Prime Video announces premiere of ‘The Kids in the Hall’; New Canadian Originals Programming Slate – Timeline

Prime Video announced Children in the hall The premiere and supporting documentary is set to be screened on May 13 In The Kids In The Hall: Comedy Punks On May 20th.

More premiere dates and new Canadian originals were released during the Prime Video Presents Canada Showcase event in Toronto on Wednesday.

Below you can see what is going on.

The StickyA half-hour series revolving around Ruth Clark, a tough, highly talented, middle-aged Canadian maple syrup farmer, threatens the bureaucracy of Canada, especially now, with the fashionable, bureaucratic conventions he owns. Take away everything she wants: her farm, her husband in a coma and the right to freedom.

With the help of Remy Bouchard, a pint-sized local blackhead and Mike Byrne, an aging grassroots mob, Ruth changes her destiny – and changes the future of her community by stealing millions of dollars worth of maple syrup.

Brian Donovan and Ed Hero wrote the pilot script and co-produced and co-produced with Canadian co-host / executive producer Katherine Boral. Directed and produced by Jonathan Levine. The series is produced by Bloomhouse founder and CEO Jason Bloom’s indie studio Bloomhouse Television, Jonathan Levine’s Megamics, Jamie Lee Curtis’ Comet Pictures and Canadian producers Spear Media.

An untitled documentary project about The Trojili Hip Director Mike Downey’s is a versatile documentary that features exclusive, never-before-seen scenes, photos, shows and stories of the band’s long and layered lives.

The iconic Canadian comedy troupe Children in the hall—Dave Foley, Bruce McClock, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson — are back with a new season of their fantastic sketch series, featuring new characters and favorites, with satirical sketches.

Children in the hall Produced by Project 10, a Broadway video and Canadian production company, by Lorn Michaels. The series was created, written, and produced by Foley, McClock, McDonald’s, McKinney and Thompson.

Joining the Kids Series Renaissance In The Kids In The Hall: Comedy PunksTwo-part documentary produced by Blue and Studios.

Directed by Wreck Harkema, the documentary stars Fred Armizen, Lauren Ash, Jay Bruchel, Louise Black, Jane Carroffalo, Eddie Isard, May Martin, Eric McCormack, Lorne Michaels, Mike Myers, Matt Walsh, Reggie Watts and others. And the fans, and how the group’s comedy inspired their colleagues and the next generation of sketch comedians and continues to this day.

The cottage is set in the country, Lake The 30-minute episodic comedy film starring Jordan Cavarris, Julia Styles and Madison Chamon will be screened on June 17th.

Produced by AMAZE and written by Julian Ducet and produced by management, the series follows Justin (Kwaris) on his return from overseas after splitting with his longtime partner in hopes of reuniting with his abandoned biological daughter. For adoption in adolescence.

His plans to create new memories with his daughter Billy (Chamon) from his childhood are going awry.

Filmed in Montreal and rural Quebec, Three pines Starring Alfred Molina and based on the novels of Canadian author Louis Penny’s New York Times- best-selling chief analyst Armand Camache. The series is set to release in early 2023.

Three pines Comes from Amazon Studio and is produced by Left Bank Pictures, a production company owned by Sony Pictures TV. CrownCanadian production company Muse Entertainment provides production services.

From Director Nathalie Bibeau Walrus and WhistleblowerAmazon Original Documentaries The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith Beverly drowned in a detailed and controversial sting operation designed to investigate a suspect in the murder of 22-year-old Beverly Lynn Smith – but it raised further questions. The documentary premieres on May 6.

With songs by compiler Patrick Howard, LOL: Qui Rira Le Dernier?, The Quebec version of the global hit comedy format, will be filmed in Montreal this spring and will feature stand-ups featuring popular French-speaking comedians and competing to make each other laugh first. The series, which will be screened later this year, is being produced by Attraction.

Animated series Gary and his demons Chases an outrageous, old ghost-killer with nothing to lose. With the burden of his “chosen one” status and the support of a team of experts who cannot relate to him, Gary struggles to be eager to save the Earth — a duty he never asked for and never wanted.

The series was originally created this fall by Mark Little, who has worked as lead writer, co-director and voice of Carey. Gary and his demons Look mom made! Productions, Blue and Media Production Company.

Catherine McNamara, Jasmine Sky Sarin, Eric Bruno and Anthony Timpano will star in the Canadian Amazon original film. SugarDirected by Vic Sarin (division), Canadian-Mexican co-producer and cinematographer and cinematographer for Connect 3 Media, based in Sebia Films and Montreal, based in British Columbia.

This feature follows two young influencers who are inspired by a handsome man to join them on a luxury vacation aboard a cruise ship bound for Australia. But as they travel through the Caribbean and the South Pacific, if they find women trapped in a deadly drug trafficking operation, the dream journey will soon become a nightmare.

The film is set to launch in Prime Video later this year in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Cineflix Rights distributes the film internationally.

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