Mel Kipper 2-Round Mack Draft: Steelers make all the mistakes in rounds 1 and 2

The 2022 NFL draft is imminent, meaning draft analysts are fully following their pseudo-draft predictions. Some fake drafts and their authors attract more attention than others, and both in ESPN certainly fall into that category. Whether Todd McSay or Mel Kipper are juniors, these two analysts are lightning rods when it comes to their rankings / predictions.

After McShay released his latest duplicate last week, it was Kiper’s turn to create some content, and he did it in full 2-round sample draft. Of course, these are just Kiper’s thoughts and predictions on how the draft might turn out, but for the Pittsburgh Steelers fan, you’ll be wondering if this would be the best move for the team if the team drops it. Way.

That being said, let’s take a look at the first round of Kiper’s latest MacDraft …

Round 1

1. Jaguars in JacksonvilleAidan Hutchinson, DE, Michigan
2. Detroit LionsAhmed “Sauce” Gardner, CB, Cincinnati
3. Houston TexansTravan Walker, DE, Georgia
4. New York JetsKayvon Thibodeaux, DE, Oregon
5. New York GiantsIkem Ekvonu, OT, NC State
6. Carolina PanthersMalik Willis, QB, Liberty
7. New York Giants (via CHI) – Jermaine Johnson II, DE, State of Florida
8. Atlanta FalconsGarrett Wilson, WR, State of Ohio
9. Seattle Seahawks (Via DEN) – Evan Neil, OT, Alabama
10. New York Jets (via SEA) – Drake London, WR, USC
11. Commanders of WashingtonKyle Hamilton, S, Our lady
12. Minnesota VikingsDerek Stingley Jr., CB, LSU
13. Houston Texans (via CLE) – Charles Cross, OT, State of Mississippi
14. Baltimore RavensTrent McDuffie, CB, Washington
15. Philadelphia eagles (Via MIA) – Chris Olev, WR, Ohio State
16. New Orleans Saints (Via PHI / IND) – Trevor Penning, OT, Northern Iowa
17. Los Angeles ChargersJordan Davis, DD, Georgia
18. Philadelphia Eagles (via NO) – Nagobe Dean, ILB, Georgia
19. New Orleans Saints (via PHI) – Jameson Williams, WR, Alabama

20. Pittsburgh SteelersKenny Pickett, QB, bit

I would be more comfortable here than I was picketing in the top 10 places. The best situation is that he is a Derek car, and his site is the Andy Dalton type, not a bad quarterback by any means. With that Pittsburgh can win. However, those two were taken in Round 2 and there were no first-round expectations around them. If the picket falls in the lap of the Steelers here, he will be hard to pass. And he’s a little more than Mitch Trobiski.

21. New England PatriotsDevin Lloyd, ILB, Utah
22. Green Bay Packers (Via LV) – Christian Watson, WR, North Dakota State
23. Arizona CardinalsDylan Berks, WR, Arkansas
24. Dallas CowboysArnold Ebiketie, DE, Penn State
25. Buffalo BillsDoxton Hill, DP, Michigan
26. Tennessee TitansJohann Dodson, WR, Ben State
27. Tampa Bay BuccaneersDevonde Wyatt, DD, Georgia
28. Green Bay PackersZion Johnson, G / C, Boston College
29 Kansas City Leaders (Via MIA / SF) – Andrew Booth Jr., CB, Clemson
30. Kansas City LeadersGeorge Carlaoftis, DE, Burdo
31. New York Jets (by Fake Trade with CIN) – Tyler Linderbaum, C, Iowa
32. Detroit Lions (via LAR) – Louis Cini, S, Georgia

While the Steelers are ranked 20th, there is plenty of talent to choose from, but Kipper believes the demand for Steelers in the quarterback is more than likely to cause the picket to fall further. No. to Carolina. With Willis out at 6, Pickett is the next best quarterback team. But that does not mean it is the best direction for the team in Round 1. There are still talents in positions that are needed on both sides of football. It was hard to see people like Devin Lloyd, Devonde Wyatt and Tyler Linderbaum on board and passed by in black and gold.

Round 2

33. Jaguars in JacksonvilleKenyon Green, G, Texas A&M
34. Detroit LionsDavid Ojabo, OLB, Michigan
35. Cincinnati Bengal (Through counterfeit trade with NYJ) – Khair Elam, CB, Florida
36. New York GiantsJalan Pitre, S, Baylor
37. Houston TexansJaguan Prisker, S, Ben State
38. New York Jets (via CAR) – Breeze Hall, RB, State of Iowa
39. Chicago BearsKyler Garden, CB, Washington
40. Seattle Seahawks (via DEN) – Desmond Rider, QB, Cincinnati
41. Seattle SeahawksQuay Walker, LP, Georgia
42. Indianapolis Golds (Via WSH) – Bernhard Ryman, OT, Central Michigan
43. Atlanta FalconsBoye Mafe, OLB, Minnesota
44. Cleveland BrownsTravis Jones, DT, Connecticut
45. Baltimore RavensChanning Dindall, LP, Georgia
46. ​​The Minnesota VikingsPerian Winfrey, DD, Oklahoma
47. Washington Commanders (via IND) – George Pickens, WR, Georgia
48. Chicago Pierce (via LAC) – Tyler Smith, OT / G, Tulsa
49. New Orleans SaintsMatt Corel, QB, Be Miss
50. Kansas City Leaders (via MIA) – Sky Moore, WR, West Michigan
51. Philadelphia EaglesDrake Jackson, DE / OLB, USC

52. Pittsburgh SteelersJohn Metz III, WR, Alabama

Messi tore his ACL in December, but he had a fantastic season with 96 catches and eight scores for 1,142 yards. He could play in the slot and make a difference in the middle of the field for the Steelers, which allowed Juju Smith-Schuster to walk into the free agency. Mets need to heal to play in Week 1 – and Kenny may help Pickett.

53. Green Bay Packers (via LV) – Alec Pierce, WR, Cincinnati
54. New England PatriotsLogan Hall, DL, Houston
55. Cardinals of ArizonaRoger McGregor, CB, Auburn
56. Dallas CowboysAbraham Lucas, OT, Washington State
57. Buffalo BillsKenneth Walker III, RB, State of Michigan
58. Atlanta Falcons (via TEN) – Troy Anderson, LP, Montana State
59. Green Bay PackersMaijoy Sanders, DE / OLB, Cincinnati
60. Tampa Bay BuccaneersCole Strange, G, Chattanooga
61. San Francisco 49ersCam Taylor-Britt, DP, Nebraska
62. Kansas City LeadersJalan Tolbert, WR, Southern Alabama
63. Cincinnati BengalGreg Dalczyk, TE, UCLA
64. Denver Broncos (Via LAR) – Trey McBride, TE, Colorado State

Steelers Big Number. Sitting tight at 52, he again focuses on the attacking side of the ball through the Mets III selection. Many fans / specialists coming from major knee surgery are skeptical of the exam, but many have returned from these injuries without any hindrance to their performance. The Steelers, who picket in Round 1, opened the door for teams like the Seahawks and Saints to take Desmond Rider and Matt Correll to Round 2. Again, there are plenty of talent on board, but you will be hard pressed to argue that the Steelers did not. t Need both quarterback and white receiver assistance. Getting those positions in the 1st and 2nd rounds is not scary.

What do you think of Kipper’s latest fake draft? Will you be happy with the exams? If you were developing this joke, are there any players who have passed you by? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for the latest news and tips surrounding the BTSC as Steelers prepare for the next wave of agency and NFL drafts.

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