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What you need to know for games played on Wednesdays

Bench mob: Charlotte and Atlanta meet in a game that comes to a healthy total of around 236 points. Stacking from these lists will prove to be effective. On a night with two games, it’s important to find high-ceilinged edge rotation contributors. Atlanta’s Bogdan Bogdanovic has averaged 9.7 3-pointers in 36 minutes this season – almost one more per game than Trey Young. Bogdanovic claims to have a PRA (points + assists + rebounds) prop of 24.5 in the Draft Kings, which he has surpassed eight in his last 12 appearances for Atlanta. Hornets’ Kelly O’Brien Jr. has averaged 28 3-pointers against the Hawks in four encounters this season, and, like Boktanovic, accelerated his team with 10 3-pointers in 36 minutes. Although the bases are somewhat low – especially with Oubre – these bench microwaves require slate-shifting roofs.

Forward pointer: Losing somewhat in the shuffle in New Orleans this season, Brandon Ingram has averaged 5.6 assists. The racing markets are a little over Ingram’s ability as his assist for the Tonights with Spurs is 5.5, however, he is still worth this figure as he has made at least six times in 11 of his last 13 appearances. Pelicans. As the DFS builder for the two-game slate tonight, Ingram averaged 24.5 points against Spurs at two junctions this season and it would be useful to mention nine combined aids and reviews. In a game that demands about 40 minutes of exposure from this Emergent Playmaker such rates should be considered close to his production base.

Wild Card: Instability is part of Danilo Calinari’s game; In the last six games he has played for Atlanta this season, his scoring record is 25, 4, 15, 26, 7 and 26 points. As John Collins leaned in with rival Hornets tonight, it was notable that Colinari saw its use and regeneration rates increase whenever Collins left the ground. If you accept the inherent variation of his game in the daily fantasy ranks, it is possible to benefit from this play-in matchup with the Charlotte team, which allowed 47.7 Fantasy Draft Kings points per game to the Power Forwards – the seventh highest rate in the league. .

Block Party: You may know San Antonio’s Jakob Poeltl based on the fun daily NBA quiz game that mentions his family name, but against the Pelicans this evening, it’s best to consider him an interesting target for DFS value and defensive barriers. Like Evan Mobley of Cleveland on Tuesday, we see an elite edge defender to play heavy minutes in a key game at Poeltl. Poeltl led the NBA this season, and defended in shots at six per game and finished fifth in a game and sixth in volume percentage. It would make sense to target the block (1.5) and rebounding props (8.5) that Poeltl can reach in a match against a large New Orleans frontfield with an average of 30 minutes, 10.5 rebounds and 2.25 blocks in four encounters this season.

– Jim McCormick

Night games

No. No. 9 on the Atlanta Hawks. 10 Charlotte Hornets
7pm ET, State Farm Hall, Atlanta, GA

Line: Hawks (-4.5)
Cash flow: Hawks (-190), Hornets (+160)
Total: 260 points
BPI Planned Total: 224.2 points
BPI Success%: Hawks (68.9%)

Key players excluded: John Collins

Notable: The Hawks have been a favorite of the spread in each of their last six games.

Best Bet: Trey Young Over 46.5 Points + Assists + Rebounds. Young is hot at the right time against an exploitative Hornets team. He has averaged 32.3 PPG, 10.3 APG and 3.3 RPG in his last seven games. The Hornets finished 20th in the 100 points allowed for possession and allowed opponents to shoot the most effective field goal percentage and collect a ton of offensive rebounds. – Eric Moody

Best Bet: Clint Capella 25.5 points + rebounds. Kabela is another Hawks player growing up. He has averaged 16 PPG and 12 RPG in the last four games. Capella has a positive match against the Hornets, who have struggled to defend the interior all season. Centers averaged 25.3 PPG and 17 RPG against Charlotte in the regular season. – Mood

Best bet: Under 236 points. The Hornets and Hawks averaged 226 PPG during four appearances this season, and their number drops to 215 if their December 5 game is ruled out. Many key attacking players are expected to be absent from both teams. – Mood

I agree with the lid for the same reasons. In addition, each of the leading guards in the series, Young, Lamelo Paul and Terry Rosier, have struggled to make an impact in their matches this season. Young and Paul played better recently, but these teams played a few weeks ago, and the story is the same. This is the playoff basketball, which usually refers to the sport that gets the most physical and the lowest score. – Andre Snellings

No. No. 9 in New Orleans Pelicans. 10 San Antonio Spurs

9:30 pm ET, Smoothie King Center, New Orleans, LA

Line: Pelicans (-5.5)
Cash flow: Pelicans (-220), Spurs (+180)
Total: 227.5 points
BPI Planned Total: 217.3 points
BPI Success%: Pelicans (69.6%)

Key players excluded: nothing

Notable: They have won their last four games against the Spurs Pelicans.



Erin Dolan explains that Descent Murray expects a big game from deep against the Pelicans.

Best Bet: Dijunde Murray 40.5 points + assists + rebounds. Murray’s presence in court against the Knights on Sunday was encouraging. He will have to put up a good show against the Pelicans, who are 18th in points allowed for 100 possessions. Murray averaged 18.3 PPG, 10.0 APG and 10 RPG in four games against the Pelicans in the regular season. – Mood

Best Bet: Dejounte Murray Over 7.5 Rebounds. Murray is one of the best rebounding guards in the league and has averaged 9.8 RPG against the Pelicans this season. Murray has double-digit rebounds in two of their four games, and has gone over 7.5 rebounds in those three games. – Snellings

Best Bet: Jonas Valencianas 30.5 points + rebounds. Valanciunas have an excellent season and pelicans average 18 PPG and 11.4 RPG. Centers excel against Spurs all season, and they give up a lot of attacks on opponents. – Mood

Best Bet: Under 227.5. Spurs and the Pelicans have averaged 220.5 PPG in four games this season. Only one of those games went over 227.5 points. – Mood

Analysis margin

PPI Maximum Planned Total

1. Atlanta Hawks (114.8 points)
2. New Orleans Pelicans (111.5 points)
3. Charlotte Hornets (109.4 points)

PPI low planned totals

1. San Antonio Spurs (105.8 points)
2. Charlotte Hornets (109.4 points)
3. New Orleans Pelicans (111.5 points)

BPI high probability of success (straight up)

1. Atlanta Hawks (69%)
2. New Orleans Pelicans (69.8)
3. San Antonio Spurs (30.2%)

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