Hall of Fame player who is one of the most energetic players in the league at his peak, but his trade for Los Angeles was third in four years as he struggled to find a long-term landing spot.

With his big contract commitment – the highest paid player on the team – and his high trading price, Westbrook was expected to come and act.

His presence on the court this year was irregular, clips of some of his plays this season became ridiculous, and fans even called him ‘Westbrick’ – brick is the derogatory word used to describe an ugly missed shot. From the edge.

There was a level of criticism of him and his family as Westbrook came out and asked people to stop using Monique.

“When it comes to basketball, I do not care about the criticism of missing and making shots. But where it’s my name, it becomes an issue,” he said in March.
Westbrook looks from the sidelines.

“I left it in the past because it never bothered me. But it really hit me one day.

“My wife and I were at teacher-parent seminars for my son, and the teacher said to me, ‘Noah, he’s so proud of his last name. He writes it everywhere, he writes it all over. He’s been telling everyone and coming around.

“I just sat there in shock and it hit me, ‘Damn, I can not let people in anymore. [to besmirch my name]. ‘”

Despite the moments for Westbrook, his future with the team seems uncertain. His big deal makes it hard for him to trade, but his court chemistry with his teammates doesn’t seem to fit in long.

However, Westbrook, citing his relationship with Vogue after the season ended, believes he was never given a fair chance.

“When I first came here, I was not given a fair chance at the ability to do what I could for a team and a company,” he said.

It looks like a long season in “City of Angels” as there is an aging team and the whole team is in question.

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