There was a very strange reaction when I asked Justin Timberlake about Britney Spears’ pregnancy

Last month, Britney harshly criticized Justin in a shady Instagram post for arming his name “for fame and attention”, which was soon removed.

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The 40-year-old star admitted that she and her fianc Sam Askari initially thought she had a “food baby”. We were shocked at the test that confirmed she was pregnant.

“I lost so much weight to get back on my Maui trip that my husband said ‘No, you food pregnant idiot !!!’ So I did a pregnancy test … and it’s good … I have a baby 👶🏼 … after 4 days I’re getting a little more food pregnant 🤰🏼🙈🙈🙈 it’s growing !!! “she wrote.

Britney described her struggle with perinatal depression during her previous pregnancy and wrote: “I have to say it’s absolutely horrible … women don’t talk about it … some people think it’s dangerous if a woman complains like that. She has a baby inside her… but now Women talk about it everyday.

Sam acknowledged the exciting news on his own social media page: “I’m always looking forward to Dad, I’m not taking it lightly. This is the most important job I’ll ever do.”

Despite wanting more babies, the pregnancy seems to be getting more serious just a few months after Britney opened up about being forced into the IUD during her conservation.

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During her bombing trial in June, Britney told the judge: “I deserve a life.

Britney is already the mother of 16-year-old Sean and 15-year-old Jayton, who she shares with her ex-husband Kevin Federline. She married Kevin between 2005 and 2007.

Kevin was one of the first people to send congratulations to Britney following her baby news, her lawyer Mark Kaplan told NBC: “Kevin is aware of Britney’s latest post about her pregnancy and wishes her a happy and healthy pregnancy.”

Kevin added, “I congratulate her and Sam Askari on their enthusiastic approach to parenting.”

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However, Justin Timberlake, another former Britney player, appeared to be less excited by the news, and his bizarre reaction to the pregnancy was caught on camera.

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Britney and Justin famously dated between 1999 and 2002, and the romance came to a chaotic end even before Justin suggested cheating on his hit single “Cry Me a River”.

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He also shared revealing details about their sex lives during interviews and regretted how he treated Britney last year.

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But despite the apparent olive branch, Justin did not jump for joy when asked about Britney’s pregnancy in Beverly Hills on Monday.

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When she entered a building with a friend for a private screening, a paparazzi said: “Britney Spears has announced she is pregnant with her third child …”

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But before he could finish his sentence, Justin wiped him away and snapped: “Stop! Go away! ”

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Justin walked quietly up the stairs to the building, but when he reached the top he dramatically stepped on his feet and complained to his friend: “[He] It trampled my feet. “

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The video has gone viral on social media, with many viewers expressing their confusion over Justin’s dramatic reaction.

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One person shares the clip on Twitter Wrote: “Justin Timberlake did not throw a rage because Britney is pregnant.”

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“‘Stop, go’ -3 words. ‘That’s awesome’ – 2 words. ‘Congratulations’ -1 word. I will never understand someone who uses more time and energy to be negative than to comment on a simple, positive statement. He will always be trash ! Someone answered.

BritneyTheStan “Stop, Go” -3 words. “That’s awesome” -2 words. “Congratulations” -1 word. I will never understand those who use more time and energy to be negative than to comment on a simple, positive statement. He will always be trash!

Twitter: areKarenBoston

Another tweeted: “Well, Justin Timberlake will not stop throwing Britney’s name to trash Britney for a decade, but now does he care if anyone asks him about him? Make it meaningful ”

Well, Justin Timberlake has not stopped trashing Britney’s name during interviews for a decade, but now does he care when someone asks him about him? Make sense

Twitter: rArnolds_Life

“We now live in a world where Caffett has more classes than Justin Timberlake LMAO. Justin ‘u loser, just say’ congratulations, ‘” Kevin points out third.

We now live in a world where Cafet has more classes than Justin Timberlake LMAO. Just say “Congratulations” to the failed Justin. ⁇

Twitter: MeggTweetz

Justin’s emotional reaction may be due to the fact that Britney recently called him because Britney was armed for his name.

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In an Instagram post quickly deleted on March 29, Britney mentioned an upcoming memoir of her mother Jamie Lynn Spears: “I got a call from Jesus last night, you know what he said ??? Dear baby … your mom was exchanging her book when you really needed it. … What is everything for ??? Fame and focus. “

“Your ex did the same … he gave his first album using your name saying you made him dirty !!!!” She added.

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In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2011, Britney first acknowledged Justin’s controversial music video for “Cry Me a River” and was told what would be in it.

The song greatly emphasized that Britney had cheated on Justin and caused the ruin of their relationship, and that there was an undeniable Britney look in the accompanying video.

Explaining how the video came out during her interview with Rolling Stone, Britney said of Justin: “He called me and asked if it was okay. He called me and wanted to get back together. That kind of slipped away. ‘Don’t worry about it. It’s not a big deal.'”

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“So the record called the label and said, ‘If you want to change this, you can.’ I had the power to say no to the video. But I did not, because I thought, ‘ Hey, this is your video, ”She added. “Then it came out, I said, ‘I must have been crazy!’ And I said, ‘Why did you do this?’ He said, ‘Well, I got a controversial video so he got what he wanted.’

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“Personally it sounds like a desperate attempt, but it’s a great way to sell the record,” concluded Britney. “The smart guy.”

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