Smyly’s Grounders, Rotation’s Hole, Meta on Commenting Policy and Other Cubs Bullets

I encourage those of you who are active in the comments to see the META note at the bottom of this post. I am going to implement our conceptual policy more actively.

ா Chea Suzuki drew attention from yesterday’s victory over the Pirates, but how about pitching? The only guy to give a run was Michael Givens, and (1) was Brian Reynolds’ solo homer, and he would get it at times, and (2) Givens would have been otherwise side out. Great day to Smiley, Chris Martin, Givens, Ethan Roberts and David Robertson.

• In Smiley, you want to warn that it’s pirates, but I like the flexibility he (and Wilson Contreras) showed in implementing what the pirates gave them:

You still want to miss the bats, without question, but if you’re constantly getting crummy groundball, you’re going with it. The guy hit nine groundouts in his five innings at 80 mph. It’s just bunkers. The quality of the communication you provoke may not always be that terrible, but when you get so much it will not be overall. (Oh, really? Smiley still has 8 whips in his 68 pitches, so, yeah, that part was great too!)

ல Smiley’s overseas trip is one of the first twists and turns in the current abbreviated cycle:

Speaking of the compressed cycle, what TBD is doing this weekend when the kids need a 5th starter is still TBD:

கு Puppies can raise a hand in a list of 40 people for a day start, however this is only possible if someone else is temporarily selected or in the IL. I guess the puppies should delay making the decision as much as possible because some (unfortunate?) Clarification event may happen between now and Saturday.

நி Nico Horner agrees on Smiley’s frenzy in the play:

Ethan Roberts receives biting ninja treatment for his frisbee slider:

For fun:

• Electric toothbrushes, toys, weights and equipment are among your present day offers on Amazon. # Advertising

ில் After Bill Castellini doubled down on his deafening comments that Reds fans had no choice but to support the team, Bill Castellini released a statement to himself without any provocation.

• Here are some initial thoughts on whether the anti-tanking measures in the new CBA will work – above all, the Reds (and Aces) continued to sell as soon as the CBA passed. Some of the comments came from former Red Nick Castellanos, and I hope this may have triggered a reaction from the Reds’ ownership: “This is a great example of the right to use companies profitably,” said former Reds and current Billis outfielder Nick Castellanos recently. “When … there are no consequences to failure and you will not be held responsible for your performance.”

In that ESPN clip, a bite line from an anonymous agent about the impact of the draft lottery: “Pirates probably don’t care about getting the No. 1 pick. It means they have to give him more money.

Meta: The ruthlessness in the comments has reached a point where I have something to say in the last six months, and should provide a clear warning of impending increased enforcement. I think no one wants the credibility of the opinion section to be questioned, but how serious it is. There is a reason why most places on the internet do not have active comment sections now, and this is because they cannot pass this moment.

In particular, I must begin to more firmly enforce our Terms of Use and Commentary Policies, which, among other things, prohibit commenters: “Engage[ing] Interesting, constructive discussion (i.e., disruptive comments; excessive hats, exclamations and / or text-talk; “trolling;” comments designed to irritate, annoy or provoke other users). Disagreements are good and encouraged. It is not consistent, annoying, harmful and / or ruthless behavior. “

I have always had one of the most relaxed policies on BN because I believe in the idea that well-meaning people should be able to comment freely on the Internet. But the Internet says nothing in the Bible, “Fred, you must provide free space for everyone to come, your staff and other commenters.”

Criticism is always allowed – I’ll get some reviews on this subject! Do you notice our mistakes? Well, of course. Taking us to work when we make a mistake, disagreeing with how we do it, and so on. Obviously because of all the more reasonable gameplay. But there is a very clear and fundamental difference between being someone who likes to argue on the internet and someone who has his hobby of being a donkey. I’ve been doing this for a long time to find out the difference, and have allowed that latter type of people not to check in for a long time. I thought I could justify it with them or maybe they would get bored on their own BS.

I do not need cheerleaders in the comments. I need decent people who engage in good faith discussions about whatever comes up. If you look at the one-hole I’m talking about, that violates our concept of policy, that’s all. You are gone. I’m tired. Be the best human being.

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