NordicTrack iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells Review: No thanks, Alexa

One of the first things I bought at the beginning of the infection was a set of adjustable dumbbells. My husband and I wanted to do strength training, but we needed different weights. He had real muscles when I held the noodle hands. The problem is, our apartment could not accommodate a full floor. Adjustable dumbbells seemed like a sensible choice. It wasn’t until then. During the set of chest compressions, the pin that protects the weight plates is broken. I got a 5-pound palette for the face. So, as you can imagine, I was wary of testing the NordicTrack iSelect adjustable dumbbells for $ 429 (or less than $ 300 for sale).

Price is definitely one thing I was wary of, but it’s not really that outrageous. I’ll get it in a little while, but you can easily spend 10 sets on regular dumbbells – if not more. As the iSelect dumbbells increase from five to five pounds, that’s what you’re changing here. You also pay a premium for the smart features of iSelect.

There are two things that make iSelect dumbbells “smart”. First, they use an electronic locking mechanism instead of pins or end screws. Second, you can convert weights into Alexa using voice commands. However, fortunately, you do not To Because there is a knob that helps to change the weight manually.

Dumbbells (or smartbells?) Rest on a custom fitted plate. In the center is an LCD display showing the manual knob and current weight. There is also an optional tablet holder that you can screw on the back. The plate measures 21 x 19 x 16 inches (LWH) and is relatively compact. I couldn’t fit it in my room, but that’s because I already have another fitness gadget attached. However, it fit easily into my home office. Most people should have no trouble finding somewhere to store the tray. The only requirements are to be placed near the power station, which is usually not considered when storing dumbbells. You also need to be deliberate about where you put the plate to start. Once you put these babies down, you need to move the trays that weigh 100 pounds if you change your mind. Its No. Fun. (You should also keep this in mind when weighing. The box that comes with it weighs 123 pounds.)

Setting up dumbbells is easy. All you have to do is download the iSelect app for iOS or Android and follow the prompts to connect dumbbells via bluetooth and wifi. (The latter is for firmware updates.) If you want to use Dumbbells with Alexa, you need to take a few extra steps to link the iSelect app to your Amazon account. The iSelect app can set customized weight profiles for 15 dumbbell exercises, including bicep curls, chest presses and squats. I have not used this feature much, but I can see it being useful if you are someone who knows exactly how much weight is needed for each movement.

You can set presets in the iSelect application.

Unlike most attached fitness products, iSelect Dumbbells have one big thing to support them: subscription is not mandatory. You get paid for a month by purchasing Nordic Track iFit family members, but you do not have to follow it. If you want to use another service, be sure to cancel the update automatically – even if you want to use one service. If NordicTrack stops selling or supporting this device, the best feature is that you do not get stuck with pricked dumbbells.

If you choose to stay with iFit, you will need to download a separate iFit app to access the classes. Connected gadgets can be annoying when downloading multiple applications to use them. If any one app is not well developed it will be very inconvenient. In both iSelect and iFit apps, I had loading and connection issues. Every time I did not run the apps, restarting my mobile usually fixed the problem. But when trying to squeeze in the workout, I do not appreciate the extra time I spent solving the problem.

As for the content of iFit – this is great. It’s not as shiny as Peloton or Apple Fitness Plus, but it may impress those who do not like Peppy trainers who inspire luck cookie wisdom. You get a more solid workout. Structurally, the classes and exercises featured were the same as I had taken in many fitness applications. (Although I appreciate that the iFit did not rush in the spare time between sets.) It’s a different overall taste. If Pelodon is a Starbucks Frapuccino, the iFit is like a solid cup of dinner coffee.

If you want to follow the classes, you can also attach a custom tablet holder.

IFit for these dumbbells does not provide special content or features in its service. Unlike the attached dumbbells of Tempo Move or JaxJox, these dumbbells do not count your representatives or give you extra intelligence. The more you get the more instructors Some Classes on how iSelect dumbbells work when integrating the Alexa function into a syllable.

Speaking of which, one of the most annoying things about working with traditional adjustable dumbbells is that it takes time to gain or lose weight. It is not a problem if you do your own exercises. However, if you are taking classes, reset the weight on the rack, lift the mechanical pin, calculate how many extra plates you need to add, and then make sure everything is safe, 30 seconds between sets will not be enough. . When I first closed these dumbbells, Nordic Track insisted in a demo that Alexa’s combo and fast electronic locking mechanism would be faster. And Safe.

In fact, Alexa was fast at times. At other times, Alexa was very confused.

The manual bubble is very easy to use and quick.

To control dumbbells, you can give commands such as “Alexa, set the weight to the bicep curl”, “Alexa, increase / decrease the weight by five pounds”, or “Alexa, set the weight to 15 pounds”. When everything is working properly, it takes Alexa 5-10 seconds to do what you asked. There is no time to re-rack the dumbbells you need to do to adjust the weight. Unfortunately, Alexa is not always a brilliant helper. Many times, Alexa will misunderstand “weights” as “lights”. Instead of doing what I asked, Alexa would ask me which Hue bulbs to turn on or off. Other times, Alexa would say I could not attach to my dumbbells – but after a little delay would successfully change the weight.

Again, this will reduce the problem if you do not follow any kind of program. However, if you are, Alexa will find it hard to ask you exactly. I tested using both the Echo Spot and the fourth generation Echo, both of which from time to time had difficulty understanding me – more of a spot than an Echo. Strictly speaking, Alexa Was Many times he was able to understand me without any problems in Peloton or IFIT class. But, once in a while, I have to yell at the instructor over and over again or pause the class for Alexa to understand my command. But even though Alexa worked properly, nine times out of 10, manually adjusting the weight using the bubble was faster for me.

I could only see Alexa using the top of the bubble if I ran to the kitchen for water during the recovery break. Even so, I do not know if it will be faster than manually adjusting. I’m supposed to have Alexa restrictions for access reasons, but if so, I want this feature to work more smoothly.

The shape is a bit bulky to my taste, but the square edges are ideal for board-dumbbell drills like the rogue rows.

I was impressed with how fast the manual adjustment of the dumbbells was. A few years ago, I reviewed JaxJox’s attached kennel. Even though it has an electronic locking mechanism, it is not always fast enough to continue classes. Conversely, iSelect dumbbells feel like they change weight instantly. That speed does not come at the expense of security. I did overhead triceps extensions, deadlifts, Russian twists, renigate sequences, chest compressions, squats – you name it. Nothing fell.

The iSelect dumbbells are also sturdy, and the plates do not sound like the other adjustable dumbbells I have tried. The handles are tight and the square shape is good for exercises where you have to board with weights (e.g., monk rows, dumbbell pass-throws.) Still, the shape is bigger than I would like, and I do not like. Tell me they are so much better than the standard dumbbells I already have.

$ 429, dumbbells more expensive. This is not the case with the price of the Amazon Echo device – if you do not already have it – or the $ 39 monthly subscription if you choose to pursue iFit. However, whether they are more expensive depends on your strength-training needs. A full rack of standard dumbbells ranging from 5 to 50 pounds in a five-pound increase will cost a little luck. For example, the NordicTrack version costs $ 1,999. Most are in the $ 700– $ 1,000 range. Compared to iSelect dumbbells, you get a deal. You also save a ton of space in your home.

Weights go from five to 50 pounds in five pound increments.

But that’s only if you really need a full rack. If you are a beginner, you are not. Small, space-capable dumbbell sets are rarely seen. Small range of adjustable dumbbell sets are available on Amazon for approximately $ 20– $ 150. May even turn into some barbells. Meanwhile, if you get frustrated with the lack of measurements, JaxJox has $ 499 attached adjustable dumbbells that can count your reps.

If you have many people on many levels in your home – like me and my husband – a set like this can make a lot of sense. We already have Alexa devices, however I do not know if the two of us would have used voice control if I had not tested the device. For me, these dumbbells have the weight range we need, save space and adjust quickly to classes. Most importantly, I can work without worrying that a plate of sknoss will hit me. I am well aware that no one has to spend hundreds of connected weights that do not have many smart features. But if you are looking for a full rack and do not have a lot of space to work, you can do even worse.

Photo by Victoria Song / The Verge

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