The Fire Emblem Warriors were really brilliant: Muso’s defense

Claude shoots enemies with a bow on top of a bow.

Screenshot: Nintendo

Every once in a while it releases news about Nintendo Fire Symbol Warriors: Three Beliefs, I’m preparing myself for a wave of anti-breath sentiment on Twitter. Search for “fire icon” and “musou” and you’ll find Twitter shouting about how Three houses‘The sequel would have been much better if it hadn’t been for a muse. As a loved one Fire Icon WarriorsThe owner’s previous attempt, in a muse-style action, has come to tell you that Three beliefs It can be as profound and tactical as any other system-based game.

When I say ‘musa’, I mean series like this Descendants And Samurai Warriors. Koei more or less developed the musou genre in 2000 Descendants 2, Which uses the new horsepower of the PlayStation 2 to fight your hero and a few allies as you fight to capture bases on large battlefields against hundreds, sometimes thousands of swarming enemies. One-Versus-Thousand Dynamic was created for a new style of game.

Warriors“Games often get a bad name for the IP adaptations of popular anime franchises in the West. Includes relatively recent ones Hirol Warriors: Age of Calamity, Attack on Titan: The Wings of Freedom, And Persona 5 Strikers. What I have noticed is that the reviews tend to compare these games to the regular gameplay of their original owners, rather than the Muso genre. Hirol Warriors Is conducted in accordance with the expectations of Wild breath. Persona 5 Strikers Is expected to be higher Person5. It’s a shame, because each of these games is highly analyzed as “”.Warriors”Games first, franchise spin-offs second.

Musou games are some of the most tactical impressive games I have ever played. When critics of the genre look at hack and slash, I look at the real-time strategy game. Musou games are not power fantasies: they are lessons about losing the battle to win the war. Any game other than the well-balanced Muse is more brutal to the Glory Hounds. In the end, it is not important to defeat a powerful enemy. Can accomplish your current task Key Objectives The real final game.

Screen shot of Liana Frederick attacking players.

I want not to lose all my switch save files. That’s good.
Screenshot: Nintendo / Kodagu

Take, for example, one of the chapters in the middle of the game Fire Icon Warriors. My characters are powerful, and we gain a huge tactical advantage by capturing the forts on the bottom right of the battlefield. But suddenly, the map showed us invading simultaneously from both directions. I fired the aggressive red arrows regardless; After a few more seconds looking at the health of an officer, I can capture that desirable fortress.

I made a big mistake. Insisting on completing the basic capture, let the new, double-edged invasion take root. By the time I ran to deal with them, half of my map was the story of the enemy in red. I sank quickly and was forced to restart the entire mission. This time, when enemy reinforcements appeared, I gave up my fight with the enemy general to take immediate care of the invaders. Upgrade. Embraced. Come on over.

Note, however, that I was not even rewarded for doing so. I escaped the invasion, yes, but the game did not give me positive reinforcement to make the right decision. The forts I had abandoned in capture were better fortified by the enemy, and in a few more minutes I will try to capture them. However, I did not regret my retreat. After all, I had the experience of knowing that I would have been more if I had not moved forward to deal with the invaders.

Although it may seem like an irresponsible, all-out action, Warriors Games promote a very conservative style of play. During that war, even after the immediate danger had passed, I chose to continue defending, rather than expanding my territory on every occasion. It takes maturity to recognize when something that seems attractive is not really an opportunity. When I was not chosen as the thoughtful, strategic leader my army needed, Fire Icon Warriors He punished me for that.

This is a sample of all the good muse games I’ve played Rule / Extella Games. As you can see in the flashing trailers I have not spent much of my time defeating hundreds of common NPCs – instead I pass them to neutralize key guards and open doors. I focus more on my map than the fights I go through. I must give up personal pride in order to win, in favor of bringing down the other army in a battle.

Image of an early map in Fire Emblem Warriors.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kodagu

With all this in mind, Fire Icon Warriors I felt it was a better combat simulator than the one based on the twist Fire symbol The games that made it. The warriors did not change obediently: they captured forts to the left and right of each man and woman for themselves. I often paused to check the map and read the overall “flow” of the war. Who was upstairs? Can I change the dynamic anywhere? What tactical benefits will I give up by continuing or surrendering to my current endeavor? If you do not ask these questions, then Fire Icon WarriorsThe most difficult levels will boil you down.

In that sense, Person5 Strikers It never seemed to me like a traditional muse game. Rooms are puzzles to be solved, not powerful castles to be maintained. Defeating non-public enemies felt very compelling. I dropped it after three episodes of unfinished play. Although it has excellent product values, Strikers It doesn’t give me the same thrill of micromanaging an ever-changing battlefield.

Musou is a humble genre where your hero’s superpowers are substantial but can’t compensate for bad tricks. In that sense, Fire Symbol Warriors: Three Beliefs A game in a better format Three houses Continuation. Edelkord, Dmitry and Claude may be monuments to the heroes, but this is a war where the path to victory cannot be brutally made by an individual.

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