Quarterback Market: The wrong direction is the right game when making decisions about the most valuable position of the NFL.

You may get in trouble for taking people at face value in this league. Especially at this time of year.

We are in the climax pre-draft season, where every word is carefully selected and parsed into many levels, and the mystery and intrigue and smoke screens are all enraged. Especially when it comes to men who hold the most important position in all professional sports. Quarterback. You may have heard of them because they are all outraged in this league and we have seen more trades, transactions (non-retirement?) And contract extensions with them over the last few weeks than ever before.

They’ve been circling the league, and we’re at the peak of another fertile time for QBs on the NFL calendar, the draft is just ahead, and only four of them will be selected in the first round, nothing to say. Other businesses that include still growing established quarterbacks (Baker Mayfield and Jimmy Caropolo, for starters).

You have to be careful when decision makers these days talk about quarters. Not everything seems to be, or everything that happens is not revealed by those who talk about them. There are subtle situations and unique situations around many young passers in this league, and some of these things can gain or lose depending on how the teams handle it. Words are important, and often the unspoken echoes louder than what is actually expressed.

No one wants to lay their hands on giving away more money than necessary or preventing potential trading and / or letting others read about what the club’s real purpose is in relation to the draft. Those in this league are working long and hard to do the opposite. This leads me to three interesting contacts regarding the quarterbacks that took place last week between NFL decision makers and the media.

And I’m here as a public service to decode and explain what is really going on. Think of me as a kind of translator. I will say what these people cannot say outside, and the light shines. For obvious reasons, I explain where they often prefer the philosophy of “less is more”. You can play at home (or at work, or wherever you happen to read this):

Lions coach Dan Campbell has a second choice when it comes to the need for a star quarterback in the modern NFL: “No, I do not think you need that. I do not believe you have to have one of them to retain. “

What he means: Hey, you’re the guy who said I’m going to eat the knee cap too, you’re not taking it that way, are you? We took on a brutal deal at the Borderline QB a year ago. Follow what we say, not what we say. I may be stuck with Jared Koff for one more year and even though we have a kid who is 2 years old, he is not ready to play right away. So I want to do a little dance here (maybe a lot).

Also, since this draft does not have the same QB appeal as some recent drafts, what do I get by talking about Malik Willis or Kenny Pickett or anyone else? Why not throw any flowers like that. No one is likely to trade up to 2 to get them, but if it appears we are not in the QB market, someone can trade to deal with or send the Russians, and we get even more draft capital. Where is our QB? What is it, you say I am a dreamer? Yes, I am not alone. But don’t be shocked if you catch a QB somewhere in the first round.

Commenting on the future of Jordan Love’s first-round pick at Green Bay, Packers president Mark Murphy said: “We think he’s a good player, but we’re not looking good enough. So I think this season will be good for him.

What he means: It would be better for us if we could get something in return for him in a distant trade than we surrendered to move him upstairs and overdraft. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Do you think the Panthers and Falcons will definitely get a QB in the top 10?

Well, anyway, I think you’ve seen a regular season game he started, right? Do you think there is a way we can doctor that game movie? If we’re talking enough about our rich history in growing quarterbacks and how we switched from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers, and how our backup is better than your starter, some GM can actually buy into that Spiel and give it to us. 2 for this baby? Because we all know that by supporting our wacky starter he will not be quiet in his entry plan. Dude, we gave Rodgers $ 102M in two years; He may like kung fu to happen on earth and solve problems, but he does not shy away from that money. It will take us at least until 2024. Which is the first round selection in four years? So, yes, that game is about film…

Ravens coach John Harbaugh expresses his fifth year desire for the team’s ability to sign Lamar Jackson: “He’s a unique guy. People have been scratching their heads and trying for a long time to find Lamar. Has gotten in the way. But what you like about him is what I like about him. Bring him here and ask. Maybe he can come and tell you. “

What he means: I want nothing more than to win a Super Bowl with Lamar. Hell, we changed our whole identity to try to put him and us in the best position to do it soon. But this is more than my pay. Deshan Watson could be suspended for half a year, and he received a full guarantee of $ 230M over five years. Jimmy Haslam puts $ 180M in an escrow account for the right to throw enough money to finally convince Watson to go to Cleveland.

Now Derek Carr is earning $ 40M per year. Kirk Cousins ​​received another $ 70M full guarantee. What is the value of Lamar – $ 240M full guarantee? $ 250M? Do you think I have that much money? This is about Steve Picciotti. I do a lot here and everyone knows what I think about Lamar and how long I should get around him as much as possible, but I’m not the guy to attack that verification. If Lamar does not want an agent, he’s focused on being the best Cuban, not negotiating a new deal right now, and he’s willing to gamble on himself, it’s not my place to convince him. Otherwise. It is my job to win as many football matches as possible with him and we have done it together. I have a draft to prepare and a season to prepare, and the only way you can compete in this conference is star QB drama. Lamar gives it to us. But I did not negotiate contracts. The guys seem to be cutting back on their work in this regard.

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