NBA Playoffs: Nets Must Escape With Play-Success But Watch Celtics With Hope and Caution

New York – At a post-match press conference on Tuesday, Kevin Durant asked the first question: “Yeah, what did Bruce Brown say when he woke up here?”

Forty-five minutes after the Brooklyn Nets finished seventh with a 115-108 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the opening game of the play-off, Durant told his teammate “Someone told me I didn’t like it.”

The quote that annoyed Durant answered a harmless question: What was the main reason the Boston Celtics slowed down in the first round?

“I mean, we can’t allow that [Jayson] At 50, we need to be physically with him, “said Brown. [III]So their paint balance is low and we can attack Al Horford and [Daniel] These. So it’s great that they do not have Robert Williams. “

“Well, man,” Durand said. “It’s probably Caffeine talking. He’s taking some before the game. They’ve both guys can do the same thing. It’s not going to be easy, I’ll tell you.”

When a reporter asked Durand about their upcoming opponents, he said it simply: Brooklyn must be disciplined, play together and play with enthusiasm. Instead of talking about the tactics the nets could use against Totem, they should play hard and “see what happens,” he said.

Doesn’t seem to be angry at Torrent Brown. There was vibration Come on, man.

“We respect our opponents,” Durant said. “No need to talk, you know, we’m going to do it to them. I do not like it, you know? But Bruce is like that. You know, he’s come in and say it. He has. The same energy throughout the season, so.

“But needless to say. Let’s go over there and bend over.”

It is unclear whether Durant and Brown agreed on the Nets’ chances in their first-round series or just on what they should and should not say to the media. However, it is fitting that Brooklyn showed both confidence and caution after a game – and after a regular season, which provided ample reason for both.

The Nets, who led 40-20 at the end of the first quarter, scored eight points in the next 10 and a half minutes. They rose to 22 in the third quarter, allowing Cleveland to come in the sixth in the fourth quarter.

For Brooklyn, the combination of Nicholas Cloxton and Andre Drummond with 29 points and 17 rebounds for 17-for-17 shooting was fantastic, but Seth Curry, along with Grandma Mills and Koran Trojik for nine points and an assistant 3 were not the best to help. -To -12 shooting. If the Nets had not wasted a huge lead against the same team in the same arena four days ago, the draw taken to finish the Caves would have been much more interesting. This time they did not back down.

Cleveland was an elite defensive team for most of the regular season, but its success bouted all-star Jared Allen and Rookie of the Year hopeful Evan Mobley Paint. Caves’ version of Brooklyn’s score at Barclays Center is almost as suffocating, and the Celtics are just as suffocating as it gets. The Boston attack was also very high. If the Nets need 42 minutes each from Durant and Kyrie Irving to survive on Tuesday, what are they going to do to compete with the Celtics on Sunday?

Durant is right: it will not be easy. Brown is right: it’s going to be a lot harder if Boston start the series with healthy Williams. Your mileage may vary depending on how vulnerable Horford and Theis are defensively, but they will not be able to cover the ground, block shots or catch lobes like Williams. For months, Williams was on the ground and the Celtics’ defense was almost flawless; Now Brooklyn has at least some pressure points to punch.

Cleveland played what Nets coach Steve Nash described as an “extreme” defensive style. It teamed up with Curry and Mills, sold out completely against Brown, Cloxton, Drummond and Kessler Edwards and sent additional defenders to Durant and Irving.

Pointing to Brown’s 18-point, nine-back, eight-assist performance and adult talent, Nash said, “Sometimes, we did it better and punished them.” “We moved the ball and played well, sticking with our principles for a long time to get a 20-point lead.” Nash admitted that they “did not play our best basketball after that”.

Brown noted that he was “having fun with the triple-double” again – last Friday, when he scored 18 points, eight assists and 10 rebounds against the Caves – and laughed. “I’m just doing the right play, that’s all.” The game was simple for him when the defense allowed him to open up, paint packing and catch the ball with an advantage. Brown pointed to Cleveland’s return to Brooklyn’s careless passes and said he “didn’t care too much about it”.

Irving made his first 12 shots and finished with 12 points-to-15 with 34 points and 12 assists. Durant scored 25 points and 11 assists in 9 of 16 shots. Many of these were tough-looking, some were more than many defenders, and the nets prefer not to trust their superstars getting bail. Their ability to do so should provoke a more healthy fear of why Brooklyn. While Boston’s shift will stop Nets ’beautiful stuff, it will have to deal with Durant and Irving in isolation. When they hit competing shots with fully outstretched hands, no one can do much.

On the one hand, Brooklyn has won its last four regular season games, overseeing the play-in business and may have withdrawn Ben Simmons in the first round. Simmons, on the other hand, has not played all season, playing charcoal on an injured ankle, and in the post-season, Nash still learned how to build sync and play together.

Boston, meanwhile, knows exactly what its identity is and what the Web is trying to do. Its coach, Ime Utoka, was one of Nash’s staff last season.

“This will be a big challenge for us,” Nash said. “For a new team to go and play for a team like that, it’s fantastic on both sides, and it’s going to be one that brings out the best in us.”

And the Celtics are not Williams. That’s huge.

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