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If you dare take a show that is seemingly close and expand it to extra seasons, you never know what the creative outcome will be.

Certainly not Netflix.

Russian toy


Almost meets high expectations.

Each The end of the f *** ing worldIt delivered a surprisingly decent second season after its spectacular and utterly unexpected first season, which may be even more so 13 Reasons, One of the most popular shows on Netflix, could not resist leaving the raw material and continues the increasingly silly and unconnected story for three more unseen seasons. Sorry. I’m still angry at how bad it is 13 Reasons – Already, even at the peak of its creativity, the somewhat troubled series – left the rails.

Fortunately, the second season Russian toy, Although trains and subway cars played a major role, did not leave the tracks. Its continuation is even harder to say Russian toy “Necessary”, because the first season is the most perfect gem. But entering the forefront of the show’s creative team, Natasha Lyon has presented seven episodes that take on more personal and larger intellectual risks than anything in the initial run.

“Although the characters are less effectively elegant than the city Groundhawk Day As Fellini directs, “The first season, the new season is finally coming out well, and that’s all I have to tell you about it. However, for the other purposes of this review, I will not spoil anything more than Netflix’s trailers have already spoiled, I promise you what this season has to offer.

We pick up a few years after the events of the first season. Nadia (Lyon) has only 10 days left to reach her 40th birthday, and after a minor accident with her surrogate mother Ruth (Elizabeth Ashley) Nadia once again binds an existential crisis to death. This is not a great time to plan a grand birthday party for her friend Maxine (Greta Lee) again, especially as Nadia wants to spend that evening with her 36th birthday time-loop friend Alan (Charlie Barnett), so she put it like, “Look, we’re on the same timeline We’re done. I want to make sure we keep it that way.

Nadia climbed into the tunnel and said, “Hey, that Life on Mars! “She notices other travelers smoking and a poster for a particular movie that will not be released in theaters in 2022. The Guardian Angels worn by Beret suddenly skyrocketed, a blink of an eye inspired at least partly by one season. This is a wonderful life.

Like the first season, slipping into and out of the past is not a permanent condition, and as he explains to Allen, “the universe has finally found something worse than death.” Whatever it is, I will not, or will not spoil, Allen’s own temporary journey, weaving Allen’s storyline early on is not something that makes the season better. His storyline and Nadia eventually came together well and this series was a good outlet for Bornett’s cookie energy, so they were able to plan a way to keep his character in the ring – so to speak – and I’m very relaxed.

On a practical level, the plot of the season is related to the financial heritage of the Nadia family linked to the South African gold Krugers mentioned in the first season, but more symbolically, the focus is on the shock between generations. What is the illusion provided by decades of time travel films is that the past is a place of careful avoidance of contradictions and healing of the wounds of the present, but despite full awareness, Nadia, who is interested in extreme wording and pop culture, has not been able to accurately align the pieces with those time-travel rules. Some wounds are so deep and bound up with so many tragic ripples that they cannot be easily repaired – and while the first season’s temporary epicycles are driven by personal unfinished business, the second season is triggered by the darker and more historic collective unfinished business. .

Leon, who co-produced the series with Leslye Headland and Amy Poehler, made his directorial debut in the first season finale, this time being even more determined, writing four of the seven episodes or co-directing three. Documentary Now! Veteran Alex Buono leads the others. And Lyon’s DNA is throughout the season, including his family’s Hungarian-Jewish roots and, in general, a very Semitic approach to the spiritual foundation of the story. You do not need to know the teachings of Rabbi Simza Bunimin about the two messages that every person should have in their pocket to understand Nadia’s simultaneous bending power and utter inability to grasp the rule, but it helps. You do not even have to come inside Russian toy With a sense of the Jewish attitude to life after death, Leon makes sure to pronounce it, leaving the audience to decide if it is really important.

Writing and directing with even more confidence – special points for using European spaces and special points for the killer soundtrack that occasionally loses Harry Nilsson – Lyon has a cultural prism that can always be seen; There are references to everything from European art house cinema to Bob Foss Star 80 Well-established affection for her over Peter Polk and Colombo. In addition, her acting prowess is unmatched by any other brass and harsh speech, with only the slightest hint of hope that her family’s unfinished business will actually be completed as Nadia loses control of her place in a timely manner.

Leon and Barnett are the actor’s talented editors, the strategic deployment of the talented troll Lee, the passionate heavyweight Ashley and the area expanded to Chloe Sevigni as Nadia’s mother Nora, whose damage makes Nadia look equal. The season is very short – episodes last over 30 minutes, but regular Netflix resists swelling – and centered on Nadia that there is no room for many new faces, but parts of what I say are welcome in Annie Murphy and Charlotte Copley. Let it be secret.

Nothing in this season is as compelling a hobby as the first season’s series of casualties, and I wish some subject series were still going on. But, like this season, the satisfying difficulty of the first season is enough, as it is to recapture without shameless breeding.

Again, is there a reason for the third season now? No. Have Lyon and company had a chance to seize that opportunity? Absolutely.

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