The Nets are the NBA’s Ultimate Rorsach test

One page: Hell raging. A power trip between two people capable of crushing opponents through a pitch-perfect attacking game, hitting unimaginably hard shots, giving opportunities to teammates on the silver plate, and looking like an unresolved fireball that can create a championship.

On the other hand: a retractable engine. A team that stagnates when the angels do not throw lightning, it makes bad earnings and careless mistakes, and can give up 65 points on a coin drop from domination.

Two pages, but the same coin. Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Brooklyn Web: Newly Published Number. 7th place in the Eastern Conference Playoff bracket, and NBA’s Premier Rorschach test.

The Nets did what everyone expected on Tuesday, beating the injured Cleveland Cavaliers 115-108 at Barclays Center in the first game of the NBA’s 2022 play – off match. As everyone expected, on the strength of the offense they committed, as a team they shot 53.6 percent off the ground, dishonored 33 assists in 45 field goals and burned the Caves for 119.8 points per 100 possessions. Shoulders over the mark that guided the NBA in the regular season.

Kyrie Irving did not miss her first shot until more than 10 minutes into the fourth quarter; By that time, he was already 12 years old. As Irving was coated in flames, Kevin Durand did everything he could to convince himself – attracting defensive attention and moving the ball to set wide-open shots, clearing the glass, defending the edge and revealing the all-round game he created on the way to becoming the best basketball player alive.

When Caves got Irving on the big-and-roll, Andre Drummond slipped into space, got pocket passes, and threw the dunks down. When they tried to get the ball out of Durant’s hands near the half court, he kicked it forward, he short-rolled to the free throw line, hit the four-on-three and mincemeat outside the Cleveland backline. And JB Bickerstaff’s team sold out to close both of the initial operations And The counter, Durant was there, waiting to remind them of his inevitability.

Look at the machine running like that and you will be amazed at how any enemy standing in its way can advance. But then you look down the score, and you realize that KD Going iso-killer just blocked what was within four minutes of turning Cleveland into a two-possession game. You wonder why it was so hard to knock out an opponent who finished the season with 8 out of 11, with the NBA numbers, a team that two future Hall of Fame players play with in their minds. 20 offenses in the last month, and without All-Star center Jared Allen, who Has been sidelined by a finger fracture for the past five weeks.

Caves gave up 40 points from 23 possessions in the first quarter. They have no answer for Irving, who finished with 34 points in 12-for-15 shooting with 12 assists, or for Durant, who added 25 points and 11 assists with five rebounds, three blocks and two steals. In three quarters, they scored 16 points from 25 shots by Caris Levert, Larry Morganen, Isaac Okoro and Chedi Osman.

Nevertheless, thanks to unpredictable Brooklyn play in the second and third quarters, and by the grace of the basketball gods — mainly young Darius Garland, he took Caves off the mound by scoring 24 runs for a maximum of 34 runs. Points after the break – Cleveland had a few more chances to reduce Brooklyn’s presence from 22 points to five in the fourth quarter.

They could never; Every time they tried, the Nets got a stop or bucket, kept the Caves long enough to get to the final bus and sent Cleveland to the Elimination Game against the loser on Wednesday 9-vs.-10. Match between hawks and hornets.

Brooklyn does not have to apologize for that; “Survival and Progress” is the name of this year’s game, made by Steve Nash’s team. However, however: the Nets gave the Caves 60 points in the paint for not having its all-star center. They needed a fantastic 42-minute game from their two superstars on Tuesday, and a near-40-minute triple-double from Brown, and centers Drummond and Nick Cloxton had 29 points and 17 rebounds to put aside an injured side. That half fights in court and runs into a haze of smoke. Durant sat against the Caves for just six minutes and 21 seconds; The nets were shaken By nine points. Does that seem like a championship competitor to you?

Regardless, it is There is A playoff team — now with a second-round Celtics team — has a first-round date. It was a roll-reversal remake of last season’s opening-round series; Then, the number of webs. 2 seeds. A lot has changed.

James Horton, who averaged just under 28 and 11 in that series, is now in Philadelphia. His apparent replacement, Ben Simmons, passed on Tuesday Street clothes are the color of envy, And has not played the NBA game for almost 10 months. Joe Harris, who played 35 minutes in one night, took 51.5 percent from 3 in that series. Seth Curry did not score in the 33rd minute on Tuesday to replace his appearance Way He says playing on less than 100 percent of his left ankle has been bothering him for months.

Perhaps most importantly: the Celtics did not start with Romeo Longford and Tristan Thompson, nor did they rely on the 15-minute Jabber Parker. They didn’t go to the playoffs; Not only the NBA number, but also its owners enter the latter season. 1 defense, but the East’s best record and the league’s best net rating since January 1st.

The Celtics will not be able to enter the 1st round with full force, however: center Robert Williams III, one of the lynchpins of the switch-all scheme they used to suffocate the opposing offense, continues to rehab after missing the final seven games. A torn menstrual period in his left knee. Bruce Brown highlighted the importance of Williams’ injury after Tuesday’s victory, as Williams left, Celtics told reporters. “The balance in the paint is low,” and Brooklyn “could attack Al Harford and [Daniel] These ” 5th place instead of Williams.

If you feel like you’re surprisingly delivering bulletin board material to an opponent who has been one of the NBA’s top three teams for the past three months, you’re not alone. After Brown left the stage, Durant came and asked reporters. “What did Bruce Brown say? Someone said something I did not like. ” Upon hearing the quote, Katie shook her head. He dismissed Brown’s assessment as “caffeine boasting”. And gave his own view of Theses and Harford: “They are two comrades … they can do the same things. [as Williams]. It will not be so easy, I tell you.

There is no “same meaning” Much உண்மை; Durant knows that nowhere near Thees or Harford is the threat of a spring-heeled shot-blocking that Williams might be. But he also knows that even without Time Lord, problems with Jason Tatum, Jaylan Brown, Marcus Smart and Harford have dropped to a top-five ratio. In place of Time Lords, Boston knocked the opponent over 33 points for 100. The Nets team, which relied on Covid Curry, Coran Trojic and Rookie Kessler Edwards, who returned from Covid-protocols to retain non-Gaddy minutes, will face some tough sliding against Boston’s opponent. Come Sunday afternoon, chanting about those fans who ended up on Tuesday To the Celtics They may find that they have to be very careful what they want.

Of course, KD and Kyrie will continue to combine for almost 60 points over the next two months with 68 percent shooting. Let’s do that One cannot write in full that that is a possibility Why leaving the nets is so difficult for many; Winning this team is essentially essential, however, and many find it very difficult to trust them. Whether you think hell or the aftermath is important, they are both; That’s all there is to it, really. Competitor or Hypocrite, Final Competitor or Fraud: A universe of possible consequences and explanations, all in black and white.

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